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Lexus flagship SUV, the accumulated orders have exceeded 2,000 copies The brand-new facelifted RX makes a strong debut

Hotai Auto, the general agent of Lexus, started the pre-sale of the new RX on November 7th. With 4 types of power and 10 levels of settings, it has fully captured the luxury travel market and attracted a large number of consumers to place orders. The cumulative order has exceeded 2,000. The general agent Hetai Automobile also held a launch conference on November 23 and announced the official price.

(Left to right) Su Chunxing, general manager of Hotai Automobile, chairman Huang Nanguang, and chief engineer of Lexus International Takaaki Ohno attended the ALL NEW RX launch conference

Since the introduction of the first-generation RX model in 1999, it has immediately become the best-selling model in the domestic luxury SUV market, and has been the sales leader of luxury mid-to-large SUVs for 23 years*1. Love is evident from this; this major facelift challenged itself again to bring new interior and exterior designs, and to create the most powerful RX ever, with the ever-evolving Lexus Driving Signature*2 and various advanced technologies, making RX Continue to lead the brand on the road of the new generation.

The ultimate sports running brigade RX is officially launched

Various powers are available to fully meet various needs

The new RX introduces four power settings, three of which are Electrified power systems, showing the brand's determination to continue to develop electrified vehicles; including the RX 500h equipped with a newly developed 2.4-liter turbo hybrid power, which can output up to 371 comprehensive Effective horsepower, becoming the most powerful model in RX history, equipped with DIRECT 4 electronic four-wheel drive system, which can effectively distribute the output of front and rear wheels and improve the tracking stability of the vehicle. It can have the most agile and precise steering response in various speed ranges of high, medium and high, creating the best performance and driving performance. The RX 500h will combine with the 450h+ plug-in hybrid power and 350h hybrid power introduced into the RX car series for the first time to complete the electrified power lineup and provide consumers with various choices; in addition, both RX 500h and 350h use The bipolar Ni-MH battery technology introduced by the brand for the first time demonstrates the brand's technological strength. By sharing the plates to reduce the overall size, improve the battery energy density and charge and discharge efficiency, it can bring better output performance. The only gasoline-powered RX 350 equipped with a 2.4-liter turbo engine will use the powerful explosive power brought by the turbo to echo the dynamic appearance of the new RX and interpret the RX sports car style. It is believed that with the combination of various powers provided by this facelift, the new RX is bound to fully meet the various needs of different customer segments.

Four power configurations declare the all-new RX driving experience at will

Classic elements continue to evolve and create an undefeated luxury myth

The fifth-generation RX inherits the classic Lexus spindle shape and evolves the shape from the Spindle Grille to the Spindle Body. The tail passes through the rear of the vehicle through the L-Shaped LED taillights, making the visual experience wider and reflecting the new generation of Lexus rear nameplates arranged by the letters "LEXUS". However, under the size setting of increased body width and reduced vehicle height, combined with synchronous widening of the front and rear wheel bases, the overall center of gravity of the vehicle body is lowered, and the vehicle's handling performance is enhanced; The wheel arches behind the textured lines endow the new RX with a powerful and sporty look.In the layout of the interior, RX adopts TAZUNA full-surround cockpit, which fully embodies the people-oriented and driving-oriented design concept, optimizes the configuration and layout of various common driving functions and operations, effectively reduces the driver's line of sight deviation, and improves safety. In addition, it allows the driver to focus on enjoying the driving pleasure; in addition, in order to create a more technological cockpit, the size of the central control screen is also upgraded simultaneously, and a 9.8-inch or 14-inch multi-functional information integration system is equipped according to the grade. In addition to optimizing the user interface , and also provide voice control function

It can control navigation, audio, and air conditioning through specific commands, which improves the convenience of operation; at the same time, it is equipped with a wire-based gearshift as standard, and is equipped with a 10-inch HUD head-up display and 64-color atmosphere lights according to grades, reinterpreting the technology created by RX The interior texture of the car. RX is equipped with three-zone constant temperature air-conditioning and dual front ventilated and heated seats as standard, and high-end models add rear ventilated and heated seats*3, so that passengers can enjoy a luxurious and comfortable experience during the movement.

LSS+ 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system intelligently protects driving safety

In order to reduce the burden of driving and protect the safety of all passengers in the car, the new RX upgrades the new generation of LSS+ 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system*4, and expands a number of PCS early warning protection system functions, such as traffic flow recognition at intersections, emergency evasion steering assistance and speed limit Recognition assistance, etc. In addition, DRCC, LDA, LTA and other functions have also been optimized again to make vehicle speed control and lane assistance more in line with driving experience, reduce the blunt driving discomfort caused by previous systems, and provide more natural and comfortable driving experience. In addition to LSS+ 3.0, all RX models are also equipped with the SEA safety seat exit assist system as standard. Through the combination of the E-Latch electronic door handle and the BSM blind spot detection and warning system*5, the risk of being collided by an oncoming vehicle when getting out of the car is greatly reduced. Finally, the body engineering of the RX has also been greatly strengthened, including the B-pillar made of 2G Pa ultra-high-tensile steel, the density of solder joints increased, and the double-ring rear structure design, all of which greatly improve the rigidity of the car body.

The attractive price of RX will once again shock the market, demonstrating Lexus' strong ambition to capture the luxury travel market in an all-round way

As the product that kicked off the trend of luxury SUV class, and the index product that has been the sales champion of medium and large luxury SUV class for 23 years, the facelifted RX shoulders the expectations of many consumers. In order to continue to lead the market, RX will once again surpass itself, introduce a new brand design concept and bring various power and models. In order to meet the needs of various consumer groups, the general agent Hotai Automobile introduced all 4 types of power, with rich equipment and performance enhancements, and provided 10 levels of settings, and the official price of each level was also announced today. I believe it is very attractive. The price of the Lexus will once again shock the market, demonstrating Lexus' strong ambition to fully capture the luxury travel market. Please refer to the table below for the detailed model, grade setting and official price of the new RX. From now on, you can inquire and place an order at all Lexus showrooms in Taiwan.

*1: From 1999 to 2021, there are 70,270 RX models licensed by the supervision institute.

*2: Lexus Driving Signature is based on the two DNAs of Lexus - Tranquility and Comfort, providing drivers with higher driving confidence. There are two specific goals to achieve: the first is vehicle balance, making the vehicle dynamics predictable, stable and sensitive at the same time; the second is linearity, including acceleration, braking and steering, which provide linear feedback so that the vehicle can faithfully reflect willingness to drive. Ultimately, it will allow all kinds of drivers to control Lexus vehicles with more confidence and enjoy the fun of driving with ease.

*3: "Rear Seat Ventilated and Heated Seats" are only available on flagship, F SPORT, and F SPORT Performance grades. For detailed accessories of different grades of each model, please refer to the model specification and equipment table.

*4: This system is only a driving assistance function, and may not be activated due to factors such as road conditions, vehicles, weather, and the driver's operating status. Drivers are advised not to rely too much on this system and drive carefully.

*5: All active and passive safety equipment have operating restrictions. For relevant restrictions, please contact dealers nationwide to learn about relevant instructions in the owner's manual.


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