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Luxury pure electric flagship brand new EQS The second season officially launched in Taiwan  Suggested price  574  From 10,000 yuan

The second season of the luxury pure electric flagship brand new EQS is officially launched in Taiwan, with a suggested price starting from 5.74 million yuan
  • Mercedes-Benz Taiwan announced today that the luxury pure electric flagship - the new EQS will be officially launched in Taiwan in the second quarter, introducing two power options: the suggested price of the EQS 450+ PIONEER Pioneer Edition starts at 5.74 million yuan, and the suggested price of the PREMIUM flagship version is 5.74 million yuan. From 6.34 million yuan; Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ suggested price starts from 8.31 million yuan.
  • The new EQS is not only an electric vehicle that inherits the three-pointed star, but also integrates cutting-edge technology, luxurious design vocabulary, innovative functions and powerful networking applications to meet and exceed the imagination of drivers and passengers for all electric vehicles. The unimaginable ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.20 has set a new benchmark for mass production cars. In addition, with the support of powerful artificial intelligence (AI), various daily life situations of car use are made easier and more intuitive. The brand has made every effort to create a new exclusive platform for electric vehicles for EQS, and has created infinite possibilities of modular applicability. In order to meet the needs of consumers, they are the EQS 450+ with the highest endurance in its class of 770 kilometers (WLTP) and the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ with luxurious performance.

A new chapter for Mercedes-Benz pure electric brand new EQS open new page

Continuing the spirit of sustainable luxury of VISION AVTR, combined with the important strategy of "Go Electric", Mercedes-Benz Taiwan will preview the new EQS in BELLAVITA Mercedes-Benz Space from 3/2 to 3/6. Pre-sale starts today, and the car will be officially delivered in Taiwan in the second quarter, opening a new page for the "New Chapter of Mercedes-Benz Pure Electricity". Two power options are introduced: the suggested price of the EQS 450+ PIONEER Pioneer Edition starts from 5.74 million yuan, the suggested price of the PREMIUM flagship version starts from 6.34 million yuan; the suggested price of the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ starts from 8.31 million yuan. For more product information, please visit the official website of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan:

brand new EQS Defining the pinnacle of luxury electric vehicles

Mercedes-EQ, whether it is the exclusive platform and exterior design of power and electric vehicles, is a work that integrates the crystallization of Mercedes-Benz's century-old craftsmanship from the inside out. In the future, Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG will also use Mercedes-EQ electric vehicles. The platform independently develops the car models of each sub-brand. At the same time, Mercedes-EQ will launch a variety of electric vehicles in Taiwan this year, and the flagship luxury sedan EQS will be the first to debut. In addition to inheriting the brand's existing luxury and comfort performance, EQS is more different from the previous S-Class's rear seat layer. With the peak buyer as the core positioning, the design style has become more front-seat-oriented. Even so, the ultra-long wheelbase still provides the most spacious space experience for all occupants in the cockpit. Based on the same product base, the new EQS extends two different styles of products, namely the EQS 450+ with a WLTP pure electric mileage of 770 kilometers, the highest endurance in its class, and the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+, which perfectly defines performance and luxury.

The EQS 450+ inherits the brand's existing luxury and comfort performance. The one-bow design (One-bow Design) body curve provides excellent ultra-low drag coefficient Cd = 0.20 and quiet performance, reaching 770 kilometers (WLTP) The highest endurance in its class

In terms of design vocabulary, EQS perfectly inherits VISION AVTR's thinking of predicting the future, making EQS more technological. In appearance, EQS combines technology and craftsmanship and gives a new interpretation. The LED light bar runs through the multi-beam intelligent digital headlights, providing a variety of geometric illumination angles, which not only greatly improves driving safety, but also shows great style in light and shadow; One-bow Design's body curve and seamless door handle design provide excellent Cd = 0.20 ultra-low drag coefficient and quietness during vehicle driving, which is also reflected in the ultra-long endurance performance. In addition to the interior decoration, EQS maintains the brand's ultimate imagination and requirements for technology and luxury. As an innovative smart vehicle and enhances the user's superior digital experience, the digital cockpit of the EQS flagship version is T-shaped. The length reaches 141 cm The MBUX HYPERSCREEN ultra-wide digital screen is the main body, and supports the MBUX multimedia system with 8-core high-performance CPU and 24GB RAM and digital UI operation interface; EQS Pioneer Edition vertical 12.8-inch OLED ultra-high-quality touch screen, 12.3-inch wide-screen digital instruments, black glossy piano lacquer on the center console, and matte black basswood in the ring cabin add warmth to the high texture. In addition, according to the specifications of different models, there are up to 350 sensors to assist the vehicle. These sensors can record information such as driving distance, dynamics, cabin light source, riding conditions and weather conditions through the process of blinking and talking of the driver. Artificial intelligence learns algorithms to create an advanced intelligent driving experience. Simply put, the new EQS uses the smartest way to allow drivers and passengers in the car to enjoy a smooth and honorable technological atmosphere. With innovative thinking and people-oriented, combined with navigation, safety, comfort, atmosphere and networking technology, it creates an extraordinary experience. Imagine digital cockpit enjoyment. EQS leads Mercedes-EQ with advanced future technology and redefines the pattern of luxury pure electric flagship for the electric vehicle market.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ perfectly defines pure electric performance luxury

Mercedes-EQ Perfect charging layout Break the mileage limit

In response to the launch of more Mercedes-EQ models, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan has also comprehensively increased the scale of services related to electric vehicles. Consumers can experience the new Mercedes-EQ models at 23 authorized exhibition centers across Taiwan, and 14 authorized service factories provide comprehensive after-sales service for Mercedes-EQ owners. The DC fast charging network deployed throughout Taiwan includes the existing 14 Mercedes-Benz authorized dealerships in Taiwan. In addition, the layout of the charging partner Huacheng Electric Power will also be promoted simultaneously. In addition to the original 11 charging stations, this year The plan will continue to add 13 seats. Before the end of 2022, it is expected that there will be 38 DC charging networks in Taiwan that can provide Mercedes-EQ car owners' exclusive charging services. In addition, Taiwan is also expected to have more than 140 public DC fast charging stations available. With the high mileage of the EQS 450+, it can completely break the anxiety of electric vehicle owners about mileage.

The 141 cm long MBUX HYPERSCREEN ultra-wide digital screen cockpit creates an advanced intelligent driving experience (the specifications and equipment are mainly based on real cars)

Attachment 1: New EQS Simple Specification Sheet


* Note 1: The “Suggested Selling Price” indicated above is the actual “announced suggested selling price” of the vehicle, which is the suggested selling price after deducting the preferential tax reduction and levy for electric vehicles announced by the competent authority of the Government of the Republic of China. The reduction or exemption plan is subject to the latest announcement by the competent authority of the ROC government, and Mercedes-Benz Taiwan reserves the right of final interpretation.

*Note 2: The data are measured according to the current version of (EU) 2017/1151.

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