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JLR comprehensively upgrades the service volume of Da Taoyuan to be able to humble Taoyuan Flagship Exhibition and Service Center officially opens

  • Today (7) the flagship display and service center of Happiness Taoyuan was officially opened. It is located in the prime area of ​​Taoyuan, and integrates high-standard professional services such as display and warranty, bringing a brand-new modern luxury car buying experience to the Taoyuan area.
  • The newly completed flagship site follows the group's latest "Arch 1.5" design concept, and the ratio of the front glass curtain to the wall of the building has been increased to 70:30, creating a transparent and bright display space.
  • The show car area adopts the group's latest "House of Brands" strategic configuration, which can fully display 6 new cars, so that guests can feel the unique charm of each car series when appreciating the cars.
  • JLR Taiwan introduces the exclusive fragrance that cooperates with the top fragrance brand Air Aroma, and joins hands with the top Swiss capsule coffee machine brand Nespresso, the British natural organic maintenance brand Bamford and other internationally renowned brands to fully realize the modern luxury texture atmosphere exclusive to JLR.
  • The maintenance service center has a total of 7 maintenance stations; 6 of the maintenance team have obtained the British original factory professional technician certification and electric vehicle maintenance certification technicians, providing fast and safe back-to-factory maintenance services.

With the growing number of car owners who love brands originating from England and have unique tastes, JLR Taiwan actively cooperates with all dealership systems to jointly create the top honor service originating from Britain. Aiming at the Greater Taoyuan area, JLR Taiwan and Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan have joined hands with the authorized dealer Qianyue Taoyuan to actively deploy, spending nearly NTD 500 million, and the world's first flagship site built in accordance with the group's latest "Arch 1.5" design concept - Qianyue Taoyuan Flagship The exhibition and service center was officially opened today (7). The newly completed flagship base is located in the Taoyuan automobile sales first-level war zone. In addition to re-declaring its determination to enter the Greater Taoyuan area with a new attitude, it is also fully equipped with the most appropriate display, warranty and other professional services through long-term experience accumulated in the field. Service, comprehensively upgrade the local service capacity, and bring a brand-new modern luxury car buying experience to the Greater Taoyuan area.

The introduction of the new generation design concept reinterprets the modern luxury car viewing experience

The newly completed Humble Taoyuan flagship exhibition and service center is located at No. 258, Zhonghua Road, Bade District, Taoyuan City. It is located on the main road connecting the north and the south of Taoyuan. It is only a five-minute drive from the South Taoyuan Interchange, and has a high degree of convenient transportation. sex. The flagship exhibition and service center has a total floor area of ​​800 ping, with two floors above the ground. Following the group's latest "Arch 1.5" design concept, the ratio of the front glass curtain to the wall of the building has been increased to 70:30. In addition to strengthening the vision, it is more modern and luxurious It can effectively introduce more outdoor light and create a transparent and bright display space. The showroom area on the first floor adopts the group's latest "House of Brands" strategic configuration, which can fully display the new cars of the Range Rover, Defender and Discovery brands, so that customers can feel the unique charm of each car series when viewing the cars. The reception counter, guest rest area, negotiation space and other areas are also built in accordance with new design specifications to achieve a modern and luxurious atmosphere exclusive to JLR.

The introduction of the new-generation design concept, in addition to the scope visible to the naked eye, details are also an important link in the construction of a luxurious and textured space atmosphere. The brand-new flagship base uses the exclusive fragrance that JLR cooperates with the top fragrance brand Air Aroma to create an exclusive scent memory; at the same time, JLR Taiwan Jaguar Land Rover also joins hands with Switzerland's top capsule coffee machine brand Nespresso and the UK to respect the natural art of creating life. The organic maintenance brand Bamford, two internationally renowned brands, enhances the sensory experience in an all-round way, so that customers who buy a car or return to the factory can experience a more modern, luxurious and comfortable service experience.

The maintenance volume can be comprehensively improved, providing fast and professional factory return service

For car owners returning to the factory, the newly established repair service center has also been fully conceived and optimized. When car owners return to the factory, they can enter the repair service center behind the stronghold on the first floor, and there will be instant reception by dedicated personnel to provide fast and convenient return. factory process; on the second floor, there is a beauty coating center and a dedicated maintenance station for electric vehicles, and a complete one-stop warranty service from maintenance and repair, body painting to car beauty. In terms of service capacity, a total of 7 maintenance stations have been set up, including the exclusive maintenance stations for electric vehicles. The factory also has 200kW DC DC double-gun charging pile equipment from TAIL Electric Power, which can be easily operated by car owners through the APP; professional Among the maintenance technician team, 6 have obtained the professional technician certification of the original British factory, and are equipped with electric vehicle maintenance certified technicians, so that all car owners regardless of power and model can enjoy fast and safe return-to-factory maintenance services.

Continue to cultivate the big peach garden and provide the best service from England

Qianyue Automobile has 40 years of experience in operating luxury imported cars in Taoyuan. It joined the JLR Greater Taoyuan area distribution system in 2020. During this period, it has continuously optimized its sales and service system. It has joined hands with JLR Taiwan Jaguar Land Rover to provide modern and luxurious customer experience in northern Taiwan. All car fans and friends are welcome to visit in person and experience the modern luxury car buying service with the most British taste.

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