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JAGUAR I-PACE's new 23-year-old electric power hits the owner immediately and starts a new journey of pure electric mobility

As a leading brand in the development process of the new generation of mobile, Jaguar I-PACE has won a number of index awards including the ECOTY European Car of the Year and the WCOTY World Car Award for its all-round transcendent performance in the first year of its listing. As the development continues to flourish, Jaguar upholds the Modern Luxury brand spirit, frees the public from the shackles of the established image of pure electric vehicles, and redefines the taste of modern luxury. In order to meet the expectations of fans of British sports cars for pure electric cars, Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan Taiwan Jaguar Land Rover announced today (5) that the new 23-year-old Jaguar I-PACE has been launched, and the car models are compiled to provide a more diverse EV400 S Running Soul Edition and EV400 S Dark Soul Advanced Edition are two models to choose from. The suggested price starts from 2.97 million yuan. From now on, you can enjoy TAIL and ZTE iCharging, two third-party charging manufacturers, Jaguar I-PACE, worth 30,000 yuan. With a number of car purchase discounts such as charging points and free home wall-mounted chargers, all gamers who love Jaguar's British style are invited to welcome the new future of pure electric mobility.

Streamlined appearance, a new style of modern aesthetics, and technical details are hidden in it

The avant-garde design of the new 23-year-old Jaguar I-PACE is inspired by the concept supercar C-X75. The streamlined model outlines the modern design aesthetic style. The EV400 S Black Soul Advanced Edition is equipped with high-end LED headlights and daytime running lights. The J Blade family design is adopted, and the standard black appearance kit will include details such as the front radiator cover trim frame, window frame, exterior mirror cover, and the Leopard nameplate at the rear through black embellishment, with 20-inch aluminum alloy The rim, the strong running style is dazzling. There are technical details under the smooth and streamlined body lines. Every detail, from the smooth and streamlined roof to the hidden door handles that are flush with the body, has been highly optimized aerodynamically designed to create a low level of only 0.29cd. wind resistance coefficient.

Top-quality materials and the latest technology, reshape the atmosphere of modern luxury

The refined design vocabulary of the interior of the car comes into view. The whole car seat is covered with leather and stacked with a number of top materials. The adjustable interior atmosphere lights reflect its exquisite details, perfectly interpreting the modern luxury atmosphere. The cutout design on the EV400 S Black Soul Advanced Edition dual front high-performance seats and the leopard shape on the headrest exude a strong performance visual experience. The driver's seat has 14-way electric adjustment and ventilation, heating and memory functions; the rear seat It has a heating function, taking into account the dynamic driving needs and comfortable ride quality. The four-zone air-conditioning system enables every passenger to enjoy the most appropriate and comfortable ride experience, and has intelligent air-conditioning function to achieve the best balance between comfort and vehicle energy saving. The standard panoramic glass sunroof of the whole car series effectively absorbs radiation through a special coating to keep the car room cool at all times, without the need for additional sunshades, making the interior space feel wider.

The in-vehicle technology combines humanized operation logic and intuitive design. The leather-covered steering wheel integrates the instrument information display control and the adjustment buttons of the vehicle's auxiliary driving functions. The hands-on operation makes the driving process more focused and enjoyable. The center console is composed of a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel, a 10-inch Touch Pro Duo central touch screen and a 5-inch multi-function touch screen below. It is equipped with the Pivi Pro infotainment system to intuitively grasp the vehicle function information, and the system also supports Apple CarPlay ® with Android Auto The smart device connection function, and the mobile phone wireless charging function is set in the storage space below to achieve a relaxed and comfortable driving experience.

The new generation of pure electric is coming, learn from the experience of the event to create a unique driving experience

Jaguar I-PACE fully inherits the soul of Jaguar sports car, integrates the new-generation energy characteristics and draws on the racing experience of FIA Formula E, creating a unique driving pleasure, giving Jaguar I-PACE excellent performance like a flash of light. Jaguar I-PACE is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor on the front and rear axles, respectively, with a maximum horsepower of 400PS and an instantaneous maximum torque output of 696Nm. It only takes 4.8 seconds to complete the 0-100km/h acceleration sprint. The core battery module is placed at the lowest point of the vehicle chassis to create better vehicle stability during handling; the battery module with a maximum power of 90kWh is designed for long-term use and can maintain maximum power output for a long time, WLTP In the test mode, the maximum cruising range of pure electric driving is 470 kilometers. The new 23-year-old Jaguar I-PACE EV400 S Black Soul Advanced Edition is equipped with an electronic pneumatic suspension system, which can be adjusted for the vehicle height if necessary. Combined with the AWD full-time four-wheel drive system for all-weather roads, it creates a more excellent all-wheel drive system. Terrain performance.

Fully equipped with cutting-edge driving technology to protect driving safety in an all-round way

The new 23-year-old Jaguar I-PACE is equipped with a number of active and passive safety equipment as standard, including front two-seat front/side sensing airbags, full-size side curtain airbags, rear seat ISOFIX system, driving attention monitoring system, rear traffic flow warning, rear Collision Warning Assist System, ACC Active Constant Speed ​​with Traffic Queue Assist and Steering Assist Function, AEB Automatic Brake Assist System, BSA Blind Spot Detection Assist System, DSC Tracking Dynamic Stability Control System, EBA Emergency Brake Strength Assist System, EBD Electronic Brake Intelligent driving safety assistance systems such as distribution control system, LKA lane maintenance assistance system and TPMS tire pressure detection system protect driving safety in an all-round way.

Actively deploy charging network and embrace the new future of pure electricity

Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan Taiwan Jaguar Land Rover announced in July 2022 that it will cooperate with two third-party charging manufacturers, TAIL Power and ZTE iCharging, to provide charging points worth 30,000 yuan. A more comprehensive and convenient AC and DC charging network for brand owners. In addition, in order to provide all brands of pure electric vehicle owners with a more honorable charging journey, including the 200kW DC DC fast charging station set up in Tainan Tingtai and Taichung Jiuhe Exhibition Center this year, the follow-up will also target all Taiwan authorized dealers Commercial fast charging equipment continued to be upgraded to expand service capacity.

The pure electric journey has begun, and you can enjoy multiple discounts now

Jaguar I-PACE is the brand's first pure electric sports car SUV. The avant-garde design is inspired by the C-X75 concept supercar. The top materials are used to stack the modern luxury atmosphere. It inherits the Jaguar sports car DNA and integrates the new generation energy characteristics. Create a unique driving experience that will be unforgettable. In order to meet more consumer groups for luxury pure electric models, the new 23-year-old Jaguar I-PACE model is made of EV400 S Running Soul Board and EV400 S Black Soul Advanced Edition. The Black Soul Edition is fully equipped with a black exterior kit and a variety of comforts. Kits provide more unique honor options, and the suggested prices for the dual models are 2.97 million and 3.31 million respectively. Buying a car from now on can get 30,000 yuan worth of charging points from TAIL Power or ZTE iCharging, two third-party charging manufacturers, plus a home wall-mounted charger, and an 8-year or 160,000-km lithium battery original warranty and The whole car series has many discounts such as 6 years and 0 bearing the original maintenance project. All car fans who love the British sports style are sincerely invited to visit the exhibition center in Taiwan to appreciate the car. For more car purchase information, please contact the authorized dealers in Taiwan.


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