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Kia Inspiration Day released a new brand blueprintAnnounced the introduction of top luxury flagship SUV Kia EV9 in 2023Leading a series of new energy vehicles, leading the layout for sustainable mobility

(From left to right) Li Jiayi, Marketing Assistant Manager of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia, Jiang Zhicheng, General Manager of Sales and Product Development of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia Taiwan, Liu Jiahui, Chairman of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia Taiwan, Chen Tailin, Deputy General Manager of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia After-sales Service, and A group photo of the young players at the 2022 Kia Kid's Cup "Football Carnival" to cultivate Taiwan's new generation of young athletes.

In 2021, Kia will enter a new brand era with the brand spirit of "Movement that inspires, inspire people" and inspire people by providing mobile experiences. Today (14th), the general agent of Kia, Sime Darby Kia Taiwan, specially selected the 8 most subversive buildings in the world on CNN, and was shortlisted for the TIME World Top 100 Best Attractions. The Taipei Performing Arts Center held "Kia Inspiration Day", Release the blueprint for the future development of the Kia brand. At the same time, based on the concept of creative inspiration, Kia's brand concept of sustainable mobility will be announced through the first "Kia Inspiration Sphere Canopy" exhibition in the domestic car industry.

Ted Lee, CEO of Kia Asia Pacific, also appeared in the video today, thanking Taiwanese consumers for their love and trust in Kia, and expressing his full support for the production and supply of vehicles in the Taiwan market. Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia will implement Kia's global brand strategy in three aspects: Product, Experience, and People. The product will undertake the global development strategy. Taiwan’s Sime Darby Kia officially announced that it will introduce the top luxury flagship SUV Kia EV9 in 2023, together with a series of new energy vehicles led by it, to implement the business philosophy of sustainable mobility. In terms of experience, we will continue the channel expansion and upgrading plan. In addition to the newly opened Kaohsiung Fengshan and Changhua exhibition rooms, we plan to expand and upgrade 8 exhibition rooms in 2023.At the same time, Kia as the FIFA World CupTMThe official partner of the football game also takes "inspiration" as the core value of the brand. In 2023, it will also plan the "Inspiration Seeds" project, including sports and art, thinking from the perspective of sustainability, and rooting for the inspiration of the new generation of grassroots education .

Looking back on 2022, Kia’s general agent, Taiwan’s Sime Darby Kia, entered a new era of the brand and continued to introduce a variety of new-generation models, leading to continuous growth in sales. As of the end of October, the cumulative sales orders for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles of the entire vehicle series exceeded 9,300, and the number of licensed vehicles reached 4,010 units. Compared with the same period last year, it achieved an excellent performance of nearly 20% annual growth. Among them, The Kia EV6, a pure electric smart crossover, has not only received a total of 1,500 orders as of October, but also became the sales champion of the electric vehicle market in a single month in October. Top three in the market. On the first day of the launch of the imported extreme leisure travel The Sportage, the order exceeded 500 units. By the end of October, the cumulative order exceeded 3,500 units! The excellent market performance has repeatedly demonstrated that Kia is in the domestic car industry, and has won the recognition of many forward-looking car owners.

The Kia European-style American-style sports car Ceed Sportswagon MHEV light oil electric model was unveiled on Kia Inspiration Day. Taiwan’s Sime Darby Kia will introduce it into China in the first quarter of 2023.

productMobile Inspires Creativity

Let's EV9will be2023Imported into ChinaLeading the lineup of new-generation new energy vehicles

In order to move towards the goal of sustainable mobility, Kia’s general agent, Taiwan’s Sime Darby Kia, announced four key goals for the medium and long term in the future, including sales of 10,000 units in 2023, accelerated growth of EVs, completion of the new CI upgrade of national channels by 2025, and cooperation with China’s Long-term establishment of PBV NO.1.

In terms of the future EV product lineup, Kia plans to release 2 electric vehicles every year globally, and aims to launch at least 14 pure electric models in 2027 to form a complete lineup of electric vehicles. Taiwan’s Sime Darby Kia will also cooperate with global products strategy to introduce EV products that meet the needs of the domestic market, among which the top luxury flagship EV9 has also officially announced that it will be introduced in 2023, leading Kia’s lineup of new-generation new energy vehicles.

In order to accelerate the promotion of electric vehicles, Taiwan Sime Darby Kia introduced the brand's first pure electric vehicle, The Kia EV6. The Kia EV6, which has won multiple international awards, has outstanding sales performance in Taiwan due to its outstanding product strength, and has even been tested by the media around Taiwan. During the event, it set an astonishing record that the best power consumption can travel 9.7km/kWh, and the total charging time around the station is only 10 minutes, opening a new era of pure electric mobility. In order to provide consumers in Taiwan with more choices of electric vehicles, Taiwan Sime Darby Kia will introduce the top luxury flagship SUV Kia EV9 in 2023, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. Kia EV9 combines the appearance of an avant-garde SUV with advanced technology. It is equipped with the same E-GMP global electric vehicle modular platform as The Kia EV6, and adopts a new generation of fast charging technology. It can travel 100 kilometers in 6 minutes and has a single battery life. The mileage can be as high as 540 kilometers, and the excellent performance of 0-60km/h acceleration takes only 5 seconds. While announcing the anticipated electric car plan, Kia's European-style American-style sports car Ceed Sportswagon MHEV light oil electric model also appeared in surprise on Kia Inspiration Day. The Ceed Sportswagon MHEV, designed and produced in Europe, is equipped with 1.6T smart gasoline-electric power, which is more advanced in performance and fuel consumption. Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia will also import it into China in the first quarter of 2023, and build a more complete new energy vehicle product line.

Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia will introduce the top luxury flagship SUV Kia EV9 in 2023, and lead the lineup of new-generation new energy vehicles at the same time, reflecting its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.

productMobile Inspires Creativity Come on worldwideEVProduct Strategy

In this Kia Inspiration Day, Sime Darby Kia Taiwan also shared Kia's global EV product strategy. Under the new-generation E-GMP global modular electric vehicle platform, Kia will not only launch EV models such as SUVs, sedans, cross-border SUVs and city cars, but also establish a lineup of GT high-performance EV models. In addition, in terms of design, the Opposites United design concept of opposites and harmony will be used, sustainable materials will be used, and technology will be integrated with human intuition to provide a new mobile experience. In addition to the product itself, battery research and development technology and charging infrastructure are also crucial to promoting the popularization of electric vehicles. Kia will be committed to upgrading the new generation of battery technology, aiming to evolve to the fifth-generation battery technology by 2030, increasing battery energy by 50% Density (Wh/l), reduce battery system cost by 40% ($/kWh), and the total battery supply will also reach 119GWh. In addition, Kia will continue to develop PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle) and create special-purpose vehicles according to customer needs. It is expected to launch the first PBV in 2025, and build an exclusive PBV lineup in 2030. Combined with autonomous driving technology, Kia will become the world's No. 1 PBV. a brand.

While moving towards brand electrification, Kia will also move towards the development goal of "sustainable mobility". In addition to the existing automobile industry, Kia will also invest in the AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) advanced air mobility business, and establish an independent department to build aircraft. Develop robot technology and strive to become a provider of integrated mobile solutions.

to experienceMobile Inspired Moved Come onCommitted to providing innovative mobile experience

Kia focuses on providing customers with touching experience, and simultaneously launched the new identity CI 2.0 with the world. According to Kia's new brand identity CI 2.0, the Kia Xinbei Zhonghe Exhibition Center, Kia North Taichung Exhibition Center, and Kia Hualien Exhibition Center will be built successively in 2022. opening, while meeting Kia The new brand identity CI 2.0 Kaohsiung Fengshan Exhibition Center and Changhua Exhibition Center are also expected to be put into operation before the Lunar New Year. In addition, the existing Kia sales booths will also be successively updated according to Kia’s new brand identity CI 2.0. It is estimated that the upgrade and expansion of 8 exhibition centers will be completed in 2023, and the goal of upgrading the new CI for national channels will be achieved by 2025. In addition to hardware upgrades, in order to provide better service quality to prospective Kia owners, Taiwan Sime Darby Kia will also work together with the dealer team to not only improve service quality, but also provide inspiring customer experience.

peopleMobile Inspires Courage Come onImplement corporate social responsibilityCultivate the next generation

Kia takes charge of this FIFA World Cup this yearTMThe global official partner of the football game, with "Every Move Matters every step is the key" as the main activity spirit, because Kia believes that football is not only a sports competition, but also an inspiring moving process. In order to deeply root in the brand's core value "Movement That Inspires Mobile‧ Inspiring People", Kia is committed to sponsoring major sports events around the world. Kia's general agent, Taiwan Sime Darby Kia, also pays close attention to the development of domestic grassroots sports events. 2022 Kia Kid's Cup" football carnival event, invited a total of 32 elementary school teams to compete, and fully sponsored Taitung Taiping Elementary School's participation funds, and also sponsored Hualien Meilun Junior High School football team. We will do our best to cultivate Taiwan's new generation of sports teenagers, and hope to inspire the new generation to open up their own infinite possibilities with courage.

bymoveinspiringBrand spiritTowards sustainable mobility

Following the boarding of Taipei 101 at the end of 2021 to promote the new brand identity, this time in order to demonstrate the core value of "inspiration", Taiwan Sime Darby Kia and the Taipei Performing Arts Center have cross-border cooperation to create the first[Kia Inspiration sphere canopy]in the domestic car industry with innovative concepts 】Brand performances, to announce to the Chinese people the business philosophy of Kia brand sustainable mobility. At the same time, Sime Darby Kia Taiwan hopes to bring inspiration to the public with different aspects. In the future, it will also cooperate with the "Fringe Festival" held by the Taipei Performing Arts Center to continue to bring more innovative and inspiring experiences.

Kia will deliver excellent sales results in Taiwan in 2022. Looking forward to 2023, Kia’s general agent Sime Darby Kia will undertake the global development strategy, actively introduce new-generation EV and new energy vehicles, and continue to focus on customers in Taiwan. Create a new and sustainable mobile experience.


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