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ISUZU Taipei Hezhong Motors "Caring for Black Bears with Love" series activities, the second event GO! Black Bear Painting Season, parent-child interactive courses are actively registered

Well-known illustrator Baibaijiujiu's latest creation responds to ISUZU's ecological conservation plan for black bears

The second round of the "ISUZU Caring for Black Bears" ecological conservation promotion series is about to debut! As the sole general agent and general distributor of ISUZU, a century-old leading Japanese commercial vehicle brand, in Taiwan, Taipei Hozon Motors and the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association have joined hands again this summer, and won the support and admiration of the general public during the tour activities of SOGO department stores and forest recreation areas in various places. response. Today (8/30) announced the launch of the second wave of conservation promotion special plan, solemnly invited the super popular Internet idol "OLOGY" to come to help out, and join hands with the cute and cute "Hei Bao" Jun, driving The conservation touring vehicle built with a five-ton NLR truck – "ISUZU Bear Protector", together form the "Bear Protector Army", and will act together with full cuteness throughout September to convey the message of ecological conservation Important message!

ISUZU Taipei Hezhong Motors attaches great importance to the conservation of Taiwan's native species. The second wave of CSR action of "ISUZU Uses Love for Black Bears" includes the "Black Bear Painting Season" online competition, and exhibitions in ISUZU's northern, central and southern regions Organize parent-child interactive teaching activities. Taipei Hozon Motors focuses on cultivating the next generation's awareness of ecological conservation, and sincerely invites everyone to pay attention to the education and promotion of Taiwan's black bear conservation.

Well-known illustrator Baibaijiujiu's new creation responds to "ISUZU uses love to protect black bears"

If you have a partner, you will not be alone, and the black and white world will become colorful! The well-known illustrator Baibaijiujiu is deeply loved by fans with his simple black and white lines and humorous life story style. The famous character "Ole Chicken" in his works is famous for his black and round body and innocent and cute personality. He is always willing to give and be brave to be himself. Even if he suffers occasionally, he always believes that human nature is good and treats it with a positive attitude. world. This time, in order to respond to the CSR action of black bear conservation, we specially created a new main visual for "ISUZU uses love for black bears" and sent OLOGY to be in the same frame as Taiwan's black bear "Black Treasure". It presents a lovely picture of two black and white animal characters becoming close partners. They read picture books about ecological conservation together in a green forest, bringing a sense of healing.

The black bear painting season encourages parents and children to learn conservation knowledge while painting

Taiwanese black bears are extremely rare and endangered conservation animals. Currently, due to multiple factors such as illegal hunting, road development, habitat loss, and environmental damage, their number continues to decrease. There are only 200 to 600 left in Taiwan. Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association is the only private non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Taiwan black bears. This time, the "Second Black Bear Painting Season" is organized in cooperation with Taipei Hezhong Motors, aiming to collect creative paintings from all over Taiwan. The theme is Taiwanese black bears, which integrate elements such as their characteristics, parenting, habitat, eating habits, and crises. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to participate together. Through this theme, they can learn about the conservation of Taiwanese black bears while painting. In addition, contestants also have the opportunity to win black bear souvenirs and limited gifts from ISUZU. The black bear painting season is now in full swing. For registration details, please refer to the official website of the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association.

Parent-child courses are entertaining and educational, ecological conservation & traffic safety are for the next generation

"Bear Protector" will continue to tour Taiwan in September, and this lovely image will be in the booth of ISUZU to meet friends of all ages! Taipei Hozon Motors has carefully planned a variety of parent-child courses, which not only include ecological conservation, but also combine elements of children's traffic safety. Among them, the "Bear Sharing Class" conveys the ecological conservation knowledge of Taiwanese black bears to children through wonderful picture book stories, and invites them to participate in the coloring and painting session. And the large black bear doll "Heibao" will also come to the scene to interact happily with the children, showing the charm of cuteness! In addition, the "Little Workers Solving Tasks" activity will use interactive children's traffic safety experience to teach children how to cross the road safely, and guide them to understand the visual blind spots and inner wheel differences of large vehicles, so as to improve children's self-confidence. Protection of security awareness. Participation is free throughout the event, and you can also get exquisite gifts. For interested parents, you must not miss this rare opportunity! For registration information, please visit Taipei Hezhong Motors official website or FB fan page.

2023 ISUZUCaring for black bear exhibition tour

date Place address
9/3  (Day) ISUZUChanghua Office No. 205, Section 1, Zhongshan Road, Dacun Township, Changhua County
9/17 (Day) ISUZUNew Taipei Tucheng Sales Office No. 150, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Tucheng District, New Taipei City
9/24 (Day) ISUZUKaohsiung Office No. 816-1, Gaonan Highway, Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City

instruction manual:

  1. Participation in the exhibition room is free of charge, and pre-registration is required; the above dates are divided into morning session 09:30-12:10 / afternoon session 13:30-16:10.
  2. The number of places for each parent-child interaction course is limited. For details, please refer to the official website of ISUZU Taipei Hezhong Motors or the FB fan page.

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