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Is it possible to return to the Taiwan market? Honda Civic e:HEV Japanese version on sale

●Hydroelectric hybrid power is only available for Hatchback models

The thermal efficiency of the 2.0 Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine reaches 41%

●Maximum power 182ps/32.1kgm

●In 2023, there may be a possibility of talking about Taiwan

As the brand's long-standing benchmark product in Taiwan, the Honda Civic has disappeared in the local market since the 9th generation. Now, this well-known mid-size car, which just turned 50 years old, seems to have good news. Not only did the Civic launched in Japan e:HEV gasoline-electric hybrid model, and it seems that there is a good chance that it will be closed to Taiwan again.

The hatchback is the only

In fact, as early as last year in Japan, the 11th-generation Civic with a pure internal combustion engine version was launched. Now, with the trend of electrification, the Civic e:HEV, which belongs to the hybrid power camp, has to follow the market. From the outside, like other power specifications, the Civic e:HEV still has a spirited front shape, minus the overly complicated lines of the previous model, the overall appearance is more refreshing and handsome, turning to the side of the car, the clear outline It still continues, but the hybrid power is currently only planned on the Hatchback hatchback model, and the C-pillar and tailgate line that fold down, thus highlighting the existing neatness and aura of the Civic car series, the overall focus of the car It also feels lower, showing a slender and beautiful visual proportion.

Civic e:HEV has a spirited shape, minus the overly complicated lines of the previous model, and the overall look is more refreshing and handsome.
The line of the C-pillar and the tailgate that goes down smoothly makes the center of gravity seem lower, showing a slender and beautiful visual proportion.

Simple design, refreshing and charming

In the cockpit, the design trend of the previous major facelift to simplify the design still continues completely, and the overall appearance is no different from the pure internal combustion engine model. The horizontal planning method not only makes the visual sensitivity more balanced and stable, but also makes the air-conditioning outlet full. Included in the grid-shaped long banner trim, coupled with the air-conditioning knob that weakens the presence, the 9-inch central control screen and other operating interfaces, and even the shift mechanism has been changed to a button mode design, thus presenting A surprisingly minimalist vibe.

As for the steering wheel interface on the single-suspension side, it still faintly emphasizes the Honda driving lineage. There is also a 10.2-inch digital instrument display placed in front of the line of sight, which not only provides richer driving information, but also adds fuel-electric hybrid power. System action interface.

The cockpit design is simplified, and the overall appearance is no different from the pure internal combustion engine model.
The overall design of the cockpit is refreshing and concise, and the hatchback layout makes the ride and storage functions more flexible.
The gear interface is changed to a button-type design to make the visual experience more refreshing and clean.
The 10.2-inch digital instrument can display the information of the hybrid power system, so that the driver can instantly understand the current state of the vehicle.

More efficient gasoline-electric hybrid power

Of course, since it is a new model, the third-generation Sport Hybrid i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system is definitely the focus of the topic. It adopts a 2.0-liter Atkinson cycle inline four-cylinder gasoline engine and increases the compression ratio to 13.9: 1. The detailed planning and design to improve the efficiency can bring about a thermal efficiency of up to 41%. Together with a motor for power generation and another drive motor, as well as a ternary lithium battery that increases energy density, it brings more energy. The hybrid structure of gasoline and electric power close to pure electric power, and the combined output of 182 horsepower and 32.1 kg meters can also be switched between pure electric, gasoline electric and pure oil three modes according to the demand. According to the original Honda, the emission can be passed through The extremely stringent EU7 standard, and also due to the increased weight of the battery module, the original factory re-adjusted the suspension settings of the Civic e:HEV to continue the driving fun and charm that the brand has always insisted on.

Maybe see you next year, the price won't be cheap

Having said all that, what does this have to do with the Taiwan market segment? It turned out that after the Odyssey and other car series left the domestic market one after another, Honda was eager to seek more diversified products to fill the vacancies in the product line. At this time, the Civic e:HEV, which was launched with hybrid power, seemed to be a good target. In fact, since Taiwan is currently The market CAFE specification has been officially launched, and Taiwan's Honda will also need a lot of fuel-electric hybrid models to obtain car factory points. In addition, the price of Civic, which is changed to import status, will definitely not be too low. In this case, it is better to directly introduce Civic e. :HEV, not only can you enjoy the 50% discount on the excise tax, but also it is easier to persuade consumers to start with a higher car price. As for how high the price will be at that time, there should be no suspense over one million, and the expectation seems to be worth it. On the Mazda3 e-SKYACTIV side, the actual situation will have to wait until the first half of next year to have a clear chance.

Civic e:HEV will have the opportunity to be listed in Taiwan next year, and it is almost impossible for the price to fall within one million.


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