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JapanBridgestoneTiresShouldSpace Mission, Landing on the Moon !Join the Teledyne Lunar Terrain Vehicle Development TeamContribute experience and keep exploring!

Bridgestone Japan provides tires for lunar terrain vehicles, creating a milestone in human innovation and mobility. (Photo courtesy_Bridgestone Japan)

As a leading brand of global tire and rubber manufacturers, Bridgestone Tire Japan continues to challenge innovation. With its love for exploration and product strength accumulated for nearly a century, on September 18, 2022, Bridgestone Japan also announced that it will cooperate with Huntsville, Alabama, USA - The Teledyne Brown Engineering Company team signed a cooperation agreement to jointly design a manned Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) for NASA (NASA) and provide lunar terrain vehicle tires , to create a milestone in human innovation and mobility.

JapanBridgestoneThe tire landed on the moon, leading the extraordinary journey of mankind

In order to explore the unknown areas of space, NASA needs an autonomous vehicle that can carry astronauts to explore unknown areas on the moon. Because the lunar terrain vehicle needs to work in extreme temperatures and harsh environments for a long time, Teledyne The company has built a strong team to accomplish this task, including Nissan North America, Sierra Space, Textron and many other industry leaders, as well as the global tire and rubber industry leader - Bridgestone Corporation of Japan. In order to ensure that LTV can balance the function and safety of tires in difficult operating conditions (rocky and sandy deserts, exposure to extreme temperatures and cosmic ray radiation), Bridgestone Japan is committed to developing metal airless tires. It also contributes to the application of the "road mastery contact" technology obtained from road experience around the world. This international cooperation not only shows the firm determination to space exploration missions, but also demonstrates the greatest core strength of Bridgestone in Japan.

In the extreme terrain and climate of space, Bridgestone Japan provides the superior function and safety of lunar terrain vehicle tires. (Photo courtesy_Bridgestone Japan)

Bridgestone Japan challenges innovation to climb to the top and becomes a strong backing for the road to the moon

Bridgestone Corporation of Japan has rich knowledge and experience in tire development. Since its establishment in 1931, it has laid a solid foundation for the development of dynamism for more than 90 years and has become a strong backing on the road to the moon. Scott Hall, President of Teledyne's Engineering Systems Division, said: "Bridgestone Japan enjoys a great reputation in the industry and has rich experience, especially in the consolidation of strength and product quality assurance. It is very large to be able to join our team. help."

Bridgestone Japan is committed to the development of metal airless tires, contributing the greatest core strength. (Photo courtesy_Bridgestone Japan)

Makoto Ishiyama, executive chairman of next-generation technology development at Bridgestone Japan, also said: "This project is a new challenge for mankind, and we are very honored to join the Teledyne team to help us realize Bridgestone Japan's E8. Commitment - Committed to continuous movement and innovation, so that human beings and society can continue to move forward." In addition, Makoto Ishiyama also said that through joint efforts with new partners, the Bridgestone Group of Japan will be committed to dynamic development. Innovation, realize the dream of all mankind.

Note 1: Bridgestone's E8 commitment consists of 8 values ​​representing the company, starting with the letter E, Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy ), Emotion (emotion), Ease (comfort), Empowerment (empowerment), the group will be committed to achieving sustainable development together with employees, society, partners and customers through the goals and processes that represent Bridgestone in Japan. society.


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