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Lexus LBX (2024): chic Toyota Yaris Cross has one downer (update: prices known) -

The new Lexus LBX is special for several reasons. For example, it is the smallest Lexus ever. We mention six features, including a small downer, with which the Lexus LBX should seduce European consumers.

1: Lexus LBX is the smallest Lexus ever

The Lexus LBX is 4.19 meters long, 1.82 meters wide and 1.54 meters high. This makes the LBX the smallest Lexus ever and 30 centimeters shorter than the current smallest Lexus, the Lexus UX. Furthermore, Lexus' new compact SUV is also shorter than the 4.32 long Lexus CT 200h, which is no longer available when new. The luggage compartment of 332 liters is larger than that of the UX (320 liters) but not much larger. The Audi Q2 - to name a competitor - offers 405 liters. The wheelbase is 2.58 m.

2: Lexus LBX is not fully electric

A small downer: the Lexus LBX does not drive fully electrically. The announcement of a 100% electric version is also missing from the press release. Because the crossover has been specially developed for Europe and, according to Lexus' words, should become one of the brand's bestsellers in Europe, we find this somewhat strange. The Lexus LBX is a hybrid SUV, with a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor. The system power is 136 hp and the maximum torque 185 Nm. There is also a version with an additional electric motor on the rear axle that turns the Lexus LBX into a four-wheel drive.


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3: No giant grille

Anyone who never wanted to be seen in a Lexus because of the often enormous spindle grille and sharp creases in the body can breathe a sigh of relief; the Lexus LBX has a grille that is clearly less prominent and the car as a whole appears calmer to the eye.

We think that's a bit of a shame, because it's a new one Lexus RZ 450e of Lexus RX you can easily pick it out, while the Lexus LBX is less recognizable. It looks a bit like the Smart #1 and the Cupra Born. At the back we see a light bar across the full width and the brand name spelled out. Looks good on him, but is far from original.

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4: A touch of Yaris Cross

The Lexus LBX is on the GA-B platform that can also be found under the Toyota Yaris Cross, or adapted to Lexus' wishes. Toyota's luxury brand promises precise steering responses, stable cornering and high-quality comfort. Especially regarding the latter, we believe Lexus on its blue eyes.

Driving a Lexus is like cutting off from the world and flying over traffic on a magic carpet. To prevent unwanted vibrations and noises, the three-cylinder has a balance shaft.

5: Interior luxury

What we don't doubt for a second is the interior, which, according to Lexus, exudes the class of cars from higher segments. At first glance we see beautiful materials and a calm design with not too many physical keys, but fortunately not too few either. Below the 9.8-inch central display are physical control buttons for, among other things, the air conditioning. We also see a sturdy, but therefore pleasant to operate, gear lever for the automatic transmission.

6: The name...

LBX stands for Lexus Breakthrough Crossover and means according to Lexus therefore a breakthrough for Lexus as a company in Europe. For the first time, Europe is the leading region for the development of a new Lexus. This should lead to the LBX becoming one of Lexus' bestsellers here. That should not be very difficult, given the enormous popularity of compact SUV models in Europe, but especially because of the still modest sales numbers of the other Lexus models.

Lexus LBX price and delivery time

The new Lexus LBX will hit the Dutch market in early 2024. Prices start at 35,995 euros, which makes the hybrid SUV slightly cheaper than the most talked-about model of the moment: the fully electric Volvo EX30 (from 36,795 euros).

The price list of the LBX is a bit complicated, because the versions do not necessarily become more luxurious the more expensive you go. Instead, you have the basic model topped by four variations that are subtly different from each other. At the top is a very expensive model – the Lexus LBX Original Edition – of which only 10 will come to the Netherlands.

The Lexus LBX is available in 6 versions

  • LBX (standard version): 35,995 euros
  • Elegant: 40.495 euro
  • Emotion: 40.995 euro
  • Relax: 41.995 euro
  • Cool: 42.495 euro
  • Original Edition (10 pieces for NL): 48,495 euros

The Lexus LBX has front-wheel drive as standard, upgrading to AWD costs 3000 euros.

Standard equipment Lexus LBX

Each LBX has a 9.8-inch touchscreen, climate control and 17-inch alloys. The extensive package of driver assistance systems is also standard, so adaptive cruise control costs nothing extra.

The seats and door panels are covered in fabric as standard. If you want more luxurious materials, Lexus sales will rub its hands, because then you end up with one of the four more expensive versions. The Emotion and Cool are sporty and the Elegant and Relax revolve around luxury.

Other reasons to upgrade to the quad include the heated front seats, lumbar support for the driver and the height-adjustable driver's seat – in other words, you'll sit more comfortably.

What makes the Original Edition so special?

What makes the top model, limited to 10 pieces for 48,495 euros, so special, apart from its high price? It is based on the Cool (42,495 euros) and has the Advanced Pack of 5295 euros. Then you are already at 48 grand. You get Full LED headlights, a Mark Levinson audio system and a head-up display, among other things. But the Original Edition also looks slightly different, with its accents in black and chrome, the C-pillars with a separate pattern and the unique badges on the inside and outside. But that's also possible for that kind of money.

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