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Introducing 100% self-driving cars shouldn't be a race

Hyundai is Tesla's rival, and the Ioniq5 Level 4 self-driving car once turned into an uber eats taxi in the Santa Monica, California, test.

Recently, the New York Times published an article with the headline: "100% Driverless Cars, Shouldn't Be a Competition". Questioning the development and launch of self-driving vehicles by major car manufacturers, is it the first to launch and win?

The electric vehicle market is getting stronger and stronger, and 100% self-driving cars will take advantage of the trend? According to statistics, in the first six months of 2022, the market share of global electric vehicle (including BEVs, PHEVs) sales increased, with China having the highest market share of about 25%, followed by Europe with 19% and the United States with 6%.

Major American cities such as California and Washington have also followed the target of 100% use of electric vehicles (EVs) on roads in some Western European countries by 2035. Tesla will sell better in the United States. 7,629 became the first luxury car, beating Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus! However, in August 2021, Tesla also lost to BMW and Lexus.

However, Tesla seems to want to chase after the victory. According to reports, Tesla CEO-Elon Musk previously revealed at the Norwegian Energy Conference that as long as the relevant laws and regulations of the regulatory authorities are passed, Tesla will be 100% self-driving (completely self-driving) by the end of this year. cars), can be widely used in the United States and Europe. However, the New York Times also questioned through a report in mid-August 2022-100% self-driving cars (Driverless Cars) involve a wide range of issues, "should not be a competition", whichever car manufacturer launches first will "win?" .

AppleGoogle, TSMC are not the first to launch products

But they are among the best in the field

The report pointed out that big companies are benefiting from the Know How of computer navigation to make a leap in the field of self-driving, and Tesla, Baidu, Waymo, etc. are all regarded as racing horses actively surpassing their opponents in the field of self-driving.

However, if the competition is pushed to be the first to launch self-driving cars, it implies a rather risky factor, because this kind of urgency and enthusiasm for winning the competition may cause dangers to road safety, and whether this kind of self-driving car competition belongs to "no scope" respect"? Are there "potentially dangerous penalties" etc. for urgent needs?

The Wall Street Journal also reported in August 2022 that TuSimple, a self-driving truck company, hurriedly launched a self-driving car on the market due to safety concerns, and there was a dangerous crash into a concrete barricade on an interstate highway in Arizona.

In addition, it is understood that Apple's self-driving car also crashed after hitting the road this year, and also affected jogging pedestrians at the intersection. Toyota Research Institute CEO-Gill Pratt pointed out in an interview with the Detroit Journal in late August 2022 that although there are many companies investing in this field, no one knows when 100% fully automated vehicles will actually be available in the United States. time.

100%By car~

No one knows when it will hit the road in the US?

The British Guardian reported that the technology safety agency believes that Tesla's 100% self-driving car may be potentially fatal to the "child mannequin" in the test, and expresses "disturbance" if it will hit the road by the end of this year. According to an interview with Reuters in the United Kingdom, relevant research institutions believe that 100% of self-driving cars must be controlled by a remote monitoring mechanism, like a safety driver sitting behind the driver's seat, to avoid potentially unpredictable unsafe crashes, and it seems that , In order to ensure safety, the existence of human-controlled remote monitoring mechanism is necessary.

Although more information integration judgments can reduce the risk, it cannot fully guarantee the risk of any unpredictable edge cases. It is understood that it is not easy to launch 100% self-driving cars in a few years. And limited "controllable range", "low speed", "commercial use", etc.? Even more nerve-wracking: how to make money? Therefore, when it seems that the car factory will launch 100% self-driving cars as a competition, it immediately arouses questions from international professional organizations in the United States, Europe, and the media - to make 100% self-driving cars safe on the road? Who will be the first to launch a 100% self-driving car? Which one is important?

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