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Italian style running brigade vanguardMaserati Grecale

●The new 23-year model is officially launched

●GT/Modena/Trofeo three models compiled

●2.0L four-cylinder turbo+48V, 3.0L V6 twin-turbo dual power

●Domestic listing time: December 16, 2022

Suggested price of GT/Modena/Trofeo: starting from RMB 359/399/5.69 million

As a representative of Maserati's new mid-sized luxury SUV, the Grecale, named after the strong Mediterranean winds, has not only sold out the first batch of 150 GT Launch Editions within a month since it started receiving orders in early August 2022, but the performance flagship Trofeo model has also won the award. Favored by many passionate buyers. After completing the relevant import process, Maserati Taiwan also officially released the new 23-year-old Grecale car series on December 16 as expected. The car series is compiled to maintain the brand's existing GT, Modena and Trofeo, and the suggested prices are 359 and 399 respectively. Starting from 5.69 million yuan.

Maserati's second off-road masterpiece, the Grecale, is finally officially launched as the 23-year model, offering three models of GT, Modena and Trofeo.

urban fashion travel

Inheriting the new-generation design vocabulary pioneered by the all-new GT supercar MC20, the all-new Grecale features refined and concise body lines, LED headlights with upper and lower double light lines, and a straight waterfall water tank shield combined with the central large-scale Trident logo and hidden Design elements such as door handles and other design elements reveal the unmistakable style of the new generation Poseidon family. In addition, the same color of the body or black piano paint is used for the front and rear bumpers to strengthen the styling characteristics of different models. The Trofeo model also adds carbon fiber material front and rear Spoiler and body side skirts, with rectangular bilateral four exhaust tailpipes to create a performance atmosphere.

To welcome the official launch of the new 23-year-old Grecale, Maserati Taiwan specially created the "Poseidon Royal Theater" and a lively Italian market on the streets of Xinyi District for a grand exhibition.

In order to create a modern technology cockpit, Grecale adopts four digital display areas consisting of 12.3-inch saddle-shaped digital instrument, 12.3-inch and 8.8-inch dual-screen central control panel, and Maserati smart clock. At the same time, the traditional gear lever is canceled and integrated in the The control key design in the center of the dual-touch screen allows the central armrest to add a split storage slot and a wireless charging device in the front. At the same time, the Italian Sonus faber top audio system and a three-zone constant temperature and air-conditioning system with an independent 6.5-inch control screen in the rear seat are also included. The surrounding cabin ambient lights that can be automatically converted to the accompanying car mode are listed as standard equipment for the entire car series.

The interior adopts four major digital displays to create a modern cockpit atmosphere with simple technology, and the texture of materials used in all places is also above the standard.
Grecale cancels the traditional shift gear and adopts the gear control key design in the center of the dual touch screen, which allows the addition of a split storage slot and a front wireless charging device.
Grecale has the largest rear seat space and luggage compartment performance in its class, and all five people in the car can enjoy a comfortable and comfortable moving experience.

Drive with passion and peace of mind

In terms of power configuration, the Grecale GT/Modena both use a longitudinally mounted 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine connected in series with the eBooster electronically controlled turbo, combined with a 48V light-oil-electric hybrid system, bringing horsepower output of 300hp and 330hp respectively, and a peak torque performance of 45.9kgm , 0-100km/h can be completed in only 5.6 seconds and 5.3 seconds, and the top speed is 240km/h; Trofeo is equipped with a 3.0L V6 twin-turbocharged engine with the same origin as the MC20 Nettuno Neptune power unit, with 530hp/ The maximum output of 63.3kgm and the strong performance of 0-100 acceleration in 3.8 seconds, the top speed can reach 285km/h, and the closed-cylinder technology is added to improve the economy of daily use.

The GT and Modena models are equipped with a 2.0L straight four-turbo + 48V light oil-electric system, and the maximum horsepower can reach 300 and 330hp respectively.
Trofeo adopts the same 3.0L V6 twin-turbo engine as the MC20 Nettuno Neptune power unit, bringing a strong output of 530hp/63.3kgm.

Different from the pre-order period, the 23-year-old Grecale officially launched is equipped with ADAS advanced driver assistance system package as standard, including active cruise control system, active brake assist system and blind spot detection that reach Level 2 automatic driving assistance level The auxiliary system, active lane keeping assist system and fatigue driving detection system can effectively reduce the probability of accidents and reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving. At the same time, it is also equipped with a standard 360-degree surround video system, which can shuttle in urban alleys or park on the roadside, etc. Under normal circumstances, the surrounding environment of the vehicle body can be clearly grasped, and the level of convenience and practicality is even higher.


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