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"Jiu Yin" New Style Chinese Restaurant and Tavern Midsummer Hong Kong Point Afternoon Tea ShiguangAfternoon Tea Set 699 yuan Popular Salty and Sweet Hong Kong Points Choose from four typesThe first 10 yuan on 8/31 will add ice mochi and fresh fruit smoothie at the copper plate price Worth refreshing double enjoyment

The afternoon tea party with friends in the midsummer afternoon requires more cooling factors to cool down and relieve fever! Located next to Yitong Park in the Songjiang business district of Nanjing, the fashionable Chinese restaurant "Jiu Yin" combines new Cantonese cuisine with exquisite port points. It has large floor-to-ceiling windows, rattan seats and white marble table tops to create a comfortable and beautiful dining space.From now until 8/31 every day from 3:00~5:00 pm, "Midsummer Hong Kong Point Afternoon Tea" will be launched. Afternoon tea set NT$699+10%including Danube Taro Swan Crisp, Crystal Shrimp Dumpling, Japanese Scallop Steamed Shaomai, Golden Hook Salted Dumpling, Melaleuca Carrot Cake, Steamed Chicken Feet with Spicy Tempeh, Cantonese Black Pepper Money Tripe, Crispy Egg Tart, Cheese Fried fresh milk, black truffle quicksand sesame balls, etc.You can choose from four of the ten popular salty and sweet Hong Kong desserts to enjoy, let your taste buds jump from the standard afternoon tea dessert cake, and enjoy the exquisite handmade Hong Kong desserts that are intertwined with salty and sweet flavors.Before 8/31, if you order the afternoon tea set at RMB 699, and add RMB 10, you can enjoy "Red Bean Nut Ice Mochi" (one piece) and "Xia Lian Fresh Fruit Shake" (one glass) at the same time.(Lower consumption NT$300+10% per person, cannot be combined with other promotions)

Popular salty and sweet Hong Kong dessert classics inject creativity

Under the tutelage of famous chef Kwong Qiming, chef Li Guosheng of "Nine Yin" follows the complicated procedures of Hong Kong-style dim sum, and appropriately mixes natural ingredients with different tastes to add flavor levels, injecting new ideas and healthy concepts into classic Hong Kong desserts, and the taste is more fresh and refreshing. Make Hong Kong-style dim sum more delicate and charming, and all ages will love it. During the afternoon tea time, ten popular handmade Hong Kong desserts from "Jiu Yin" are selected, including hidden dim sums that are not on the menu. You can choose from four kinds of desserts. The set menu is NT$699+10%, and each person can save NT$300+10%. The contents of the port are described as follows:

  • Japanese scallop steamed siu mai

Spinach juice dyes the skin of Bun Run Shaomai into bright green, and the filling made of fresh shrimp, pork rib muscle and shiitake mushrooms is delicious and delicious. The upper layer is covered with Japanese dried scallops. The appearance is small and attractive. Tooth shrimp, plump pork, and tender mushrooms blend together to create multiple tastes and aromas.

  • Crystal Crystal Shrimp Dumplings

Known as the king of port spots, shrimp dumplings test the real skills of dim sum masters! The crystal clear and translucent skin reveals the attractive pink and tender shrimp, which is like a work of art with 10~13% gold fold, delicate and plump. The live shrimp are hand-peeled and hand-stripped into shrimp paste, which is refreshing and sweet.

  • Danube Taro Swan Cake

The middle part of Dajia taro is mixed with clear flour, salted egg yolk, and flour to make taro paste, wrapped in chicken thigh meat, roasted pine nuts, etc. After frying, the skin is crispy honeycomb-like, the outer skin is crispy and the filling is dense, and the elegant swan shape is even more beautiful. Must Pai Kagang Point!

  • Thousand Layer Waxed Carrot Cake

This signature Hong Kong dish is made of fresh radish and specially selected in rice milk, with Hong Kong-style sausage and golden hook shrimp. No chemical ingredients are added. You can taste the sweetness of the radish and the salty and fresh sausage and shrimp.

  • Golden hook salted dumplings

Deep-fried until golden brown and crispy on the outside, full of Q-strength, the filling is filled with Iberian pork Matsusaka, golden hook shrimp, dried radish, chives, northern mushrooms and other specially selected ingredients.

  • Cantonese style black pepper money tripe

The honeycomb-shaped tripe is steamed with ginger, green onion and rice wine for 3 hours, sliced ​​and mixed with homemade black pepper sauce and red oil with added vegetables and fruits. It is soft and tender, spicy and delicious.

  • Steamed Chicken Feet with Spicy Tempeh

Selected huge chicken feet, deep-fried and then marinated in homemade Hong Kong-style barbecued pork sauce, adding homemade chili oil, spicy bean paste, and tempeh to add to the spicy flavor, the color is red and attractive, soft and fragrant, and the gum is rich.

  • Cheese Fried Fresh Milk

Thin crispy puff pastry wraps a lot of mozzarella cheese and cream cheese, deep-frying until golden brown, sprinkled with fine powdered sugar and fragrant and served on the table. The index finger moved.

  • Puff pastry tarts

Traditional Hong Kong-style egg tarts use a combination of oil crust and pastry dough, and then repeatedly roll and press. The thin and crispy puff pastry is hand-made, filled with egg liquid, and baked until slightly caramelized on the surface. Small, sweet and creamy, it blends perfectly with the meringue.

  • Black Truffle Quicksand Sesame Balls

Subverting the traditional dessert sesame ball, it combines the dual aromas of black sesame and French black truffle oil. The crispy crust covered with black sesame is decorated with luxurious gold leaf. , The golden quicksand stuffing flows out, salty and sweet.

8/31For the first time limit, add ten yuan to enjoy the coolness

To welcome the hot summer, Jiuyin bartenders added mango ice cream with watermelons and pineapples that are abundant in season to make "Xialian Fresh Smoothie" (priced at 180 yuan/cup), which is sour, sweet, cool, dense and refreshing. Chef Li Guosheng specially made it by hand. Specially made "Red Bean Nut Ice Mochi", Q soft snow niang skin is covered with whipped cream, red beans and mixed nuts. After freezing, the taste is rich and cool.Order a set of afternoon tea set before 8/31, you can add 10 yuan to enjoy a cup of summer love fresh fruit smoothie and a red bean and nut ice mochi.

【Jiuyin Midsummer Harbor Order Afternoon Tea Light】

Afternoon tea set NT$699+10% including tea (minimum NT$300+10% per person)

  • Contents: Choose four of 10 salty and sweet Hong Kong desserts
  • Promotion: From 8/4 to 8/31, add 10 yuan to enjoy a cup of Xia Lian fresh fruit smoothie and a red bean and nut ice mochi (limited to one additional purchase per set)
  • Time: 15:00~17:00 daily (last order 16:30)
  • Note: Stored-value cards and other promotional offers are not applicable


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