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Macallan joins hands with Bentley Motors to join forces for sustainable TaiwanLeading Asia Pacific unveils prototype of The Macallan Horizon

The Macallan and Bentley Motors embark on an extraordinary journey together.

Playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, "Whiskey is the flowing sunshine." A bottle full of design and rare liquor can give whisky a unique value and story. The Macallan Single Malt Whisky and Bentley Motors, a leading British luxury car manufacturer, have cross-border cooperation and selected Taiwan as the market for the first demonstration of prototypes in the Asia-Pacific region. Today (1), they announced "The Macallan Horizon" "Prototype, breaking through the creative appearance of the previous framework, and designing the bottle body with a very streamlined sense, perfectly showing the ultimate aesthetics of Macallan and Bentley's pursuit of craftsmanship and creativity, allowing the two brands to join forces to create a new peak.

The Macallan single malt whisky has partnered with Bentley Motors, a leading British luxury car manufacturer, to unveil the prototype of "The Macallan Horizon".
Inspired by Bentley's commitment to automotive craftsmanship, The Macallan challenges the traditional vertical aesthetic of whisky bottles to a horizontal design.

Inspired by the automotive craftsmanship that Bentley is committed to pursuing, The Macallan challenges the traditional vertical aesthetics of whisky bottles to a horizontal design, integrating the aesthetics of streamlined design, breaking through the existing artistic vision and allowing the brand style to evolve again. Jaume Ferras, global creative director of The Macallan, said: "The Macallan took inspiration from the automotive industry and developed the Macallan Horizon prototype through innovative visual design and concept development, one of the most unique collaborations in the brand's nearly 200-year history. ”

The Macallan Horizon incorporates Bentley's three-dimensional and streamlined design DNA.
The principles of sustainable materials that two iconic British brands adhere to, see light itself as a dynamic art, with a breathtaking interaction with wood, aluminium and copper.

Chris Cooke, Bentley Product and Lifestyle Design Manager, shared: “Our collaboration with the Macallan Horizon prototype was highly groundbreaking in terms of design and use of materials. The Macallan Horizon incorporates Bentley’s three-dimensional and streamlined design DNA, the Macallan Horizon innovative spirit and the principles of sustainable materials that two iconic British brands adhere to. Its unique exterior design allows us to see light itself as a dynamic art, with the interaction between wood, aluminum and copper. It's amazing. Such a beautifully designed piece that showcases creativity and ingenuity, represents the extraordinary journey of both parties to a great future partnership."

The Macallan Horizon comes in a rare 180-degree swivel-shaped glass bottle that stands stably without a pedestal.

Macallan Horizon is unique in the industry, and the visual sense of the bottle design has reached a new peak.

In pursuit of unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship, the Macallan as an industry pioneer never stops! The "Macallan Horizon Prototype", which will be officially launched in the summer of 2023, is the first to appear today, subverting the previous imagination of vertical wine bottles. The Macallan Horizon uses a rare 180-degree rotating glass bottle, which can stand stably without a base. Credit In the strong cooperation between the two century-old brands, McAllen combines traditional craftsmanship and innovative spirit, supplemented by cutting-edge technical support, while Bentley, which pays attention to details, incorporates bold and avant-garde style and horizontal streamlined design, which perfectly reflects the two sides' commitment to space and time. Accurate mastery, but also the top craftsmanship and creativity are vividly displayed.

Beginning in July 2021, McCarran and Bentley Motors launched a global brand cooperation plan, creating a whirlwind in the industry. The two top brands in seemingly different fields have the same uncompromising professional soul in their blood, and they are passionate about exquisite craftsmanship. The unremitting pursuit of high quality has created the best opportunity for both parties to meet. Combining Macallan's expertise in whisky brewing and Bentley's extensive knowledge in luxury car manufacturing, they vowed to create an excellent brand experience and innovative new products. A heartfelt commitment to quality and a sustainable future.

The McAllen and Bentley presentations were held at the Bentley Taipei Exhibition Center. The new Flying Spur Hybrid models on display also echoed Bentley's initiative for the concept of sustainability.
Copper recovered from small and medium-sized stills in old breweries, aluminum recovered from Bentley’s manufacturing process, recycled wood, recycled glass, and carbon-neutral leather. Horizon" brand new design bottle.
Macallan and Bentley join forces for a sustainable future. The picture shows Liu Ziguan (left), Marketing Director of Eddington, Taiwan, and Zhang Junwei, Bentley Taiwan Brand Associate (right).

When environmentally friendly bottles meet rare liquors, they join forces to move towards a sustainable future

A sustainable future is a key element of the cooperation plan between the two parties. At the same time, it pays tribute to the six pillars of the Macallan brand. "The Macallan Horizon" starts from recycling, upgrading, and material reuse, so that environmental protection can be implemented in life, including Macallan. The copper material recovered from the small and medium-sized stills of the old brewery in Lun, the aluminum material recovered from the Bentley automobile manufacturing process, the recycled wood, recyclable glass and carbon neutral leather, etc. The continued aesthetic starts with the details, with carbon-neutral leather also featured in the recently launched Bentley Mulliner luxury SUV.

Kirsteen Campbell, master distiller of The Macallan, has witnessed the passion for creativity, craftsmanship and innovation between the two brands.

Since its establishment in 1824, The Macallan has been celebrated for its uncompromising pursuit of excellence. With the birth of the "Macallan Horizon" prototype, vision and beauty meet so naturally, while pushing unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship to the top. Feng, the cooperation with Bentley Motors not only echoes the brand spirit, but also allows both parties to continue to break through the imagination and move into the future, and work together to create an extraordinary journey.

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About The Macallan

Founded in 1824 in the highlands of northeast Scotland overlooking the River Spey, The Macallan is globally renowned for its exceptional single malt whisky. Its outstanding quality and distinctive and distinctive flavor fully demonstrate the uncompromising spirit of the winery's pursuit of excellence since Alexander Reid's founding.

In 2018, the award-winning Speyside Distillery opened a new chapter for The Macallan. Designed by an internationally renowned architect, the building is inspired by the surrounding natural hills of Scotland and aims to promote a sustainable environment. The distillery is adjacent to the world-famous Highland mansion Easter Elchies House, built in 1700 as the spiritual home of The Macallan, still at the heart of the pulsing left and right of the Macallan's beautiful 485-acre estate.

Introduction to Bentley

Bentley Motors is the most popular luxury car brand in the world. All of the company's operations are carried out at its headquarters in Crewe, including the design, development, engineering and production of its three series of vehicles (Continental, Flying Spur, Bentayga). For a British luxury car brand like Bentley, the combination of exquisite craftsmanship, technology passed down from generation to generation and engineering expertise with cutting-edge technology is quite unique. It is an excellent example of top UK manufacturing at its peak. Bentley employs around 4,000 people in Crewe.


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