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Let's play, there is everything in the game! Porsche Vision Gran Turismo

●Porsche Virtual Hyper Car
● First appearance in Gran Turismo 7
●Perfect display of Posche event DNA
●Waiting for you to deliver the car on March 4

Xiao wants to own a Porsche sports car for a long time, and it's better to be a Hypercar of the 918 Spyder class? Now you don’t need to reincarnate or CUHK lottery, as long as you have a PlayStation console at home and pre-order a Gran Turismo 7 racing game, the handsome new Porsche Vision Gran Turismo will soon be able to easily park in your garage.

What exactly is Vision Gran Turismo?

Not everyone can easily buy a Porsche and then roam around or even participate in competitions. Since 2017, Porsche has been working closely with the PlayStation's Gran Turismo series of games. The purpose is to make Porsche's always-popular sports car capable of bringing more players to the game. Exciting and authentic experience.

Want a Porsche sports car? As long as you have everything from classic to strongest in Gran Turismo 7!
The front of the car, which is lowered as much as possible, contrasts sharply with the towering and domineering fenders and wheel arches, bringing the speed and courage like a Leman factory car.
The full signature rear design and the lift-up canopy bring a sci-fi atmosphere of reality and illusion.

Today’s latest brainchild is the Vision Gran Turismo, which is only available in games. It not only brings together Porsche’s long-lasting classic design elements, but also expresses the speed and imagination with endless new ideas and future brushstrokes. The various advantages of realistic compromises show a powerful but meticulous design charm. For example, the Vision Gran Turismo's depressed front end strongly contrasts with the towering and overbearing fenders and wheel arches, bringing a look like a Liman factory car. Speed ​​and courage, and the head and taillights and configuration pay tribute to the 911 and Taycan. As for the horizontal taillight structure and full rear-view silhouette at the rear of the car, it is not to be mistaken for the standard Porsche style. Attractive figure.

As if sitting in the cabin

It can be seen from the photos released by the original factory that in addition to the dynamic exterior design, the cockpit also has plenty of wonderful things, like the interface between the driver and the car, revealing the dense Carrera GT, The 918 Spyder flavor, the extremely tilted center console, brings a sense of trust at high speeds to the low center of gravity sitting point. The holographic projection instrument interface tailored in front of the driver is full of science fiction as if floating without gravity. , And the plan of carbon fiber and titanium material is so realistic that it can almost be seen, and it also echoes Porsche's insistence on lightweight and all its efforts on environmental sustainability issues.

The cockpit design combines Hypercar and factory racing elements, and the materials used for the visual presentation are so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish between male and female.
The customized holographic projection instrument interface in front of the driver is full of science fiction as if floating without gravity.

Of course, Porsche Vision Gran Turismo can’t just look great. It must be powerful and dynamic in the game. Through the realistic and comprehensive planning of the Gran Turismo 7 racing game, players can experience the feel of holding a steering wheel through the operating interface. The sense of touch and steering power are more similar to the driving experience of a real car. Of course, the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo has a more domineering aura to dominate the stadium.

The cooperation between car factories and racing games can be called a win-win situation, and it will inevitably become the norm in the car industry in the future.

The perfect co-star of Porsche and Polyphony Digital

For this collaboration, Polyphony Digital, which created the Gran Turismo series of games, certainly praised Porsche, believing that with its unparalleled appeal and stunning design, coupled with the vehicle engineering profession, the series of games will be richer and more attractive. As for Porsche’s polite exchanges, he expressed his excitement and gearing for designing new cars for virtual games, because it can not only communicate in depth with engineering and design teams in different industries, but is also different from the real world. There is no need for car models in the game. Mass production specifications or compromise of safety and environmental protection laws and regulations allow us to do our best to inspire unlimited possibilities, and to give full play to the genes rooted in the Porsche brand. Naturally, we can find a burst of export for our endless imagination.

Not only that, Porsche has once again found a new road for vehicle competition through Gran Turismo 7, because in the real world, racing is always the DNA of Porsche’s blood thicker than water. Now it can also show its strengths in the virtual world, not only does it reduce it. The threshold of engaging in car racing allows more people to experience the speed and strength of Porsche’s popularity, and also allows brands to participate in more different-oriented projects besides real competitions. In business, cooperation with the game industry is bound to be in the future. Become the norm in the Porsche brand marketing strategy.

The latest masterpiece of the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo 7, officially released on March 4, includes Porsche Vision Gran Turismo waiting for you to experience driving.

can not wait anymore? See you on March 4

But having said so much, how do you experience this handsome car? First, you have to prepare a PS4 or PS5, and then wait until March 4th to get the latest masterpiece of the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo 7, this handsome Porsche Vision Gran Turismo will become yours!

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