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LEXUS 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition The new LBX is first revealed during the Christmas season and invites you to enter the new future of electric energy.

Lexus general agent Hotai Motors will participate in the 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, using "Lexus Electrified" as the main axis to convey the brand's electrification strategy. Lexus Electrified provides three power units and is committed to meeting the electrified vehicle needs of diverse living environments and different customers, allowing the public to freely choose how to drive the future. Lexus has been unique in the world since 2005, when it released the first luxury electrified vehicle, the RX 400h, marking the first chapter of new energy vehicles. To date, global cumulative sales of Lexus electrified vehicles have exceeded 2.4 million units Note 1. In the future, more than 10 electric vehicles will be launched by 2025, and we will actively continue to look for new possibilities in the balance between driving experience and carbon neutrality.

The three major powers of LEXUS ELECTRIFIED come together to debut the new model LBX at the Auto Show

At this 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, Lexus will fully convey the Lexus Electrified concept and display three major electric vehicle models. The pure electric sports car RZ 450e will serve as the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) representative to convey various From the pure electric charm brought by the crystallization of brand technology; to the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) that can be switched freely without worrying about range anxiety, the NX 450h+ fully evolved travel, which perfectly combines electric energy and engine power, and can be driven purely on electric power , it can also be used for engine output, giving car owners a brand new driving experience; and the most diverse HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) lineup, from the SUV RX 350h and UX 250h, the touring car ES 300h to the flagship mobile cockpit LM 500h, provides An easy way for users who want to try electrified vehicles without additional adaptation period. In addition, during the auto show, the much-anticipated new model LBX will also be available for preview, inviting everyone to go to the future with a new model that breaks the class framework.

MODELLISTA exquisite kit creates a highly exclusive car

Lexus has also specially planned to display MODELLISTA's high-quality modified vehicles this time. MODELLISTA was established in 1997 and is Lexus' official tuning brand. It has also developed many well-known parts, such as aerodynamic kits, aluminum rims and other tuning kits. Hotai Group has recently officially introduced MODELLISTA brand kits to satisfy Lexus owners who pursue distinctiveness. It has also taken the lead in introducing the brand's most popular SUV models, including front and rear lower spoilers and side skirts for RX, NX and UX. The design continues the MODELLISTA brand's core concept of "resonant emotions" to create a sports-style kit that resonates with the original car shape. In addition, at the 2024 Taipei Auto Show, the brand's flagship LM equipped with MODELLISTA kits will be more on display. The exclusive aerodynamic kit and special-shaped aluminum rims will add a bit of dynamics and luxury to the appearance of the large machine. I believe it will satisfy those who love strong appearance styles. and Lexus fans who pursue a higher sense of exclusivity.

LEXUS LBX Xinyi District’s Christmas dazzling exposure is displayed in Taiwan for the first time

In addition to the much-anticipated 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition, Lexus has specially launched a Christmas art exhibition car to celebrate the Christmas season that is coming at the end of the year, allowing the public to have a first look at the extraordinary charm of the new LBX, starting from now on On January 2, 2024 (Tuesday), the new Lexus model LBX will be displayed in Taiwan for the first time before the auto show at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Xintiandi Hall A8. LBX is a new crossover SUV model that breaks away from the class framework. It not only has the elegant design concept of the Lexus brand, but also can satisfy every discerning car owner and provide a relaxed and comfortable driving experience in daily life.

The main theme of the car design for this Christmas art exhibition is based on the shape of mistletoe paired with a Christmas wreath. The wreath symbolizes the meaning of "expectation to come" and fully welcomes Lexus' new car model LBX. The art exhibition car is matched with changing lights, reflecting the metallic luster of the flame copper car color, showing a fashionable, exquisite and sparkling Christmas atmosphere. To celebrate the coming of the holiday season, we have specially planned to hold pop-up events on 12/23 (Saturday), 12/24 (Sunday) and 12/31 (Sunday) at the car show site in front of Taipei Xinyi Xintiandi Hall A8. By punching in, you can redeem a free drink on site, and you can also participate in the lottery for iPhone 15 128GB Taiwan B Note 2. The public is welcome to come and participate in the grand event.

As the pioneer of luxury electrified vehicles, Lexus will lead the new future of electric energy, create a pleasant and comfortable mobility experience with fully evolved electrified vehicles, and also contribute to a better life and environment. Lexus upholds its sincere passion for car manufacturing, aims to create a unique personal luxury experience, and is committed to creating a new era of mobile happiness. For details of the 2024 Taipei New Car and New Energy Vehicle Special Exhibition and the new LBX Christmas show car, please go to the Lexus official website:

Note 1: According to information provided by the original manufacturer, the cumulative global sales of Lexus electrified models exceed 2.4 million units.

Note 2: This event is sponsored by Hotai Automobile Co., Ltd. The company reserves the right to modify the event and prizes, review the qualifications of participants and winners, etc., and reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend and adjust event content and event methods at any time , precautions, prizes and prize collection methods and other relevant details do not require prior notification. Detailed event procedures will be announced on the official Facebook fan page ( The number of drinks is limited and while supplies last; iPhone 15 128GB is available for one set (no color selection allowed) The lucky draw will be drawn on February 20, 2024 (Tuesday), and will be announced on the official Facebook fan page and the latest news page of the Lexus official website. If there are any changes to the event procedures, they will be announced on the Lexus official fan club without further notice.

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