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Mainstay Toyota Camry with new look

●The new ninth generation model continues the TNGA-K chassis platform

●Introducing new generation family styling elements, each model adopts different appearance settings

●The interior layout is more concise, with up to 12.3+12.3-inch screens

●Petro-electric power provides front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive architecture, with a maximum power of 232hp

Continuing to be produced on the TNGA-K platform, Toyota's long-standing main model Camry also released a new ninth-generation model at this Los Angeles Auto Show. This evergreen status is only matched by the Volkswagen Passat, but there are differences between the two. In terms of product development, Camry still continues its exclusive RV setting, focusing on large markets such as North America and China.

Released simultaneously at auto shows in both places

In addition to making its North American debut in Los Angeles, the ninth-generation Camry also made its debut in China at the Guangzhou Auto Show held at the same time. The overall appearance of the new car continues the new-generation style of the Prius and Crown car series, adding this unique set of technological and sporty family elements. The relatively low and flat headlight block is equipped with a large lower air dam, and the front lines of the car appear relatively Extending forward and matching the detailed accessories of different models, this generation of Camry is indeed just like the racing style that the brand emphasized in the preview stage, full of new-generation sporty features, and is more intense than the old model.

The new car adopts more distinctive decoration differences, which also meets the different demand trends of the current RV market.

In addition, the new car actually basically follows the general structure of the previous model. The basic size has not changed except for the length of the car. It is understood that some hardware including the front gear and other parts are still unchanged from the old model. The whole car is actually biased toward large-scale and small-sized cars. Of course, the main reason for this change is related to the current transfer of R&D resources in the overall market. As a traditional RV, Camry's overall sales are still solid, but its acceptance in the global market is declining. Therefore, in order to maintain its presence in North America and China To maintain its competitiveness in the two major markets, it is still necessary to undergo a certain degree of facelift and update.

The Chinese version of the model released at the Guangzhou Auto Show also maintains the three basic architectures of LE, SE, and XSE. The appearance is slightly different from the American model. The main reason is that the interior adopts a more complete digital touch operation interface and system designed by the local system manufacturer. , which is different from the US standard in retaining a large number of physical buttons, in order to maintain a certain competitiveness with the current very advanced digital systems and Internet of Vehicles platforms of Chinese independent brands.

The new car also includes two-color painting as standard equipment, mainly for the XSE sports model.

Digital cockpit adds luxury

The interior structure of the new car has been reorganized into a simpler line combination. The high-end model uses two 12.3-inch screens for instrumentation and multimedia systems, and provides a HUD head-up display with a projection area of ​​10 inches. The entry-level model has 7-inch and 8-inch screens. The combination of popular mobile phone connection systems and wireless charging are also available.

The cabin layout has corresponding configurations according to different models, creating different cabin styles, including decorative panels and seat fabrics using different layouts; at the same time, double-layer sound insulation for the front windows is provided on high-end models such as XLE and XSE. Glass is used to improve the sound insulation performance. In addition, the two high-end models also provide panoramic windows and rear electric sunshades. The overall comfort and high-end feel are also quite high.

Sports models also have a variety of bead shape options, bringing more diverse and unique configurations.
The red seats are quite eye-catching, and the new car has also officially added a panoramic sunroof and double-layer soundproof glass on the front windows to enhance performance.

In terms of power configuration, the US-spec model is mainly powered by THS 5 petrol-electric power based on a 2.5L gasoline engine, and is available in front-wheel drive and electronic four-wheel drive versions. The maximum horsepower is increased by 30hp to 232hp. At the same time, both models have undergone chassis re-tuning. The general model has strengthened the overall response, while the sports version has further enhanced handling performance. This will also make the ninth-generation Camry the sportiest version in history. In addition, active safety has also been upgraded. TSS 3.0 further improves the detection and execution precision of the system. As for the Chinese version, there are two power specifications: 2.0L gasoline and 2.5L gasoline-electric. The general agent for the Taiwan market has not yet made clear arrangements, but it is also continuing to evaluate the new car introduction plan.

The North American market has fully introduced gasoline-electric power, but the Chinese market still retains the pure fuel version.
There will be two outputs of gasoline-electric power, which can be used with front-wheel drive and electronic four-wheel drive models respectively.

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