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This partnership is an important part of Jaguar Land Rover Reimagine's brand strategy to bring consumers a modern luxury experience by 2025.

The two companies will jointly develop artificial intelligence autonomous driving technology and connected services on the NVIDIA DRIVE platform.

NVIDIA AI will deliver the next generation of secure, unique, brand-centric digital services.

Jaguar Land Rover has formally established a long-term strategic partnership with NVIDIA, a leader in AI artificial intelligence and computing, to jointly develop and deliver next-generation autonomous driving systems and provide its customers with services and experiences that support AI.

Starting in 2025, all new Jaguar Land Rover models will be powered by NVIDIA DRIVETM On the software platform, a wider range of active safety, autonomous driving, parking assistance systems and driving assistance systems are provided. Inside the vehicle, the system will also provide AI capabilities, including advanced imaging of the vehicle's surroundings to understand the state of the driver and passengers.

This complete solution is based on NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion™ and features a DRIVE Orin™ integrated AV computer; DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX software; security, protection and networking systems and surround sensors. DRIVE Orin™ is like the artificial intelligence brain in the car, running the operating system of Jaguar Land Rover models, while DRIVE Hyperion is like the central nervous system.

Jaguar Land Rover will also utilize in-house developed data center solutions with NVIDIA DGX™ to train AI models and DRIVE Sim software built on NVIDIA Omniverse™ to create real-time physically accurate simulations. The Jaguar Land Rover's software-defined capabilities and its peer-to-peer certification and certification architecture will be updated via over-the-air software and provide innovative assisted and autonomous driving services throughout the vehicle's product lifecycle.

Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Thierry Bolloré said: "Partnership and technology sharing with industry leader NVIDIA is a key element in realizing Jaguar Land Rover's Reimagine strategy, which is essential for the brand to set new benchmarks in quality, technology and sustainability. important."

"The Jaguar Land Rover will be the creator of the world's most desirable luxury cars and services, serving the perfect customer. Our long-term strategic partnership with NVIDIA will open up a world of potential for the Jaguar Land Rover of the future. , through the ongoing transformation of this business into a truly global digital powerhouse.”

"The next-generation automotive industry will transform into one of the largest and most advanced technology industries," said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. "Software-defined, programmable vehicles will provide new capabilities and Service. We are proud to partner with Jaguar Land Rover to redefine the future of transportation and create state-of-the-art vehicles.”

Jaguar Land Rover aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products and operations by 2039.

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