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KW Shock Absorber for VW Golf 8 RDDC Plug & Play Electronic Suspension Perfect Correspondence

Many modern high-performance cars are equipped with electronic damping suspension from the factory, allowing car owners to change the suspension damping soft and hard at the same time when adjusting the driving mode in the car to meet different driving needs, and this electronic suspension system When upgrading and modifying the shock absorber, can it only be abolished? The answer is of course no, because with the replacement of the German shock absorber manufacturer-KW DDC shock absorber, there will be no such problems.

Plug and Play full retention

Original car electronic damping function

When it comes to the best-selling European steel gun models, I believe the latest VW Golf 8 R is definitely on the list. It is also one of the most popular modified cars, and it is also due to the VW Golf 8 R owners who have modification needs. Many, in order to meet various uses, the shock absorbers developed by KW Germany for this car can be said to have a full range of shock absorbers, including KW Variant 1, Variant 2, Variant 3 shock absorbers for street cars, and 2way , KW Clubsport shocks with 3way damping adjustment, have been provided to all track day enthusiasts to perfect upgrade use. If the car owner wants to keep the original DCC electronic damping suspension system, he can also choose KW DDC plug-and-play shock absorber, which can completely correspond to the original car DCC system, including the so-called Nurburgring mode. The VW Golf 8R is a modified real car, and the replacement is the KW DDC Plug & Play electronic damping shock absorber.

The left is the KW DDC plug-and-play shock absorber, and the right is the VW Golf 8 R original shock absorber. You can see that there is a round tube protruding from the legs of the two sets of shock absorbers, which is used to connect The plug of the electronic damping control circuit has a rotary valve inside to adjust the damping hardness.

The KW DDC Plug & Play electronic damping shock absorber is specially developed for the car models that have "existing" electronic shock absorbers in the original factory. It can change the four shock absorbers + springs to the original control circuit. The enhanced product launched by KW directly corresponds to the original soft and hard switching settings. The installation can be completed without modification or other external circuits. After that, the owner can also switch the driving mode through the button on the gear seat. At the same time, it will also change the KW The damping response of the DDC shock absorber is plug-and-play to achieve a perfect and non-destructive modification effect.

It is worth mentioning that if your car is not equipped with electronic damping suspension, but you want to upgrade your car to have electronic damping suspension system, KW also launched another electronic damping shock absorber for upgrading, called DDC ECU. The coilover kit, through the additionally installed ECU control box, wiring and in-car buttons, allows the car owner to quickly switch the damping response of the three modes of "comfort", "sport" and "sport+" through the buttons in the car. Make your car immediately have an electronic shock absorber system that is only available in high-performance sports cars.

And if the car owner has purchased a Wifi control module, he can also adjust the percentage of soft and hard damping for the four suspensions of the front, rear, left, and right through the APP software of the iOS/Android smartphone. Through more delicate damping settings, To make the car drive more in line with your own control needs, the current corresponding car models range from VAG cars to double B and Porsche, etc., and other car models will be added in succession.


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