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Maserati's new generation of running tour Grecale officially released "Achieving excellence every day"

Maserati officially released its new SUV – Grecale to the world, with “The Everyday Exceptional” (The Everyday Exceptional) interpreting Grecale’s elegant style and innovative spirit, creating uncompromising extreme handling and comfort while driving comfort and safety. Driving fun.

The new Grecale follows the Maserati tradition of naming the monsoon, symbolizing the northeast monsoon from the Mediterranean. Grecale was born in the Maserati Innovation Lab in Montena, Italy, and crafted in the Cassino factory in Italy. In order to meet the diverse pursuits of every consumer for a dream car, the entire Maserati Grecale series has multiple power systems, including traditional internal combustion engines, high-efficiency hybrid power, and the future will also launch a pure electric version Folgore uses 400-volt technology to become Maserati The first 100% pure electric SUV in the history of the brand.

This time, Maserati Grecale released three versions: GT, Modena, Trofeo. Each version expresses the Maserati brand style to the fullest, while being unique.

Grecale GT: Equipped with a 300hp four-cylinder high-efficiency hybrid power system, it is very urban and fashionable. For consumers who have the courage to express themselves, GT is the ideal choice for them.

Grecale Modena :Equipped with a 330hp four-cylinder high-efficiency hybrid power system, it is naturally elegant, allowing outdoor sports enthusiasts to bloom Italian running style in their spare time.

Grecale Trofeo :Equipped with a 530hp V6 twin-turbo engine, in the same vein as the supercar MC20 "Nettuno Neptune" engine, it fully demonstrates Maserati's pursuit of excellent performance and is an excellent car for constantly challenging itself.

The ultimate style, dazzling show the world

As Grecale inheriting the design style of the new generation of Maserati, the exterior design vocabulary is exactly the same as that of the supercar MC20. The highly recognizable front of the car continues the design of the MC20 headlights and front air dam. The outline of the body is depicted with delicate lines, showing the beauty of Italian exquisite craftsmanship. The rear of the car adopts a "boomerang-shaped" taillight design, continuing Maserati's classic Giugiaro 3200GT. Combined with the streamlined coupé shape, the dynamic running style is more visually impactful.

Maserati has taken a bolder approach to Grecale's paint choices, with three recognisable colours: GT in Bronzo Opaco, a tinted bronzer with a matte-silk minimalist finish ; Modena is Grigio Cangiante, which is interwoven with three layers of paint, inspired by the bright and fresh light of summer; Trofeo is Giallo Corse, which combines the representative colors of Montena with yellow, Blue fusion, yellow undertones and blue mica interweave and harmonize, interpreting the strong connection between Maserati and the city of Montina, creating a very sporty look.

The new Grecale has a wide cabin space and a comfortable driving experience. The GT version has a body length of 4846 mm, a wheelbase of 2901 mm, a height of 1670 mm, a width of 1948 mm and a rear wheelbase of 1694 mm. At the same time, Grecale has outstanding performance in driving performance, handling experience, zero acceleration (Trofeo is only 3.8 seconds), and top speed (Trofeo is 285 km/h). The cockpit is also paved with a large number of luxurious materials such as solid wood, carbon fiber and leather, combined with the top Italian audio Sonus Faber 3D sound effect, bringing an all-round immersive auditory feast.

Innovative technology, infinite inner

Equipped with all-digital cutting-edge technology, Grecale is the first time for Maserati to use digital virtual instruments and digital clocks in the cockpit, integrating all the information required for the vehicle and driving, and can easily switch on the multi-function steering wheel. The most amazing thing is the 12.3-inch central control screen, combined with the Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) intelligent multimedia system, which is Maserati's largest screen size to date, and an 8.8-inch multi-function control screen, allowing the driver to stay in the car. Operation is just at the touch of your fingertips, and you can enjoy a luxurious technology experience.

Every journey with Grecale is about uncompromising driving pleasure. This is thanks to the new Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDCM) and its 360° full control of the vehicle. In addition, five driving modes: COMFORT comfort mode, GT mode, SPORT sport mode, OFF-ROAD off-road mode, and CORSA track mode (Trofeo version only), so that the driving can be switched and controlled freely.

On March 22, the world premiere of Grecale was also presented online on the Maserati official website ( The world-renowned Italian actors Matilda De Angelis and Alessandro Borghi fully interpret the excellent charm of Grecale, a fantastic running tour. In addition, the Italian music artist Dardust also appeared in a unique way, working closely with brand engineers in the Maserati Innovation Lab, perfectly integrating technology and sound design, presenting a unique melody, which was used in the car prompt sound effect, for Grecale Daily driving adds unparalleled Italian elegance.

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