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Leading the Awakening of the Circle of LifeMichelin Celebrates its 50th Anniversary in Taiwan, Presenting a Summer Holiday Special Exhibition That Both Adults and Children Love

The super popular Michelin baby is 9 times larger, sustainable technology - future concept tires and hydrogen fuel cell technology

Michelin believes that "mobility" is an indispensable element in the progress and development of human beings. In addition to having many leading tire-making technologies and technologies to meet the needs of different users, whether it is in commercial or general passenger use, or even in mass transportation, it is provided. The rich tire product lineup goes deeper into our daily mobile experience. This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of Michelin's deep cultivation in Taiwan. Michelin Taiwan has carefully planned a brand special exhibition at the Flower Expo Fashion Hall from 7/9 to 7/17 – "Michelin 50th Anniversary Exhibition in Taiwan”, with the theme of “Leading the Awakening of Life and Awakening Power”, it gathers all aspects of its commercial vehicle tires, two-wheel and four-wheel, and Michelin Guide, and integrates technological innovation, sustainable vision, art collection and other rich exhibition contents. This exhibition specially showcases the high-tech sustainable "future concept tires", hydrogen fuel cells, and the decryption of several black technologies used by Michelin in tires from France, as well as the giant Michelin baby exhibits up to 9 meters. It is 100% eye-catching, and it will definitely become the most popular check-in attraction in this summer vacation. In addition, there are many interesting virtual and real interactive experience facilities. Admission to the exhibition is free, and the exhibition is limited to nine days. All adults and children are welcome to come and play together during the summer vacation.

Michelin's local operation leads life to provide a better mobile experience for Taiwan

Counting down the days that the Michelin brand and Taiwan have worked hand in hand, since 1972, we have introduced high-performance tires in Taiwan, actively invested in localized operations step by step, and continued to optimize all-round services. Along the way, it not only accompanies the Taiwanese people through the economic take-off and development, but also continuously creates a better mobile experience for all Taiwanese consumers and enterprise users with innovative tire-making technology and technology.

"Taiwan's first expressway was opened to traffic in 1978, which opened the way for Taiwanese people to enjoy the daily movement from south to north, and also helped Michelin grow rapidly in Taiwan." said Mao Xingjian, chairman of Michelin Taiwan, "Michelin 50th Anniversary Exhibition in Taiwan. It is not just an exhibition, but also a memory of Michelin and Taiwanese people's hard work and growth. Therefore, we set out with gratitude, from the perspective of life led by Michelin, to record the magnificent flow of Taiwan's past 50 years, even though the epidemic in the past two years. The mobile energy has been limited, but it will eventually return to the right track. Michelin Taiwan would like to use this exhibition to encourage people to regain their strong mobile vitality, and hope that they will continue to innovate to provide Taiwan with a better mobile experience.”

Sneak peek at the highlights of the wonderful exhibition:

  • Counting down the history of Michelin's 50th anniversary in Taiwan: The audience will be able to browse the development history and splendid deeds of the Michelin brand in Taiwan, the development of Chijia Road, and explore every bit of the trend that Michelin and Taiwanese consumers have created together.
  • Michelin's latest non-inflatable puncture-resistant tire system: UPTIS (Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System), Michelin's new generation of products that break the existing tire design.
  • Michelin's future concept tire was first exposed in Taiwan: "The VISION Concept", a concept product developed by Michelin Group to achieve the carbon neutrality goal of 2050. The tire adopts an Airless design and uses a bionic design to create a honeycomb-type structure that can replace the current The concept of Visionary Concept is that the owner can set the configuration of the tire through the electronic system inside the vehicle, and the tire can also communicate with the vehicle. Through 3D printing technology, “tread printing” can be performed according to different road conditions, and Made entirely of biodegradable materials to reduce environmental impact. This concept tire won the Red Dot Award for Best Design.
  • THE 53 (racing tire with 53% sustainable materials): Last year Michelin built a tire with 46% sustainable materials for the Mission H24 hydrogen car, and this year, the new tire is another example of Michelin's accelerated sustainable innovation. A result. This time, the proportion of sustainable materials in racing tires has been increased to an unprecedented 53%, which once again demonstrates the strong innovation and research and development capabilities.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell system: Michelin Group has been focusing on the research and development of hydrogen energy and mobile applications for nearly 20 years. In 2019, Michelin Group and Faurecia, the world's leading auto parts technology company, announced the official establishment of SYMBIO, a hydrogen energy joint venture, focusing on R&D, production and Sales.
  • Michelin Guide & Michelin Baby Collection Exhibition: This exhibition area includes the Michelin Century and the Michelin Museum, including the birth of the first modern tire in 1891, as well as many other deeds, as well as Michelin babies in different time and space backgrounds, the audience can have a glimpse Michelin's world trend and many historically significant peripheral collections; another highlight is the world-famous Michelin Guide, which was originally conceived to encourage more drivers to travel, but unexpectedly developed into an internationally renowned brand. Food review. In 2018, Taiwan launched the Star Searching Program, creating a star-catching trend in the Taiwanese food industry, promoting industrial progress, and revitalizing the local tourism economy.

Michelin believes that "mobility" is the key to promoting human progress and development. Through the accumulation of hard power in technological research and development, it is fortunate to be an innovative partner on the road to help human development and sustainable development. In the future, Michelin's "Yuanli" will continue to guard the mobile daily life of Taiwanese consumers, continue to innovate and lead a better mobile experience.


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