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Is this an early April 1st joke? No, you can just buy this sailing Volkswagen bus

We have noticed that we have no nose for doing business. If we had come up with the idea for sailing car classics, we would have immediately dismissed it as nonsensical and ridiculous. Who would want to pay tens of thousands of euros for this kind of game? Well, apparently there are always wealthy lunatics to be found, because Floating Motors charges between 30,000 and 50,000 dollars for its spectacular creations.

Not real classics, but replicas in plastic

By the way, don't think that Floating Motors works with real classics. The company does not specifically mention it, but we assume that the Volkswagen bus, the Fiat 500 and the other classic cars have been imitated in fiberglass and/or another plastic. You can order the models in different lengths: XS (up to 3.5 meters), S (4 meters), M (5 meters), L (6 meters) and XL (7.5 meters).

Fiat 500 for $30,000, Mini Cooper for 40,000

Do you think: I must have such a boat! Then you can place a reservation for 5000 dollars. The Fiat 500 costs $30,000 if you go for a gasoline-powered (70 hp) outboard motor and no less than $ 50,000 if you opt for electric propulsion (20 hp). In the Mini Cooper you have 140 petrol horsepower (40,000 dollars), or 40 electric horsepower (65,000 dollars). It is not yet known what the Volkswagen bus will cost.

Open Jaguar E-Type will cost you $220,000

The Jaguar E-Type boat is a completely different matter. The colossus is made of carbon fiber and has no outboard engines, but two electric water jets with a combined power of 270 hp. It can accommodate two people, is 5.5 meters long and weighs 1,850 kilograms. Floating Motors wants $10,000 down payment. The total price of the E-Type is $220,000.

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