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LUXGEN URX NEO large living home debutsWithin one million, you can enjoy full-speed ACC and a large space for 7 people

Do you yearn to forge a different path? Or are you looking forward to a simple and ordinary comfortable life? The brand-new LUXGEN URX NEO, which is more stylish, stylish and simple, debuted today (11/29)! As the first new-generation product after LUXGEN’s new start event, this time LUXGEN defined the brand’s four concepts for future smart mobile service products through the release of URX NEO: First,car in styleintroducing a brand-new appearance to the URX car series, adopting the same[pure highlight]design vocabulary as the next-generation electric car models, with refreshing bright gold and star gray; secondly,Defining cars in softwareintroducing more advanced and humanized LUXGEN THINK+ The 5.0 human factor interface makes it easier to connect to the mobile phone; plus the upgrade of the whole car series is equipped with the ADAS advanced driving assistance system with the ACC full-speed range active distance cruise function (including Stop & Go);Defining cars with safetylet you drive more easily, greatly reduce fatigue under long-term and high-speed road conditions, and release your tense feet; the whole can be said to be a continuation of the URX series.Define the original design intention of the car with the sceneon the basis of unlimited possible excellent car style, it further deepens the character of technology, fashion and simplicity, so that consumers can become a better self together with URX NEO!

URX NEO is not only a multifunctional SUV suitable for everyone, but also a boutique SUV that can show everyone's unique personality and appearance. The new URX NEO with more luxurious equipment is launched this time. The whole car series starts from 898,000 yuan. From now until 12/30 (Fri.), the URX NEO Big Life Home Edition can also enjoy the "Variety of Style Project": give you a limited number of Two -Tone European style double color car color (valued at 15,000 yuan), free upgrade LINK+The smart networking system (valued at 15,000 yuan) allows you to use your mobile phone to remotely control various vehicle statuses with one button (remote remote control of vehicle start and one-key refresh function). With the preferential price surpassing domestic cars of the same level, with the latest technology and flexible space configuration, you can become a big living family with various styles!

URX NEO big life home shows a variety of new tonality and smart travel technology and then upgrades the full-speed ACC

URX NEO has become the main sales force of LUXGEN in recent years by virtue of its unique positioning between SUV and MPV, cross-border, multi-purpose, and a maximum 7-seater configuration. This facelift reinterprets the uniqueness of the URX from the exterior to the interior. The front and rear of the car adopt the pure and bright design language first released on n⁷, and embellish it with a simple and elegant brand nameplate, showing the latest features of the next-generation new energy vehicle. The styling style, coupled with the newly introduced fashionable car colors of bright gold and star gray, show a new tone with various styles. The interior starts from the people-oriented design concept, and the seat is upgraded to LUXGEN CARE+, the application of multi-layer pressure relief material not only strengthens the left and right support and ride coverage, but also has superior shock absorption, and the length of the seat cushion extends to the thigh, giving the body a perfect fit; the leather is mixed with the silver gray of the European style texture Wool cloth, plus exquisite hand-made silver stitching, not only greatly improves the overall texture, but the soft touch increases ride comfort. The seats made of special materials are less likely to be stuffy during long-distance rides, and are more durable, stain-proof, and splash-proof. Features, will bring you a unique riding experience. URX NEO has also carried out all-round upgrades for the human factor interface of driving. The brand new LUXGEN THINK+ 5.0 increases the resolution of the AR view to 1.2 million pixels, and through the introduction of mobile phone media services of two major in-vehicle systems, the mobile phone linkage function becomes easier and easier. Whether it is navigation or listening to music, it can be plugged and played It is more in line with the daily habits of modern people, creating a smart cockpit with both comfort and technology.

URX NEO has been upgraded again for active safety and smart mobility technology. In line with Taiwan’s unique and complex road conditions, URX NEO’s new ADAS advanced driver assistance system covers AEB automatic braking assist function and ACC full-speed active distance cruise function. It can not only follow the car at low speed , can also follow the car to stop (including STOP & GO), applicable to more road conditions, whether it is a long-distance trip or a trapped car, it can reduce your driving burden, and it can be used with the ARD augmented reality head-up display system , so that you don't have to lower your head when driving, and it is less likely to be distracted during high-speed driving, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents. The URX NEO is simultaneously equipped with a number of practical and humanized smart technologies, such as a 12-inch multi-functional HD touch screen, AR Around View+Around the car AR safety image, Eagle View+360-degree panoramic image, Alley View+Front side image, Full Side View+No blind spot car side image, Live Rear View+Rearview Live image, AR See-through View+AR chassis perspective image, Dual Side View+The forward-looking technological equipment of intelligent service functions such as door opening anti-collision system and AI anti-theft seat make driving safer and easier.

URX NEOThe big life home version enjoys thousands of styles. Within one million projects, you can have a full-speed domain ACC and a large space for 7 people.

The epidemic has changed our lives. As self-driving travel and self-driving commuting habits become more popular, the relationship between people, cars and family life has become closer. "Car" has also become an important symbol of self-image. Whether you yearn for people Whether you are pursuing a unique style in a rare and unrecognizable place, or you are looking forward to exploring the free and unrestrained nature, spend every peaceful and comfortable day with your heart, and the car will accompany you through these moving processes. LUXGEN expects to use URX NEO to interpret the new mobile relationship with the spirit of "variety of styles and a big life", so that the relationship between people and cars can be more arbitrary, and provide more practical, diverse and close-to-life products. The appearance brings consumers a unique new experience of using a car.

In order to repay the support of consumers, it is time for LUXGEN to enter the URX NEO Big Life Home Edition. The official price of URX NEO 5-person Big Life Home Edition is 948,000 yuan; the official price of URX NEO 7-person Big Life Home Edition is 1.139 million yuan . There is also the URX NEO 5+1 Lohas version equipped with a multi-functional slope board, which is officially priced at 898,000 yuan; the 7-person Lohas version is officially priced at 988,000 yuan, and it will be available at the National Life Center on December 3~4 and December 10~11 A launch event for new cars will be held. Welcome to enjoy the cars and test rides.For more details on car discounts, welcome toLUXGEN official websiteMake an appointment to come to the store to enjoy the car, or call the customer service hotline 0800-588-088.

【LUXGEN URX NEOOfficial price]

URX NEO 5+1Lohas version: The official price is 89.8ten thousand yuan

URX NEO 7Letterpress: The official price is 98.8ten thousand yuan

URX NEO 5NPC Life Home Edition: The official price is 94.8ten thousand yuan

URX NEO 7NPC Life Home Edition: The official price is 113.9ten thousand yuan


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