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Le Méridien Taipei presents a new catering service model

View of Le Méridien Discovery Kitchen in Taipei Humble House

The cafeteria is overweight and offers the top à la carte dishes of steak, lobster and Shagong

Michelin restaurant transformed into an all-you-can-eat restaurant

The restaurants of Le Méridien Taipei have broken through the catering service model, with the concept of "top-level à la carte dishes on the buffet, and à la carte restaurants become all-you-can-eat restaurants", and will provide a new dining style from now on.The "Explore Kitchen" buffet restaurant "Jia Cai" is a favorite for gourmets. During dinner time, a la carte hot food table is specially set up to create top sea and land dishes such as lobster, sago, and Wellington steak.dinner prices start from RMB 1,690 per person + 10%."Humble House Cookbook" Chinese restaurant launchedWeekday lunch and dinner limited"Eat Cantonese Food" Hong Kong Delights Event,Breaking the form of traditional à la carte restaurants, we provide all-you-can-eat à la carte dishes with high-standard on-site service, For more than three people to dine together, each person only needs to 999 yuan, and the service fee is extra, so that consumers can eat delicately and fully, and feel the dining experience with high CP value.For details and reservations, please contact Le Méridien Taipei's Reservation Center at (02) 6622-8018 or go

Explore the kitchen.Gorgeous plus size à la carte superb cuisine Honorable service experience

The Discovery Kitchen Cafeteria will have a special à la carte table for dinner, with three highlights: "Exquisite A La Carte Cuisine", "Cooking to Order" and "Meals on a Private Table", luxuriously presenting "Steak Wellington", "Typhoon Shelter Sakong" and "Half Kenjong Grilled Lobster with Cream" for one adult per meal period, etc.10Top-notch a la carte delicacies.In addition, the restaurant will give back to consumers who hold meal coupons. During the dinner period from Monday to Thursday in June, three people traveling together can enjoy a free meal for one person as long as they present two "Explore Kitchen Weekday Buffet Lunch and Dinner Vouchers". Meal vouchers purchased by consumers at travel fairs or through channels and still within the validity period can be used.

A la carte dishes recommended by the chef include:"Half Kenjon Creamy Grilled Lobster"The Boston lobster is smeared with a special spicy Kenjon sauce and cream and baked in the oven. The salty taste is tightly sealed in the spring tooth shrimp.Newly designed"Steak Wellington"The filet mignon is pan-fried and coloured, then lightly smeared with mushroom puree, wrapped in puff pastry and baked directly. The tender beef under the crispy skin overflows with rich gravy."Sautéed Lamb Chops with Rice Noodles in Green Sauce"Oven-roasted lamb shoulder until charred on the outside and pink on the inside, served with rice noodles with a refreshing green sauce flavor.Cantonese Tradition"Typhoon Shelter Sha Kung"Strictly select fresh and plump sago, deep fry at high temperature to lock the firm meat, add dried chili, tempeh, and golden garlic crisps of the soul, stir fry quickly with high heat, and the wok is full of gas.

Half a Roasted Lobster with Kenjoong Cream from Amy Discovery Kitchen "A La Carte" in Taipei's Humble House
Taipei Humble House Le Méridien Discovery Kitchen "A La Carte" Steak Wellington
Taipei Humble House Amy Discovery Kitchen "A La Carte" Fried Lamb Chops with Rice Noodles with Green Sauce
Scenery photo of Amy's Humble House Recipe Hall in Taipei Humble House

Humble House Recipe.Unlimited Points at Michelin Port Overweight and exclusive Cantonese cuisine

Humble House Recipe Chinese Restaurant will launch "Yue Yue Feng Food" from now on, all you can eat in Hong Kong, Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner onlyIf three or more people dine together, the special experience price is 999 yuan per person for lunch and 1,299 yuan per person for dinner, and 10% of the original price is required. The original price of lunch is 1,280 yuan and the original price of dinner is 1,590 yuan.In addition to the unlimited enjoyment of a variety of dim sum, the extra can offer a single serving of Cantonese dishes, soups, main dishes and fruits, one serving per person. Among them, Cantonese cuisine,One-time tasting of "siu-mei platter" for lunchOil chicken and barbecued pork are double delicious,For dinner, "Half Steamed Lobster with Plum Vegetables and Garlic in Shek O"In addition, there are four types of sweet soups that can be purchased at a discounted price of 120 yuan per bowl + 10%, including "Yangzhi Ganlu Honey", "Raw Meal Almond Tea", "Tangerine Peel Red Bean Paste" and "Healthy Nut Walnut Dew".

Unlimited refills of Hong Kong-style dim sum are performed by the chef team of Humble House Recipes, who make all kinds of dim sum by hand every day, showing the various flavors of old Hong Kong with classic old flavors.It is especially recommended to use Japanese scallops and wagyu beef."Hokkaido scallop siomai"and"Wagyu beef noodle soup".gluttonous favorite"Preserved Carrot Cake", taste the salty aroma of bacon in the dense taste.You can taste the fat and fresh shrimp in every bite"Humble House Shrimp Dumpling King""Shrimp Spring Rolls"and"Shrimp Tofu Roll".The fragrant roasted milk is full of appetite"Portuguese Cream Baked Cabbage"the hot sesame paste slowly leaked out"Sesame quicksand tip pile",as well as"Soy sauce steamed pork ribs""Phoenix Feet King with Oyster Sauce""Barbecue Bun""Hometown Salted Dumplings"Wait, feel the Michelin Cantonese flavor with your taste buds.

Amy's Humble House Recipe "Delicious Cantonese Food" Yangzhi Honeydew Honey
Taipei Humble House Amy Humble House Recipe "Delicious Cantonese Food" Waxed Carrot Cake
Taipei Humble House Amy Humble House Recipe "Fine Cantonese Food" Fresh Shrimp Beancurd Roll
Amy's Humble House Recipe "Eat Cantonese Food" Humble House Shrimp Dumpling King
Amy's Humble House Recipe "Delicious Cantonese Food" Wagyu Rice Noodles
Taipei Humble House Amy Humble House Recipe "Delicious Cantonese Food" Hokkaido Dried Scallops Shaomai


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