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Lexus Grand Tour registration opens today

In 2020, Lexus held the Grand Tour, the first exclusive event for owners of performance sports cars, in Taiwan, which was well received by owners. This time, Lexus will set off again, specially planning exclusive track courses, and continue to write a new chapter of Zhuangyou.

The 2022 Lexus Grand Tour combines the magnificent scenery of Taiwan and the Lihpao Circuit Day, a total of three days and two nights. The owners drive their own LC or RC F vehicles. During this trip, they can not only shuttle between the mountains and seas in western Taiwan. During the time, you can deeply experience the humanistic customs and magnificent scenery along the way, and you can also enjoy the driving pleasure of galloping on the track.

Enjoy the magnificent scenery and experience the deep cultural customs

Lexus owners will depart from the Westin Taoyuan Daxi early the next morning after attending the welcome dinner and event description at the Westin Daxi Hotel, along the 3rd line of Romantic Terrace, to The One Nanyuan Humanities Inn hidden in the valley , In the experience of tea tasting culture and the guided tour of Yaxu South Park, you can feel the beauty of Jiangnan that spans time and space, and through exclusive driving routes, you can experience the beauty of lakes and mountains and the blue seaside, and shuttle freely among the beautiful scenery of mountains and seas in western Taiwan; at night Check in at the Lihpao Fullon Hotel Taichung, which is adjacent to the Lihpao Circuit. The dinner is the Lexus Grand Tour Party. In the brisk jazz rhythm, the car owners can recharge their batteries for the full-horsepower track experience the next day.

Hot-blooded track experience and legendary supercar LFA test drive

The third day is a full-day private track experience. Lexus will lead car owners to the Lihpao International Circuit, the only officially certified FIA International Automobile Federation in Taiwan, and invite a professional coaching team to plan carefully. In the morning, through a step-by-step professional course and scheduled Station level experience, familiarize yourself with track driving first, allowing car owners to enjoy the most complete LC and RC F driving and superior performance, and specially arrange for car owners to drive the legendary supercar-LFA, which is limited to only 500 units in the world. The high-speed engine sound of "Angel's Roar" officially entered the full-track driving experience in the afternoon, allowing car owners to fully experience the driving pleasure of Lexus high-performance sports cars galloping on the track.


Lexus sincerely invites LC and RC F owners to set off together. For detailed event descriptions and methods, please refer to the official event website of LEXUS TAIWAN.

■Activity form: LC, RC F car owner self-driving tour, a total of 16 groups until the quota is full (the upper limit of each group is 2), must be at least 20 years old

■Event dates: 10/5 (Wed) – 10/7 (Fri), three days and two nights

■Event Location: Taiwan Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung Lihpao Circuit

■Activity summary: Lexus performance sports car exclusive car gathering activities, leading car owners to travel between the mountains and seas in western Taiwan, experience the driving pleasure of traveling through the blue seaside and visiting secret scenic spots, and combined with the track day for the first time, full-day chartered venues at Lihpao Circuit, A professional coach team is invited to experience the track through a step-by-step professional course, and a test drive experience of the legendary supercar LFA is also arranged to lead the owner on an amazing journey.


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