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Lexus Electrified new electric concept car LF-Z Electrified Concept comes to Taiwan

LF-Z Electrified Concept foresees the direction of Lexus' future model development

Toyota Group released its global electric vehicle strategy on December 14th, announcing the strategic goal of developing 30 BEV models by 2030, and investing 8 trillion yen (US$70 billion) to develop a full product line of electric vehicles, emphasizing that the Toyota Group is a "carbon A full range of manufacturers of "Zhonghe Automobile".

Lexus has always focused on new technologies and new value fields to create extraordinary products and brand experiences. The electric concept car LF-Z specifically foresees the direction of Lexus' future model research and development. Its car name LF means Lexus Future, and the letter Z means Zero emissions. , Zero accidents, aiming to create a car experience with zero pollution and zero accidents. At the end of this year, Lexus successively released the brand's first BEV UX 300e and PHEV NX 450h+, providing consumers with a full range of power options. It also showed off in Taiwan in December. The new electric concept car LF-Z debuted in Shanghai at the beginning of this year. .

Forward-looking design shows Lexus's new design style

As a model that symbolizes the new design style of Lexus, the LF-Z presents a simple and charming appearance with a low-profile and full-scale body proportion and a futuristic exterior design; the body line moves from the lower front to the roof and the car. The tail extends naturally and at the same time outlines a smooth side profile centered on the cockpit. Due to the electrification of vehicles, the Lexus classic spindle-shaped water tank cover is integrated into the bumper design, and the front air inlet is eliminated, which effectively reduces the wind resistance of the vehicle. In the rear design, the externally expanded wheel arches are very eye-catching, and the simple and neat through-type lamp design is echoed with the wide-body wheel arch shape. In addition, it is equipped with a 22-inch aluminum ring to show a powerful and charming running style. Strong motivation complements each other.

New design style of LF-Z Electrified Concept

The driving experience of human and vehicle integration

LF-Z represents a brand-new evolution of the Lexus brand, greatly improving vehicle performance through electrification technology, and adopts a dedicated platform for pure electric models, equipped with a new generation of DIRECT4 four-wheel drive control technology, and uses the power characteristics of the motor to control freely. The four-wheel driving force allows the LF-Z to achieve an excellent control experience, and is equipped with high-tech Steer-by-wire steering technology, which replaces the traditional mechanical steering gear, and the steering response is more direct, allowing the vehicle to be realized More sensitive and precise dynamic performance, easily coping with different road conditions, elevating Lexus Driving Signature to a whole new level.

LF-Z Electrified Concept penetrating lamp design

Careful security guard

LF-Z is equipped with Lexus Teammate automatic driving assistance system, which is equipped with LIDAR, Radar, and lens recognition technology to accurately recognize the surrounding environment during driving, and also through the cloud (OTA, Over-The-Air) Ways to continuously upgrade functions, and this system upholds Lexus’s concept of autonomous driving technology. During driving, the car and the driver’s room are like partners, monitoring each other and lending a helping hand when necessary to achieve the safest driving experience .

People-oriented forward-looking car manufacturing technology

Lexus is always committed to continuous innovation. With the changes of the times and customer needs, Lexus will continue to respond quickly and think carefully, and strive to become a brand that continues to exceed customer expectations. LF-Z combines strong performance, unique design and forward-looking technology. Its design And the technology is expected to be implemented in all models before 2025.

LF-Z Electrified Concept will be exhibited for a limited time

Limited exhibition during the LEXUS ELECTRIFIED brand concept store

In order for all Taiwanese car fans to witness the new electric concept car LF-Z Electrified Concept up close, and to better understand the electrification vision and brand spirit planned by Lexus, it will be held from December 25, 110 to February 13, 111 , Displayed in the LEXUS ELECTRIFIED brand concept store in Xinyi District, Taipei. Interested people are welcome to come and enjoy the car and "Experience Amazing" together.

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