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ISUZU's new sixth phase of the whole vehicle series is released

Taipei Hezhong Motors, which has been operating in Taiwan for more than ten years, pays close attention to the needs of every truck worker. On 5/10 (Two), the new Euro 6 phase 6 new car was released, and the F-Series led the top representative works. Including FVR 11 tons and 18.5 tons, N series 7.5 tons and 9.5 tons appeared at the same site, with a huge lineup. In addition to complying with the Phase 6 emission regulations for large diesel vehicles, the new phase 6 new car has more comprehensive introduction of new design vocabulary in appearance and cockpit design, providing a pure Japanese quality commercial vehicle that is safe, comfortable and practical for operating personnel.

General Manager Huang Xiucheng of Taipei Hezhong Automobile said: "Taipei Hezhong Automobile has been in constant communication with ISUZU's original Japanese factory, adjusting the most suitable products for Taiwan, and presenting ISUZU commercial vehicles of pure Japanese origin to Taiwanese operators! Phase 6 The launch of the new car will bring the most user-friendly operation experience and comfort and convenience to driving, and it will lead the industry to introduce the only new model in its class. The new advertisement is also different from the general commercial truck advertisement. We will continue to provide consumers with newer and better products and services with an attitude of bold innovation and unafraid of challenges, in response to the support of our customers.”

ISUZUThe sixth phase of the new car has both hard and soft, high-efficiency kinetic energy, safety upgrades, and doubled durability

Since joining ISUZU, Taipei Hezhong Motors has been actively improving its hardware and software equipment, and is committed to providing the best products on the market. The sixth phase of the new car is not only upgraded in equipment and power, but the entire car series has also introduced automatic transmission models. Among them, the 7.5-ton, 9.5-ton, 11-ton, and 15-ton models are all equipped with NEES automatic manual transmissions independently developed by ISUZU, equipped with liquid torque change adapters , has the characteristics of smooth shifting, comfortable and fuel-efficient, and the FVR 18.5 tons adopts the Allison automatic transmission gearbox from the American manufacturer, which is tailor-made for FVR, taking into account the shifting efficiency and driving experience.

In terms of safety equipment, in addition to the standard ABS braking system, ASR driving anti-skid system, and EVSC vehicle stability control system, which can effectively improve the safety and stability of the vehicle during driving, the entire vehicle series also introduces the AEBS emergency braking system and the LDWS lane deviation warning system. . It is even more advanced in the industry. The whole vehicle series is equipped with the BSD blind spot warning system as standard, which actively warns and reduces the occurrence of blind spot accidents. The N-series model is the first time that a commercial vehicle is equipped with a dual-lens AEBS emergency braking system, which senses the vehicle ahead with dual-lens and increases the accuracy of judgment. The F series is also the only Japanese car that comes standard with a driver's seat airbag. By improving the active and passive safety equipment of the whole car series, it provides the owner with the most comprehensive safety protection and makes driving more secure.

All in on NPR

The expanded lineup of the sixth-phase NPR 7.5-ton model is the only dual-cabin 7-seater model in the same class, and two different power options are launched at the same time. The 3.0-liter 4JJ1E6N-C engine has a lower displacement than the fifth phase Tax advantages, and the 5.2-liter model and NQR 9.5 tons are equipped with the same 4HK1E6C-C engine, which is 22% higher than that of the fifth-phase car to 510Nm.

Energy saving pioneer FRR

The F-Series 11-ton and 15-ton models are equipped with a 5.2-liter 4HK16H-C common-rail diesel engine. The overall displacement is one step lower than that of the fifth-generation car, but the torque is increased by 8% to 764Nm, and the maximum horsepower remains at 240ps / 2,400rpm. level. The chassis synchronously strengthens the axle and leaf spring strength, which can improve the durability performance.

Technology Pilot FVR

After the 6HK1 engine of the 18.5-ton model has been re-tuned, its maximum horsepower has been increased to 275ps / 2,400rpm, and its torque has been increased by 6% to 100.1kgm / 1,450rpm, and it can exert more than 800Nm (81.6kgm) of torque for 50% of the time. Overall kinetic performance. In order to meet the needs of more diverse cargo, the new phase 6 also introduces a pneumatic suspension, which can make the body more stable and easy to control when driving on various roads.

In terms of appearance, the sixth-phase new car has been remodeled and refurbished at the same time, and the new front design has been adjusted, including a new layered headlight group and front bumper shape, more sharp air intake holes, and new LEDs on both sides of the front. Daytime running lights depict a pure and neat front of the car.

For the first time, the cockpit of the F-series car series has also introduced a three-spoke steering wheel with airbags. The central control instrument panel adopts a full digital display. In addition to all the updated interface colors, a 2.4-inch or 4-inch color LCD screen is also introduced in the center, which greatly improves the recognition. , the texture of technology is more comprehensive.

10Years rooted in the original Japanese factory service, only the strongest backing of the staff

Adhering to the spirit of Japanese service first, Taipei Hozon Motors has to exceed expectations in order to meet the needs of customers. It not only extends the warranty of the chassis and engine to 3 years and 100,000 kilometers, but also provides customers with higher quality assurance. The vehicle communication module also has an open interface to provide the original vehicle information decoding for precise fleet management without interference. The launch of ISUZU Phase 6 new cars hopes to bring workers the best choice of 6 new cars through technological evolution and safety upgrades.

After 10 years of hard work, the sales of Taipei Hezhong Motors in Taiwan have grown tenfold in ten years, and the sales volume has exceeded 25,000 units. In 2021, Changhua and Taoyuan will be expanded and upgraded to 3S bases. In 2022, Xinbei Tucheng 3S bases will also be completed. The opening of three new service bases will make Taipei Hezhong Motors a strong backing for truck workers. In the future, we will continue to improve existing bases and develop new bases to provide more convenient services for car owners. Adhering to the all-round persistence of "quality, technology and service", we will move forward towards the goal and grow together with our car owners. At the same time, we will continue to hold the Operation Professional Challenge for the employees, providing a stage for professional drivers to show their skills, so that the friends can share the holiday time and glory with their families after work, and let the public know more about our operation staff. value.

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