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Looking forward to three points, very intoxicated! HOROYOI Weizui winter limited "Strawberry Condensed Milk" is newly releasedRomish with Weizui and enjoy the slightly sour and sweet "winter love taste"

[Taipei News, December 21, 2021]A low-alcohol beverage brand from Japan "HOROYOIFine 醉 (Japanese brand name: Horoyoi) "With rich and diversified flavors, it has been loved by Taiwanese consumers and has been the champion of low-alcohol beverage sales in Taiwan for 5 consecutive years. With the advent of winter, "HOROYOI Weizui" has launched a new sweet limited flavor "Strawberry Condensed Milk", which perfectly combines strawberry and condensed milk into a slightly sour and slightly sweet double flavor, which makes people feel the romantic taste like love in cold winter days. 7-ELEVEN will be sold exclusively in Taiwan from December 29th. In addition to the newly launched "Strawberry Condensed Milk", the "Lactic Acid Shawar" launched in Taiwan this spring has been loved by many consumers. It is also a good taste not to be missed this winter. The sweet and sour taste of "Lactic Acid Shawar" is re-enacted for everyone. The most familiar lactic acid drink in memory will remind people of the youthful memories of first love. Whether it’s the sweet "strawberry condensed milk" that is as sweet as when you are in love, or the "lactic acid shawar" that reminds you of the astringent memories of first love, the two different flavors of "HOROYOI Slightly Drunk" will be the most not-to-miss this winter. Alcoholic beverages, enjoy the romantic and beautiful "winter love" with "HOROYOI"!

"HOROYOI Weizui" has launched a new limited flavor "Strawberry Condensed Milk"; and "Lactic Acid Shawar" launched this spring is also very popular. Two excellent flavors will bring a romantic "winter love flavor"!

HOROYOI"Slightly Drunk" winter limited flavor "Strawberry Condensed Milk" is newly launched. Let's taste sweet love in winter!

Every time a season-limited flavor is launched, "HOROYOI Wei Drunk" will become the focus of everyone. This year, especially in the winter season where strawberries are most suitable for tasting, a new limited flavor "Strawberry Condensed Milk" is launched. The perfect combination of sweet and sour strawberries and rich and sweet condensed milk gives you a double taste at one time. With the right 3% low alcohol concentration, people can’t help but sip one by one and enjoy the wonderful taste of falling in love; the bottle is used Romantic pink, combined with winter snow scenes and festive elements, presents a sweet and romantic winter pink flavor, which will be a limited new flavor that many strawberry lovers should not miss. During the happy hour at the end of the year, many people have already arranged romantic dates with their lovers, or have a party to celebrate with their friends. The happy time is "HOROYOI slightly drunk". Come to a brand new can of "Strawberry Condensed Milk" and enjoy it after the entrance. The super dreamy flavor of strawberry and condensed milk is even more exclusive and sweet this winter!

"HOROYOI Weizui" specially launched a new limited flavor "Strawberry Condensed Milk" this year. The sweet and sour strawberry is perfectly combined with the rich and sweet condensed milk, which is a sweet taste exclusive for this winter!

Sweet and sour first love!The super-popular "Lactic Acid Shawar" relives beautiful memories of first love

"HOROYOI Wei Drunk", which has always been extremely popular in Taiwan, is the first choice of low-alcoholic beverages for many young Taiwanese consumers, whether it is drinking at home or hanging out with family and friends. In addition to the new flavor of "Strawberry Condensed Milk" in "Horoyoi" this winter, the well-loved "Lactic Acid Shawar" is also a must-try recommended in winter. The "Lactic Acid Shawar", launched in April this year, set the best sales record of "HOROYOI Micro Drunk" in 9 years in Taiwan in the first month of its listing, and quickly captured the hearts of many consumers in Japan and Taiwan! The sweet and sour flavor "Lactic Acid Shawar" is reminiscent of familiar lactic acid drinks. It has a refreshing bubble taste with slightly carbonic acid, and a low alcohol concentration of 3% without burden. The sweet and sour but not greasy flavor is like everybody. The memories of the young first love that I have had, people can't help but reminisce again and again, and it is another "winter love taste" that should not be missed!

The "Lactic Acid Shawar", which is loved by consumers, has a sweet and sour flavor with a refreshing bubbling taste of slightly carbonic acid, and a low alcohol concentration of 3% without burden. It is like the green and astringent first love memories that everyone has experienced.

HOROYOIStrawberry Condensed Milk 12moon29From all over Taiwan7-ELEVENLimited listing

The "HOROYOI micro-drunk" series focuses on diversified flavors and a low alcohol concentration of just 3%. Different flavors can be selected according to personal preferences. Drinking without burden, people can "comfortably drunk". The newly launched "Strawberry Condensed Milk" this winter will be available in Taiwan on December 29 for a limited amount of 7-ELEVEN. The romantic taste is priced at 49 yuan per can. You can enjoy the perfect combination of strawberries and condensed milk at one time, just like the sweet taste of love. , Is the good taste of strawberry control not to be missed! For fans who like refreshing taste, "Horoyoi" recommends "Lactic Acid Shawar", which will be released this spring and the TOP 1 of the annual hot sale. You can feel the exquisite feeling of sweetness and sourness like first love. Both flavors are excellent flavors that cannot be missed this winter. Whether you have a romantic date with your spouse or a party with friends and relatives at the end of the year, you can bring a sense of happiness and drunkenness like love!

"Slightly Drunk" Cocktail-Lactic Acid Shawar
"Slightly Drunk" Cocktail-Strawberry Condensed Milk

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