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Layer Peak SUV face change BMW X7 facelift

●Separate headlights are more chilling and domineering

●iDrive 8.0, 48V light oil and electricity

●The whole car series comes standard with a pneumatic suspension system

●M60i introduces rear wheel steering system

The BMW X7, which debuted in 2018 and was released in Taiwan in 2019, can be called the flagship masterpiece of the new generation of leisure travel. The luxurious car is equipped with a three-row seven-seater setting. It is also necessary to say that the new rich and rich family number is also available. Now the new year's ceremony is announced The appearance of the model, the evolution from the inside out, although it has been slightly changed, the degree of surprise has long exceeded expectations.

Unique double-layer lamps

In the past, for a German luxury brand like BMW, when it comes to flagship products, the image of a large RV like the 7 Series must come to mind, but the car factory can always smell where the business opportunities are. The travel trend is pounding, and LSUV has immediately become a battleground for military strategists, and even if the large top SUV from Focus cannot be replaced by a large RV, at least it has become a flagship model that the brand is highly valued.

In recent years, the LSUV market has become more and more prosperous, and flagship SUVs such as the BMW X7 are even more eye-catching than large RVs at the same price.

BMW X7 is such a top-level LSUV. Since its launch in Taiwan the year before last, it has become the favorite of top-level consumer families with its towering and sturdy stature and multi-purpose large space. Now the small facelift model is more refined. The domineering design method shows people, and the obvious change is that the front face has been greatly evolved. The facelifted X7 not only has the same huge double-kidney-shaped water tank guard, but also follows the earlier design concepts of XM Concept and i7, and now the headlight group is divided into zero, from the original eagle-eye-like polygonal design to double-layered. The appearance shows that the slender double-eye lamps with more obvious upper layer are where the LED daytime running lights and direction lights are located, and the lower layer integrated with the bumper is actually the position of the LED headlight group responsible for lighting, and together with the different models depending on the model. Different bumpers and radiator guards appear – xDrive40i or xDrive40d show a refined and stylish atmosphere, while M60i emphasizes a powerful and domineering feeling. No matter what model it is, it gives the audience a refreshing visual surprise.

As for the side and rear of the car, it follows the existing general structure. The length, width, and height of the 5,162mm x 2,000mm x 1,819mm still show an overwhelming momentum. The details such as the taillight group or the lower splitter are changed according to different models. , but still shows the exclusive atmosphere of the flagship leisure travel. It is worth noting that prospective car owners can choose 21-inch, 22-inch or even 23-inch bead combinations. The 23-inch option makes the slightly modified X7 the largest aluminum bead size in the history of the brand. Car models, plus up to 14 kinds of car paints to choose from, you can freely create the ultimate customized exclusive car.

The facelifted X7 retains the outline of the existing water tank guard, but the lamp group is changed to a double-layer design, which interprets the new generation of BMW flagship style.
The side and rear of the car retain the existing outline and style of the X7, and only the details are modified and reshaped.

iDrive 8.0 Surface Interface Replacement

Under the advantage of the existing 3,105mm wheelbase, the facelifted X7 not only still maintains a spacious and comfortable cockpit space and three-row seven-seat configuration, but also a more honorable and spacious six-seat configuration. Tailor-made pampering enjoyment for peak consumer groups. The part that teaches people to exclaim again and again is that the latest generation of iDrive 8.0 information integration system has finally appeared. It is based on a 14.9-inch central control screen, with a 12.3-inch digital instrument in front of the driver, and is designed with a curved surface slightly biased towards the driver. The visual experience of the cockpit is more avant-garde and rich in technology; and the in-line crystal gear shift head, which has almost become a key element of the interior, has been replaced by a miniaturized shift lever. Fortunately, it can be presented in a crystal kit, and the existing ones are still retained. Luxurious vanity tones. Coupled with the more uniquely decorated air-conditioning vents and the center console trim panel with custom ambient lights, together with the elegant strokes and delicate materials of the seats, door panels, console and gear seat saddles, it is still small. The facelifted X7 brings a dignified and elegant interior look.

The most significant change in the cockpit is the use of the iDrive 8.0 information integration interface, and the design of large curved dual-screen displays presents the style of a high-tech car.
The gear shift interface has been changed from the crystal gear shift knob before the minor facelift to a miniaturized lever design. Fortunately, the crystal kit can still be selected to show a luxurious atmosphere.
In the rear part, you can choose a three-row seven-seater plan, making it easy to create a family-friendly mobile palace.

The whole car is equipped with 48V light oil electric system

The power part of the small facelift X7 also adds a 48V light oil electric power system to the whole car series, which is assisted by a generator motor with a belt direct drive, whether it is equipped with a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine xDrive40i or a 3.0-liter inline six. The turbocharged diesel engine xDrive40d can provide an additional 12hp and 20.3kgm of kinetic energy. From this, the X7 xDrive40i can exert a maximum horsepower of 380hp and a maximum torque of 53kgm. If necessary, the light oil-electric system can also provide an additional 2kgm to reach a maximum of 55kgm. Spectrum of torque output. As for the diesel version of the X7 xDrive40d, it has a maximum horsepower of 352hp and a maximum torque of 73.4kgm. It can sprint at full speed. The light oil-electric system can also refill 2kgm to reach a peak torque of 75.4kgm, which makes the already surging acceleration force even more compelling.

As a performance version of the car series, the X7 M60i is of course also equipped with a 48V light oil electric power system. Under the premise of the same mechanism, through the 4.4-liter V-type eight-cylinder twin-turbocharged gasoline internal combustion engine, the X7 M60i is pumped violently. It can easily squeeze out a maximum horsepower of 530hp and a peak torque of 76.5kgm. It is also equipped with the standard eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission system of the whole car. It only takes 4.7 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h.

The 4.4-liter V-type eight-cylinder twin-turbocharged gasoline engine easily squeezes out a maximum horsepower of 530hp and a peak torque of 76.5kgm. It only takes 4.7 seconds to accelerate from 0-100km/h.

It is worth mentioning that the entire X7 model is equipped with a standard air suspension system to ensure the most ideal dynamic response under various conditions, and the top-spec M60i version also has a rear-wheel steering system, so that the huge The body is more flexible and lighter. Along with this small facelift information, the sister car factory Alpina will also launch the XB7 model that complements each other in 2023 to delight car fans. Through the further evolution of the M60i infrastructure, it will show up to 630hp and 81.6kgm in the future. The amazing power of the 0-100km/h can even be compressed into the 4-second mark.

Since the overseas market is expected to be officially launched in the third quarter of this year, according to the habit of Taiwan's general agent, Fande, who has always been quick-witted, the possibility of seeing the slightly revised BMW X7 in Taiwan before the end of the year is not small. You should also get up and consult with your industry generation, so as not to have to queue for a long time.

The slightly remodeled X7 M60i brings out a warm-blooded style with the blackened water tank cover and the more powerful headlight group design. The distinctive M-shaped three-color logo on the water tank cover symbolizes the violent output strength.

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