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Kinmen Winery "KK Bar Gold Bar" opens in Huashan, TaipeiXie Xinying casts a cool image and turns into a pure and strong store manager for a day

Xie Xinying, who has countless fans in the TV series with the image of the iceberg beauty, is actually very friendly in private, and has many contrasts and cuteness. In interpersonal communication, she also considers herself to be a slow and crazy person, and she loves to invite friends and girlfriends to get drunk together. Therefore, when attending the opening press conference of the 70th anniversary pop-up bar "KK Bar Gold Bar" of Kinmen Winery on the 12th, he changed his aloof image and turned into a pure and strong store manager, and made a special sorghum with a story on the spot. Liquor has a spicy and exciting impression, but I didn't expect to taste this special sorghum flavor in person, and it would be so smooth and sweet, she said with a smile that sorghum wine is just like herself: "It will be sweet, and the more you get along, the more you will love it. this unique flavor."

Xie Xinying served as the one-day manager of KKBar Gold Bar.
Chen Qizhan, Executive Vice President of Jinjiu Company, attended the opening of Jinjiu's pop-up bar KKBar in Taiwan on the 12th_ and the one-day store manager artist Xie Xinying lit up the signboard together.
Life Turning Point series bartending.

Xie Xinying, who has played various professional roles since filming, is also full of attitude when demonstrating bartending. Before the epidemic, I would also invite a few friends and girlfriends to go to the bar to share with each other's work and life. With a little drunkenness, the topic and emotions can always be closer, and people can easily see the current low tide. He also emphasized that he likes to go to the kind of bartender that is strong and the food is delicious, so he was able to professionally taste the golden tongue. It was discovered that the sorghum wine, which was originally thought to have a strong style, was unexpectedly delicious as the base wine. It not only retained the unique taste of sorghum wine's aroma and mellowness, but also tasted the compound sweetness of fruit and grain. She also compares herself to sorghum wine. When she first met her, she thought it was as spicy and choking as the lily in the play, but it was actually very "thick and teasing", and the more she drank it, the sweeter it became. Kaoliang wine, which I thought was very Daddy's brand, can also be blended with various ingredients to make a delicious, good-looking and smooth cocktail, completely overturning the previous impression. She fell in love with this unique flavor from today on, and will list the sorghum wine as a drink when she drinks it. New love. Sharing that life has become "mellow and sweet" after the epidemic. Xie Xinying also mentioned that as the one-day manager of "KK Bar Golden Bar" of Kinmen Winery, she especially promoted this time with the concept of "life turning point" as the starting point. Series wine list. She said that the "epidemic" for more than two years was the biggest turning point in her life. From busy changing roles in the past, now the pace has slowed down, which makes her cherish the time to talk with herself and spend time with her family. But at the same time, I especially miss the time to get together with three or five friends. I also know that many people are also trapped in the impact of the epidemic, and they need to release pressure and want to get along with others. Now with this "KK Bar", she regards sorghum wine as her new love, and she also wants to invite her boyfriend Wang Bojie to drink a cup of "The Three Years Stolen". The taste uses the fruit of Taiwan's seasonal fruits, black plum and lychee. Fragrant and sweet and sour enrich the taste, as if reminding to act and feel the beauty of the moment to make up for the time stolen in the past three years. The point is, every glass of bartending is as sweet and priced as hers, and the meals served with wine also have the exotic flavor of Kinmen, an outlying island, so I strongly invite everyone to come to "KK Bar Gold Bar" during the flash mob period, I believe Many young people or office workers can find the most delicious cup of Kinmen sorghum special here.

This year, Kinmen Winery will hold the summer limited bar "KK Bar Gold Bar" in the Huashan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei from 7/13 (Wed) to 8/28 (Sun) in the spirit of "70 is like gold that lasts forever". This is not only the only bar in Taiwan that focuses on sorghum bartending, but also gathers seven topics, including AR curation, one-day store managers, beautiful photography installations, special performances, cross-border items, and Internet celebrity food, to challenge the most "summer" in Taiwan. Strong "point, such a wonderful and rich "Kaoliang Liquor Multiverse" is in the "KK Bar" which is less than 50 days old. At the opening press conference, Xie Xinying also specially sent the blessing of "fan (good character)", and inscribed "time is better", "time is also gin", which means that the 70-year-old gin is still advancing with the times, continuing lead a new trend. She also acts as a one-day store manager and invites everyone to come and taste your first sorghum liquor in your life during the limited period of "KK Bar Gold Bar", which will evoke your turning moment. "KK Bar" represents not only a variant of the English abbreviation "KKL" of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor, but also the "knock" and "knock" of "Kick" and "Knock", declaring that the Kinmen Winery brand bar is impacting with the younger generation Your senses, challenge your enthusiasm!

Kinmen Winery's "KK Bar Gold Bar" related information
Address: Taipei Huashan Cultural and Creative Park (Hall 4D-1) No. 1, Section 1, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

Business hours: 7/13~8/28 Monday to Sunday
o Special exhibition area 11:00-21:00
o Bar area 13:00-22:00
Kinmen Winery official website:
Kinmen Winery FB:
Kinmen Winery IG:


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