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LEXUS 25th Anniversary in TaiwanLeading Trends and Impressing the Future

Lexus25th anniversary in Taiwan, leading the trend and stunning the future

In 1997, Hetai Automobile officially introduced Toyota's luxury car brand Lexus into the Taiwanese car industry. At that time, the LS 400, which was born at the same time as the brand, not only has a key historical representative significance, but the LS series has always symbolized the top level of Lexus' perfect car manufacturing. A model; in the same year, GS 300 was introduced to Taiwan, combining the dual temperament of sports and luxury, and was highly recognized by consumers as soon as it was launched. Back then, Lexus took the brand new customer-oriented strategy and swept the luxury car market in Taiwan, laying the core value of the brand by providing products and service quality that exceeded customer expectations.

In the 25 years since Lexus was introduced to Taiwan, it has continued to launch a number of popular models. Among them, the most popular luxury SUV RX series has been introduced to Taiwan since 1999. The complete and rich active and passive safety systems are deeply loved by consumers. The subsequent NX and UX models have also attacked the luxury brand SUV market with their excellent product strength and very competitive prices. Luxury car SUV class market championNote 1and has accumulated sales of more than 130,000 units, dominating the luxury car market in Taiwan.

From the catchy advertising slogan "Focus on perfection, almost demanding", Lexus has moved to the brand new brand positioning of "Experience Amazing". Along the way, Lexus has always adhered to the people-oriented car manufacturing process, and promised to always provide excellent and attentive service. Quality has become the benchmark in Taiwan's luxury car market. Today, Lexus intends to write a new chapter of luxury electric mobility with a fully evolved electrified vehicle model, and boldly and innovatively moves towards the vision with diversified brand characteristics. Fabulous lifestyle.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in Taiwan, Honor launches ES 200 Yaoyin stylish model

ES 200Yaoyin fashion model, more luxurious

To celebrate the brand's next milestone, Lexus will launch the ES 200 Silver Stylish model this summer, and the 2023 ES will also be available for pre-orders from today.

The ES 200 Yaoyin fashion model continues the craftsmanship of the previous man-made car, and is more refined in every detail; this model is based on the original ES 200 grade, and adopts the exclusive fog silver coating water tank guard design on the exterior, and is matched with the side of the car The chrome trim strip not only modifies the body lines, but also makes the whole car radiate dazzling light, creating a more luxurious visual experience. In addition, the ES 200 Yaoyin fashion model has been upgraded with a new 18-inch Obsidian aluminum ring, with delicate metal cutting technology and two-color multi-frame design, which makes the side of the car more visually layered and adds a youthful and fashionable atmosphere.

The ES 300h, a gasoline-electric hybrid model, is simultaneously introduced into the new F SPORT Design grade. On the basis of the luxury version, it is upgraded with the F SPORT grid-shaped water tank guard, blackened trim and 19-inch blackened aluminum ring. Appearance kit, providing consumers with the appearance of dynamic running style.

In the interior, all the new-year ES models are upgraded with the new-generation Lexus multimedia system, which improves the user experience by optimizing the operation interface. At the same time, the space for cup holders and mobile phone wireless charging is carefully increased in the central saddle, which greatly improves the practicability. , highlighting Lexus' people-oriented car-building philosophy. For more information on the 2023 ES models, please contact dealers across Taiwan or call Lexus Customer Service Center.

Lexus 25Anniversary thanksgiving feedback, grand gift for returning to the factory

Lexus 25Anniversary return to the factory to enjoy gratitude and gifts

Lexus has been in Taiwan for 25 years, and has been committed to providing caring and hospitable services, giving each car owner the most honorable treatment. At the important moment of the 25th anniversary, Lexus will also present a gift of gratitude for returning to the factory to reward car owners for their long-term support. From 8/1 to 9/30, if you return to the factory for maintenance or repair, you will receive a Lexus exclusive mask buckle and fragrance oil set, as well as a chance to win the UX 200 elite version, tokuyo massage sofa, Hetai Points, and yoxi rides Gold...and many more amazing giftsNote 2. In addition, returning to the factory to change tires can also enjoy a 15% discount on the tires of the whole car series. As a gift, Lexus sincerely invites car owners to celebrate the joy of their 25th anniversary in Taiwan.


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