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Luxury Mobility Evolves Lexus LM

●New second-generation model, developed on GA-K platform

●Provide three rows of 6/7-seater and 4-seater models

●2.5L Hybrid/2.4L Turbo-Hybrid dual power configuration

●Domestic listing time: August 22, 2023

List of compilation and suggested selling price of the second-generation LM car series

Following the world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, the general agent Hotai Auto launched the pre-sale of the new second-generation LM on July 18, and held a launch conference on August 22. The official price is lower than the pre-order During the period, it was revised down by 100,000 yuan, of which LM 350h 7-seater and 4-seater were 4.29 million and 5.65 million yuan respectively, and the LM 500h with high-end power was 300,000 yuan more. 5.95 million yuan, the industry said that the cumulative order has exceeded 2,000, and the quota for this year is 400, but it will continue to fight for the original factory, and the annual sales target is set at 1,000.

The second-generation LM adopts the Spindle Body spindle-shaped three-dimensional body design, presenting a new appearance that is noble and dynamic.

The brand-new second-generation LM adopts brand-new design vocabulary Spindle Body. The spindle-shaped three-dimensional body adopts three-eye LED headlights and L-signature LED daytime running lights. The 3D three-dimensional penetrating design taillights and the letter-arranged brand nameplate on the rear of the car present a new look that is noble and dynamic; the interior is also designed with luxury texture and visual openness as the main axis, and the front seat part adopts Tazuna full-surround driving The cockpit embodies the concept of driving-oriented design. The rear seats are embellished with high-quality decorative panels and 64-color LED atmosphere lights for indirect lighting. Among them, the 4-seater honorable private screen introduces a new 48-inch wide screen, and the 6/7-seater models are more special in A central aisle design is added between the second row of double independent seats to facilitate the entry and exit of the third row.

The front seat adopts the Tazuna full-surround cockpit design, and is equipped with a 12.3-inch digital instrument + 14-inch information integrated touch screen as standard.
The 4-seater honorable private screen introduces a new 48-inch wide screen, and adopts the L-Finesse design concept, taking into account both aesthetics and practicality.
The comfortable and luxurious Ottoman seats equipped with L-Aniline luxury leather provide the rear seat buyers with a pampered riding experience.

The new second-generation LM is developed based on the GA-K passenger car platform, and two new Electrified power systems are introduced into the model. The LM 350h is equipped with a 2.5L oil-electric hybrid power system with a combined output of 250hp and an E-Four electronic four-wheel drive system. The LM The 500h uses a 2.4L turbo engine with a maximum output of 275hp/46.9kgm, combined with a Direct Shift six-speed manual transmission and a front 87/rear 103hp dual electric motor, bringing a combined output of 371hp, and is equipped with Direct4 AWD electronic four-wheel drive system; It is worth mentioning that LM is equipped with an exclusive Rear Comfort driving mode, which can coordinate power, braking and AVS variable damping shock absorber system to provide the most stable and comfortable moving experience for rear seat passengers.

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