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Kung Fu Porsche Panamera

●New third-generation models, Sonderwunsch customization service officially launched

●E-Performance petrol-electric power is more powerful, with a pure electric range of up to 91 kilometers

●Enables new active vehicle height control system, optional rear axle steering system

●Introduction time: 2nd quarter of 2024

While the original manufacturer held the world premiere event of the new third-generation Panamera in Shanghai, Porsche Taiwan also simultaneously announced the quotations of the first three models. The entry-level fuel models Panamera and Panamera 4 are 5.74 million yuan and 5.96 million yuan, and the top-level Panamera Turbo E-hybrid is 5.74 million yuan and 5.96 million yuan, respectively. Starting from 11.73 million yuan; in addition, the original manufacturer also announced the official launch of its high-end customization service through the one-off display car Panamera Turbo Sonderwunsch.

Brand new chassis system sits in place

The body size of the new third-generation Panamera remains similar to the old model at 5052x1937x1423mm. There is also a 150mm longer long-axis version in the Chinese market. Although the overall outline is very similar at first glance, the new car has more undulating fold lines and looks more muscular. Shuogan has also re-closed the similarity with the 911, and the previously announced Turbonite turbine black special accessories can also be seen on the Turbo model, strengthening its uniqueness.

The new version of matrix headlights will be listed as standard equipment, and an LED light set with a resolution of 32,000 pixels will be listed as an option.
The rear taillights adopt an integrated horizontal family style, and the Turbonite emblem is a special accessory for the new Turbo model series of the entire brand.

The new car comes standard with an active air pressure suspension system with dual air chambers and dual valves. It also includes the PASM active suspension adjustment system. The dual-valve technology can separately adjust the compression and rebound stages of the shock absorber damping, thereby providing more comfort and sportiness. The optimized driving experience can effectively absorb the impact of road joints and potholes, while also ensuring stability during intense driving. It can also be equipped with an optional rear-axle steering system to enhance the overall dynamic response.

In addition, the Panamera E-Hybrid model can be equipped with the new Porsche Active Ride Porsche Active Ride control system, which is based on a newly developed set of active shock absorbers and also uses dual-valve technology. Each valve is connected to a set of electronic Controlled hydraulic pump connection, the pump will inject a corresponding volume of flow into the shock absorber cylinder according to demand, more quickly and accurately generating the required support force between the car body and the wheels, thereby almost completely offsetting and complementing the road surface. In order to reduce the overall system weight, the shock absorber body adopts a single air chamber design.

The new car introduces the new Porsche Active Ride high-control system, which improves comfort and control.

This active vehicle height control system seems to be slightly similar to Mercedes-Benz's previous E-ABC. It also focuses on keeping the body level and can almost completely absorb vibrations during smooth driving. However, the difference is that the former can By distributing the load on each wheel, the vehicle adheres to the road surface, demonstrating Porsche's consistently emphasized control-oriented style. When the corresponding mode is selected, the suspension can even perform reverse compensation for pitch or roll to reduce the discomfort of passengers in the car. Experience the acceleration, deceleration and steering inertia, that is, it can show a tilt-in steering similar to that of a motorcycle, and when accelerating, the front of the car is lowered to reduce floatation, and when decelerating, the rear of the car is pulled to avoid lifting up and weakening the grip, and it is stationary. After parking, the car body can also be actively raised to a height suitable for entry and exit. The application range can be said to be quite wide.

Three-screen digital family cockpit

The new car also uses the family-style digital cockpit interface with three screens. The instrument area has also been changed to the same digital instrument style as the Cayenne, which is derived from the Taycan. A 10.9-inch passenger infotainment display touch screen can also be used in front of the co-pilot, and all digital services are available. Significant progress has been made. At the same time, the console panel has become more concise, and the gearshift interface has been modified to a new style of lever, allowing more storage space in the center saddle.

The interior adopts the new family style as the main presentation structure, and the gears and buttons on the large saddle are further simplified.

In terms of power configuration, the entry-level fuel models Panamera and Panamera 4 all use 2.9L V6 twin-turbo engines, with an output of 353hp/51.0kgm. The zero-to-zero acceleration performance can reach 5.1 and 4.8 seconds under the catalysis of the sports car timing kit; Panamera Turbo E -Hybrid is based on a rebuilt 4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine, coupled with a new electric motor with a maximum horsepower of 190hp, which can create a combined output of 680hp and a combined torque of 94.9kgm. It also integrates the electric motor into the newly developed The eight-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds, with a top speed of 315km/h. The 25.9kWh battery can bring 91 kilometers of WLTP pure electric range.

Only three models will be released in the first wave, and three E-hybird and other models are expected to be launched in the future, but the Sport Tursimo station wagon should no longer be launched.

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