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Jiaoxi Yamagata Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel "Yamagata Festival_Third Time" is officially launched"Yamagata Friendship" Japanese atmosphere is overwhelming!The first choice for girlfriends dating in summer, the wonderful Japanese festival is amazing

The "Yamagata Festival. The Third Time" held by the Forte Group's Jiaoxi Yamagata Hot Spring Hotel is lively in Jiaoxi! The opening ceremony of the event also welcomed Lin Jianrong, Deputy Mayor of Yilan County, Takashi Hattori, Deputy Representative of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Nobu Arakawa, President of Yamagata County People's Association, and Lu Yufang, Director of Jiaoxi Township Tourism Industry Development Institute. The governor also sent a congratulatory letter full of blessings, and the opening ceremony showed the strong friendship between Taiwan and Japan!

The atmosphere has attracted the attention of the public, and the third time this year has been expanded.Mr. Liao Bingyao, chairman of Futai Hotel Group, personally set the tone with the theme of "Yamagata Friendship", and built the entire surrounding of Yamagata Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel into a Yamagata festival. The delicious and fun of Yamagata Prefecture is full of deliciousness and fun, and the immersive scene allows everyone to cross in seconds. Japan and Shenyin Yamagata are also an important platform for showing the friendship between Taiwan and Japan and understanding the cultures of both sides

In the festival, there are various booths to experience, including Japanese kendama, fishing flowers, shogi and other booths, if you are tired of playing, you can also taste watermelon ice, a special product of Ohanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, and enjoy the performance of Hanagasa dance and shogi. Let’s have fun together, and make a wish with Ema. There is also a fun way to pass through the stage to let everyone know the deep friendship between Yamagata Pavilion and Yamagata Prefecture’s “Yamagata Friendship”. Scan the QR Code with your mobile phone to participate in the game, and you can also play it after completion Get exquisite gifts, draw prizes, and feel the excitement and enthusiasm of the festival perfectly!

"Yamagata Friendship" Torii gate symbolizes the good friendship between Jiaoxi Yamagata Pavilion and Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. (From left to right: Liao Lvchenhui, Vice Chairman of Fortune Hotel Group, Lu Yufang, Director of Jiaoxi Township Tourism Industry Development Institute, Lin Jianrong, Deputy Mayor of Yilan County, Takashi Hattori, Deputy Representative of Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Arakawa, President of Yamagata County People's Association Xinyi, Liao Donghan, founder of Fortune Hotel Group)

Yamagata Pavilion also specially invited Amily, a famous Taiwanese illustrator who has won the Japan JIA Illustration Award, to cooperate to launch limited cool cards and check-in hotspots for the third round of the Sanxing Festival, and take "Yamagata Friendship" as the main axis, and use dreamy paintings to show In addition to the Taiwanese mangoes and pineapples presented by the founder of the group to the Yamagata prefectural government, the friendship and the characteristics of Yamagata Prefecture on the launch day,Zao snow monsters, watermelons and peaches from Obanazawa City, top-quality cherries from "Sato Nishiki" famous in Higashine City, top-quality Wagyu beef from Yonezawa City and Obanazawa City, and "Zizu", the most famous rice in Yamagata Prefecture. Jami", etc., are perfectly presented in the exquisite paintings, and output with a huge background for the public to punch in. The scene also carefully created a photo check-in area for the well-known Yinshan hot spring scene in "Shinyin Girl", you can take photos and print them out, leaving a beautiful figure in Yamagata; there is a SUICA BAR in the corner of the hotel, Yashanliu, etc. The Yamagata sake is available for tasting. The most impressive thing is the watermelon sake cocktail drink. The combination of watermelon and sake unexpectedly goes well together and relieves the heat. The authentic festival activities and rich experience of the five senses can be called the strongest must-have this summer. Visit Hotspots!

In this Yamagata Festival, in addition to the sincere "Three Fun Triple Awards", the JAL Japan Airlines Experience Zone in the event also has beautiful Japanese flight attendants and attentive ground staff, accompanied by surprises and gifts Children and adults have fun together. The Japanese-style IMATEN mobile food truck that debuted for the first time also presented a variety of Japanese-style delicacies and free local carefully selected gifts to the distinguished guests of the third ECO IS SEXY project of the Yamagata Festival.

You can travel across Japan in seconds without a plane!The first choice for girlfriends dating in summer, the wonderful Japanese festival is amazing

The much-anticipated "Yamagata Matsuri 3rd" has officially opened! The Yamagata Festival, which combines lively festivals, authentic delicacies, beautiful photos of yukatas, and fun games, brings the most authentic Japanese festivals this year in the form of immersive experiences and mobile phone breakthroughs! From the huge torii gate at the entrance, you can feel the strong Japanese atmosphere. Step by step, you will be led into a wonderful world like a mysterious girl. Participants can start by scanning the QR Code on their mobile phones to get to know this beautiful place in Yamagata Prefecture. , there is also a yukata experience at your own expense, wearing a yukata in front of a realistic punch-in background, and taking beautiful photos as if you are in Yamagata, Japan; at the same time, in the introduction of the watermelon ice booth, you can understand that Ohanazawa City, Yamagata Prefecture is rich in temperature due to the large temperature difference between day and night. Famous for its sweet and juicy watermelon, you can't enjoy the Japanese-style watermelon ice cream at the summer festival! After the level is over, there are different booths waiting for you to play indoors and outdoors, such as Zhuanzhuanle, Caihuacai, giant pinball table and other games, and you can also get beautiful prizes after playing! As for the Hanagasa dance, which is an essential part of the Yamagata Festival, the audience is invited to dance and have fun together. In the rhythm of the powerful and heartwarming "Hanagasa Sound", and the rhythm of the drum, you can feel the enthusiasm and unrestrainedness from Yamagata Prefecture. After dancing to a song, it also shortened the distance between everyone. Walking on the corridor of the bond, seeing the wish-painted horses hanging full of wishes, there are blessings and expectations, leaving the most beautiful memories for this summer.

Eat, play and draw prizes!Yamagata Pavilion's many good gifts are limited to the third time of the Yamagata Festival

This time, the Yamagata Pavilion Hot Spring Hotel in Jiaoxi is hosting the Yamagata Festival. In the third round, a number of discounts and gifts will be added, and the "ECO IS SEXY! Mass Transportation Environmental Protection Housing Project" will be launched to contribute to sustainable environmental protection and love the earth. During the event period, anyone who makes a room reservation will be able to draw accommodation vouchers, as well as a snack box, DIY hand-made experience class (limited time period) and Yamagata Festival Garden Tour ticket (limited time period), which will be given back to the tourists who participate in the Yamagata Festival! At the Yamagata Festival, in addition to passing the level, you can get small gifts and lucky draws. You will be satisfied with eating, drinking, and having fun. You can return to the room at night to settle your mind, soak in the beauty soup and make up for a good night’s sleep, adding a fond memory to the summer vacation! Friends who missed this year's Yamagata Festival, don't feel a pity, Yamagata Pavilion will continue to launch various housing projects suitable for girlfriends and couples to travel together in the second half of the year, such as: Yamagata Yuyuki, Slow Tour Yamagata, Fishing and Fruit Farming Tour, etc. Details are available at Please refer to the official website of Yamagata Pavilion, Yamagata Pavilion looks forward to the visit and experience of all guests!


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