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Jinhua Pioneer Leads Future Michelin "Performance Until the Last Mile" New Tire Lineup Shocked

Taiwan Michelin 4/11 announced the new tire lineup of "Excellent Performance Until the Last Mile", including three four-wheel and two two-wheel tire products, from left: e.PRIMACY, PILOT SPORT 5, Chairman Mao Xingjian of Taiwan Michelin Tire , PRIMACY SUV+, Pilot Street 2 and Road 6.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, Michelin always provides the most complete tire product line, in terms of performance, comfort and energy saving, to protect consumers every journey.Michelin Taiwan announced today a new tire lineup of "Excellent Performance Until the Last Mile", which includes five tires for four-wheel and two-wheel vehicles. The four tire models aree.PRIMACY for new energy vehicles;Combined with comfort, long-lasting wet and dry grip and excellent wear performanceSUV tire PRIMACY SUV+;Having control performance and long-term wear performancePerformance tires PILOT SPORT 5; for the second tireRoad 6 road tires for heavy duty motorcycles and Pilot Street 2 for white-brand motorcycles. The performance of all Michelin new products not only maintains consistent excellent performance in new tires or tires after wear, without compromising safety and performance over time, and strives to achieve the "excellent performance until the last mile" of tires (Performance Made To Last, PMTL).

The new Michelin products all have the product design concept of "Performance Made To Last" (PMTL), which does not compromise safety and performance over time.

In addition, today's event also invited professional racing driver Chen Yifan to share his experience with tires. As a partner to accompany him in international competitions, the excellent performance of Michelin tires always makes Chen Yifan worry-free, so he said at the event:"Tires are the most frequently replaced consumables in racing competitions. Choosing good tires can not only achieve excellent lap results, but also ensure the safety of the players' lives. As a professional racing driver, tire grip and functionality are my main considerations. , compared with other brands, Michelin tires can provide better grip and stability, so I won the championship with Lamborghini Super Trofeo Evo and Michelin tires in the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and 2019 ChinaGT events. Being able to cooperate with Taiwan Michelin, in addition to helping me take my racing career to the next level, I also look forward to this cooperation to promote Taiwan's racing industry to the world stage."

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, Michelin always provides the most complete tire product line, in terms of performance, comfort and energy saving, to protect consumers every journey.From left: Ni Jiyuan, Marketing Manager of Taiwan Michelin Tire, Chairman Mao Xingjian, Operations Manager Wu Minjun, and Product Manager Xu Jingxun

e.PRIMACYNaturally suitable for electricity No more anxiety about driving mileage

In response to the trend of the automobile market, Michelin decided to introduce e.PRIMACY, which was specially developed for new energy vehicles this year, to prepare for the rapidly expanding new energy vehicle tire market in advance. Michelin has included the pain points encountered by new energy vehicle owners into the key projects of product development. At present, e.PRIMACY mainly supplies 16-19 inches in size, 205-245 mm in width, and 40-65 in flat ratio.e.PRIMACYThe three major product features are as follows

  1. New technology to create the best cruising range

The weaving material and structure of the tire crown and the carcass layer are strengthened to make the tire lightweight, and the low heat generation rubber formula is used to effectively reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and reduce the energy consumption of the vehicle. The above technologies enable e.PRIMACY to reduce rolling resistance by 29% compared with ordinary tires, thereby increasing the cruising range by 8%.

  • The exclusive technology of uniformity of tread force increases the service life of tires

In order to make the tire surface evenly contact the ground and bear the force evenly, and improve the overall mileage, e.PRIMACY adopts the exclusive MAXTOUCH CONSTRUCTIONTMThe pressure equalization technology can not only increase the ground contact area, but also increase the service life of tires by 18%.

  • Quiet design enhances driving comfort

e.PRIMACY uses the PRIMACY mute pattern design, which can achieve a constant ground contact area and achieve a fixed rolling frequency, effectively reducing driving fatigue. The 19-inch tire model is also combined with Acoustic mute technology, and the mute cotton is placed in the carcass structure to more effectively suppress the cavity noise in the driving space.

PRIMACY SUV+Safety for the whole family A timeless experience of happiness

In recent years, SUV models on the market have been favored by consumers because of their flexible carrying space, which can not only meet the needs of work commuting, but also create a comfortable riding experience with family members. However, the large size of RVs has also caused some RV owners. The troubles include the long braking distance caused by the heavier body and the shaking discomfort caused by the high center of gravity of the body. PRIMACY for MICHELIN SUV+, This tire not only has the advantage of PRIMACY series in quietness, but also its long-term wet braking performance is also improved simultaneously. The new U-shaped groove with 22% drainage space and high-silicon tread rubber make this tire wet. The braking distance is shortened by 13.3% compared with other brands. In addition, Michelin also creates excellent wear performance. The tread "groove self-locking technology" allows the blocks to support each other, increasing the maximum ground contact area and strengthening dry braking; the "block chamfering technology" can provide space when the tire blocks deform. And maintain the grounding area to bring consumers a better experience. NEW PRIMACY SUV+It is the benchmark product that Taiwanese RV owners can best feel the difference in mileage and comfort performance among products of the same class. At present, the main size of supply is 15~20 inches, the width is from 205~275 mm, and the aspect ratio is from 50~70.

PILOT SPORT5The essence of technology from the track The perfect embodiment of street use

In addition to being used for commuting, tires are an important key to satisfying the joy of handling for most car owners. Over the years, Michelin has brought countless brilliant track experiences to life and endowed the PILOT SPORT series with both driving pleasure and everyday use. Michelin today announced the launch of the new PILOT SPORT 5, for a better user experience for enthusiastic car owners. The main sizes currently available are from 17 to 20 inches, the width from 205 to 275 mm, and the aspect ratio from 35 to 55. Three product features allow car owners to provide the highest level of performance in various situations.PILOT SPORT5The three major product features are as follows

  1. Follow from the track technology to create long-term road feedback

PILOT SPORT 5Under the excellent foundation, work hard on the tread. In order to allow the tires to withstand driving on wet and dry ground and maintain consistent performance, the newly-adjusted rubber compound formula is combined with the inner and outer rainy weather design. The inner rapid hydrophobic groove can increase the drainage efficiency and reduce the risk of water drift; the outer rigidity is strengthened. The flower block enhances the ground contact area, and with the dynamic response technology derived from the track, it can accurately convey steering wheel commands and further enhance the stability of cornering tracking. According to third-party data, PILOT SPORT5 has a shorter dry and wet braking distance of 2.97M and 3.09M, respectively, compared with other brand tires.

  • Pressure equalization technology provides more durable ultra-high mileage

PILOT SPORT 5The tread pressure equalization technology makes the tire wear evenly, which can increase the wear mileage by 11% compared with other brand tires.

MICHELIN for PILOT SPORT 5The track craftsmanship is not only about performance, but also the use of velvet pure black sidewalls visually, and the high-quality pure black vision can enhance the overall texture. Also PILOT SPORT 5The tread introduces innovative wear indicator WEAR2CHECK, which enables car owners to easily find and observe abnormal tread wear. With timely tire positioning adjustment, tire wear can be optimized and mileage can be extended.

Navigator of the Wetlands Motorcycle Tire Road Series and Pilot Street Jointly Announce Latest Generation Products

Compared with the previous generation, the Michelin Road 6 series has improved wet grip by 15% and extended product life by 10%. In terms of tread design, the sea-land ratio, 3D reservoir technology of fine grooves and fine groove chamfering have been increased by 14%. Enables tires to perform excellent grip performance on both wet and dry roads; thanks to Michelin 2CT+ dual compound, Radial X Evo and Aramid Shield technology, riders can gain stiffness and stability on high-speed straight lines and corners, while providing comfort and high flexibility. In addition, visually, Road 6 applies diamond reflection technology to the sidewall design. Laser engraving gives the sidewall logo a velvety touch. The elegant texture also emphasizes beauty and recognition. Michelin Road 6 provides relative-sized tires for yellow and red class large-scale street runners and utility vehicles. The Road 6 GT series is specially designed for large cruise SUVs with heavier bodies.

In addition, for white-brand motorcycles below 250cc and scooter tires, Michelin also released the latest product Pilot Street 2, which adopts the pattern design of knife-edge grooves and pocket-shaped water-breaking grooves, which can have both wet drainage and dry grounding. Compared with the previous generation product, the service life is increased by 10%, and the time in the wetland single lap is shortened by 6% compared with the previous generation product, giving better riding comfort. Pilot Street 2 can meet the tire changing needs of light-duty and scooter models at the same time. The size covers the needs of 17, 13, 12, and 10-inch models. The common CYGNUS_GRYPHUS, GP125, and JET in the market can be matched. Supply successively.

Michelin has brought countless brilliant track experiences over the years into life, and launched the new PILOT SPORT 5, which is both fun to drive and daily use, for enthusiastic car owners to turn around on the road and experience it for a long time.

Buy four new products, get limited gifts, plus lucky draw with millions of gifts

Michelin offers a limited-time purchase event for newly launched new products. Consumers who purchase four new tires in a single purchase from 5/1 to 6/30 can get a limited-edition gift of six choices. This gift includes

  • car air purifier
  • Anti-theft sports backpack
  • Car Smart Charger Phone Holder
  • low pressure cooker
  • Straight Umbrella & Folding Umbrella Set
  • Really strong with fresh cup

In addition, you can also get a total of millions of lucky draw chances

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