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Installation ceremony for the new Taichung Porsche Centre project of Fand Wing Ye Group

The construction of the new Taichung Porsche Centre has reached a new milestone. The Porsche Centre Taichung held a beaming ceremony for the steel structure project at the scheduled base of the new exhibition room on November 24. The ceremony was hosted by General Manager Du Huangxu of Fande Yongye Group and Mathias Busse, President of Porsche Taiwan. Lock the golden bolts to witness the completion of the phased project goal of the Taichung Porsche Centre construction project.

General Manager Du Huangxu of Fande Yongye Group said that the new Porsche Centre Taichung incorporates the concept of leading energy and environmental design and is expected to obtain Leed Gold certification. Fande Yongye Group pays attention to the impact of buildings on the environment, so it takes into consideration the climatic conditions in Taichung, combines green energy design, transforms the methods of building, construction and operation, and creates a comfortable and pleasant car viewing environment. Environmental protection, energy saving, and waste reduction functions.

The new Porsche Centre Taichung will be equipped with an environmental control system, including space quality testing and intelligent lighting.

  1. Intelligent lighting: In the past, it was controlled by a simple switch. Nowadays, the lighting can be automatically adjusted to the light environment suitable for the current weather according to the needs of the booth. In addition, lamps with high color rendering properties are used to provide the VIP guests with the closest standard light source to enhance the VIP car buying experience.
  2. Space quality inspection: All-weather detection of indoor air quality to ensure compliance with air quality standards, so that every customer and colleague in the venue can enjoy a clean and comfortable space.

The new generation of electric vehicles will become the mainstream of the automotive industry. In order to meet the future trend of the electric vehicle market, the new Porsche Centre Taichung has fully incorporated ultra-high-power DC chargers (Turbo Charger) and AC chargers into the planning to provide electric vehicle owners. A full range of services and experience.

The new Porsche Centre Taichung will be the No. 1 Porsche hardware specification in Asia and the largest Porsche showroom in Taiwan. It is expected that 19 cars can be exhibited at the same time. It is expected that after the opening in the first quarter of 2023, it will create a unique brand experience for every VIP entering the booth with a comprehensive construction and upgrade appearance and homely honor service.

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