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Leading Taiwan's economy to continue to move forward Commercial Vehicle Heroes Gather in the Hall of Glory

The annual commercial vehicle event "FUSO HERO Hero List" is entering its fifth year this year. In order to thank and praise the transportation heroes who lead Taiwan's economy forward, DTAT carefully organizes a series of activities every year. Not only the annual event is unique Think, adhere to the concept of continuous innovation, always pay attention to the pulse of Taiwan society, through different award design and theme planning every year, continue to affirm the heroes of commercial vehicles in various fields to work hard for Taiwan. The reputation of the Oscar ceremony in the car industry! This year's "FUSO HERO List of Heroes" awards ceremony was specially selected to be held at the "Formosa Yacht Hotel" in Anping, Tainan, where a real stage like a container terminal was created on the spot, and the "FUSO LEADS" that symbolizes breaking through the waves "The theme image means that as long as you have dreams and dare to challenge, you can sail forward even in the wind and rain, and encourage FUSO HERO transportation heroes to master their achievements!

FUSO HERO 236 Oscar hero stories in the commercial vehicle industry are seen by everyone

"FUSO HERO Hero List" has accumulated its voice and influence in the transportation industry year by year since 2018. This year, a total of 236 groups of FUSO car owners and moving stories have been recruited, and 3.07 million votes have been accumulated. It can be seen that FUSO transportation heroes In addition to hard work, they also shared touching stories in the process, and maintained a high degree of participation and enthusiasm for the event. In order to make this group of heroes who have silently contributed to Taiwan's economy more visible, in addition to recruiting the "Leading Excellence Team" who have started their own businesses or have a successful career every year, this year specially plans the "Leading the Blue Ocean Team" for small and medium-sized enterprises or self-employed ", as well as the "Leading Women Power Group" planned by women who play important roles in both family and work, through different aspects of car use stories, let more FUSO HERO shine in the society, and become an inspiration for all transportation practitioners positive energy of people.

The winner of the fierce competition in multiple categories is well-deserved

The competition items of this year's "FUSO HERO Hero List" are divided into four categories: "Leading Excellence", "Leading the Blue Ocean", "Leading Women's Power" and "Best Popularity". Through fierce online voting and professional judging panel After careful discussion, the winners of each category were finally determined:

  • Champion of "Leading Excellence" category - Mr. Wong Hsin-ka of Shunsheng Transportation Co., Ltd.

Mr. Huang Xinjia inherited the career of Mr. Huang Deyi, the chairman of the Zhongshi Container Association in the front desk. He grew up in the environment of companies, docks, and factories. The drivers studied together, and at the same time, they also passed the test of the connected car driver's license to recognize the hard work of the driver, and they are familiar with transportation operations and customer management. The group has worked hard from the first two cars to now, and now has a total of 21 FUSO cars. Au has created his own truck kingdom, and hopes that he will uphold his father's entrepreneurial spirit of sustainable management and create another more glorious 30 years!

  • Champion of "Leading the Blue Ocean" category - Mr. Tong Jinlong from Yitai Transportation Co., Ltd.

In the early days, Mr. Tang Jinlong relied on a small truck as a driver to deliver goods during the day and as a warehouse tally at night. He accidentally delivered goods to the Kaohsiung Wharf on a regular basis under the recommendation of a friend. After the volume of goods grew day by day, he decided to buy a larger truck with stable performance, so the first A FUSO becomes a "starter car". In the process of starting a business, Mr. Tang reminded himself and often told his children that there is no such thing as something for nothing in the world. To succeed in everything, you must work hard. Difficulties are also challenges. Don’t forget to be grateful for the noble people you meet in life and the opportunities you get. mind, higher vision and pattern.

  • Champion of the "Leading Women" category - Miss Liu Meiling of Singapore Airlines Transportation Co., Ltd.

Ms. Liu Meiling pursues ultimate efficiency, and pays more attention to workplace safety and employee care. All of this depends on her philosophy: "Employees are the most important assets of the company." Changing from the perspective of an employee to an operator is like crossing a huge gap. The process of starting from zero is arduous, and only unremitting efforts and breakthroughs can achieve today's achievements. The company has many FUSO models, and always adheres to the principle of "safe and fast" to provide professional logistics services. It has not only established a reputation in the industry, but also gained long-term trust from customers.

  • This year's "Best Popularity Award" winners:

The first place, Mr. Huang Xinjia of Shunsheng Transportation Co., Ltd., won a total of 194,570 votes; he was also the champion of the "Leading Excellence" group

The second place was Ms. Liu Meiling of Singapore Airlines Express Co., Ltd., who won a total of 130,826 votes; she was also the champion of the "Leading Women" category

The third place, Mr. Lin Jianchen, won a total of 97,302 votes

Abundant awards affirm the hard work of the staff, the glory trophy contains profound meaning

This year's "FUSO HERO Hero List" is not only rich in bonuses and prizes, but also has the opportunity to win IPAD PRO, Apple watch series 7, Sao Paulo pine nut Q cake, 7-11 physical product card and FUSO boutique products by voting online In addition to this, the design of the trophy also ingeniously takes Taiwan's industrial chain as the design concept, conveying the close relationship between various industries, and at the same time conveying the inseparable partnership between the brand and all car owners At the same time, the hero red frame representing the highest honor of FUSO HERO is also interlocking, symbolizing the inheritance of the spirit of FUSO HERO from generation to generation. FUSO believes that when everyone is united closely, it is bound to create a Another extraordinary miracle.

MELTEDCelebrity cars come to help out and add luster to transport heroes

This year's FUSO HERO Hero List Awards Dinner, meticulously showcased 4 FUSO star models:

  • The whole car series can be equipped with a lifting tailgate.

It adopts a 3.0L high-efficiency diesel engine that meets the Euro VI emission standard, with a maximum horsepower of 150 horsepower and a peak torque performance of 40.8 kgm. Horsepower and peak torque performance of 40.8 kgm, all models of this car series can be equipped with double hydraulic cylinder lifting tailgate, the maximum load value of the tailgate can reach 1.25 tons, plus ESP body electronic dynamic stability system, AEBS emergency brake assist system , LDWS Lane Departure Warning System, BOS Brake Priority System, ASL Gear Lever Locking Device, and Hill Start Assist (only for manual transmission), the perfect safety protection allows the driver to rush forward without any worries while working hard.

  • Truck King 13.5 tons & 18 tons FIGHTER

The ergonomic cabin design is the right-hand man for the hard work of the first car manufacturer. The 6M60 engine with common-rail diesel injection engine and VGT variable-geometry turbocharger can also obtain a strong starting momentum in the low-speed range, not only In this way, the FIGHTER car series is also equipped with functions such as automatic wipers, automatic headlights, and integrated steering wheel control keys. The brake system of the 18-ton model that will be launched in 2023 will also be strengthened. Its super long wheelbase increases the load capacity. Not only the load upgrade can also improve the productivity of the train, but also the ESP body electronic dynamic stability system and the AEBS emergency brake assist system. , LDWS Lane Departure Warning System, and BOS Brake Priority System assist in creating a safer environment for transport vehicles.

  • The heavyweight star in the commercial vehicle industry 35 tons SUPERGREAT

The index model SUPERGREAT in the same class adopts Mercedes-Benz OM470 engine, which can not only exert the maximum output at low speed, but also matches with the ShiftPilot automatic manual transmission also derived from Mercedes-Benz. Its excellent shifting performance improves performance and An excellent tool to reduce fuel consumption; in addition to excellent power performance, the comfortable cockpit atmosphere combined with air-suspended seats and integrated instrument panel can also effectively improve the overall driving comfort and convenience, and others such as automatic wipers, automatic headlights and integrated Steering wheel control keys and other functions, with ESP body electronic dynamic stability system, AEBS emergency braking system, LDWS lane departure warning system, LIM vehicle speed limiter, BOS braking priority system, ASR traction control system, ESS emergency braking warning system, With the assistance of various safety equipments such as EBS electronic braking system, hill start control and escape mode, it creates a larger scale of operation for leading companies and enterprises!

Celebrities and entertainers stand up for High and turn the audience to encourage transportation heroes to continue to turn for Taiwan

The "FUSO HERO Hero List" awards ceremony has always been known for its majesty. This year's dinner opened with the crossover violinist Kang Nimei to kick off the event. In the passionate music performance, 30 FUSO HEROs stepped onto the honored red carpet , just like coming to the international awards venue! During the awards ceremony, international champion magician Chen Risheng brought magical entertainment performances, making 30 FUSO HEROs the focus of glory and creating classic memories together! At the finale of the event, the well-known rock band - Power Train, which is popular at home and abroad, set off the final climax of the whole event. In the explosive singing of Zhi Lin and Qiu Xing, they brought the popular classic songs "High" to the audience . Not only that, Power Train also shared their 25-year journey of dedication and "driving" in the meeting. Even though there are constant challenges on the road to performing arts, with their love for singing, their original aspirations remain the same and they work hard to make their dreams come true. And this kind of true love story also encourages the transportation heroes who continue to turn for Taiwan on the scene to continue to hold their heads high in the future!


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