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Is it true that "it's safe in a thunderstorm"? Actually... your car may not be a shelter

From summer to fall, there is an increasing chance of thunder with showers. The Japan Meteorological Agency monitors and counts the number of thunderstorms in Japan. After obtaining the monthly average, it is found that the number of thunderstorms falls in August at most, which is about 100 times that of December to February.

In summer, the number of thunderstorms increases. Although the car can be used as a safe refuge in the event of a lightning strike, what about the actual safety? Is there a way for a car to avoid lightning?

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●Can the interior of the car be used as a shelter in the event of a lightning strike?
●Staying in the car may also be dangerous
●Glass does not conduct electricity so is it okay?

Can the interior of the car be used as a shelter in the event of a lightning strike?


If there is thunder nearby, if there is a high risk of thunder, evacuate to a sturdy building. Reinforced concrete buildings and schools are the most suitable places for evacuation.

But in the event of a sudden thunderstorm, there is usually no place to hide in the vicinity. What action should I take at this time? I asked the fire department, and I got the answer, "It is one of the correct actions to take shelter in the car during thunderstorms."

The essence of lightning strikes is electricity. Electricity is conducted through conductors such as metals. The surface of the vehicle body is mostly surrounded by metal. Due to the relationship between the tire and the ground, even if it encounters a lightning strike, the current will pass through the surface of the vehicle body and then lead to the ground through the tire.

Although the body can be damaged by lightning strikes, the people inside the car are rarely injured or killed, so we can say that the inside of the car is a safe place.

However, under certain conditions, occupants of the vehicle may be injured.

It can also be dangerous to stay in the car

In a safe vehicle there are actions to avoid when there is a danger of a thunderstorm.

The first is not to touch the body while the power is on. Touching the body during a lightning strike will cause an electric shock. Therefore, when there is a risk of lightning strike, stop driving immediately, and do not touch metal parts with your hands.

There are many metal products on items such as door handles and seat belt hardware, which should be avoided carefully to avoid electric shock.

In addition, when the roof of a convertible car is made of materials other than metal, the interior of the car cannot be used as a safe haven. In addition, the cloth roof of the soft top may be damaged by lightning strikes. It is difficult to protect the occupants of such vehicles. When riding in such vehicles, be sure to leave the vehicle and evacuate to a safe building.

Glass doesn't conduct electricity so that's okay?

If most of them are covered with metal parts and conductive materials like automobiles, it will not be easy for electricity to pass through the glass, and the risk of electric shock will also be reduced. But occasionally lightning strikes the window glass. Staying in the car in this situation is also very risky, and caution must be exercised.

When lightning strikes the window directly, the current may be induced to the metal parts in the car. In addition, the impact of lightning is definitely beyond everyone's imagination. It has the potential to crack the glass and severely damage the instrument panel.

If the glass is directly struck by lightning, people under the glass will also be impacted by the same impact, please try to stay away from the glass. The front windshield and under the sunroof are very dangerous places.


Recently, the number of models with sunroofs has increased. If the car has a large sunroof, you must take refuge in a safe building, as in the aforementioned convertible.

Although the inside of a car is considered a relatively safe place, there are still some specifications and structures that are not suitable for use as a shelter. It is recommended that you confirm whether your car can be used as a temporary shelter before the frequent thunder season.

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