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Maximum fun Mini JCW Countryman ALL4

●New generation Countryman high-performance version

●Maximum output 300hp/40.8kgm, acceleration from zero to zero in 5.4 seconds

●Signature red elements and decorative panels are embellished, and ADAS is upgraded simultaneously.

●Introduction time: 2024.Q1

After releasing the new generation Mini family at the IAA Auto Show, the original manufacturer launched an additional high-performance John Cooper Works Countryman ALL4 model in early November. What is surprising is that this car also quickly appeared in the first wave of products announced by the general agent in mid-November. It is on the domestic pre-sale list, and the pre-sale price is quoted at 2.52 million yuan. You can see this car at the domestic launch conference of the new generation Countryman expected to be held in March next year at the earliest.

Performance technology evolves simultaneously

The 2.0L four-cylinder turbo engine of the new generation Mini JCW Countryman has been strengthened with piston, connecting rods and engine feet, and the power output is set at 300hp/40.8kgm. At the same time, the original factory has also strengthened its unique design for overall performance and feedback performance. The exhaust sound gives it a unique impression of the JCW family, and it also enhances the performance of sound guidance in the cabin, allowing the cabin to simultaneously enjoy the enthusiastic charm of JCW performance cars. The four-wheel drive system will also provide excellent tracking and grip performance, including the same high-level performance in off-road environments. The entire car series will have a choice of 19- or 20-inch bead combinations. The overall shape also takes into account aerodynamic requirements, allowing the car to maintain a low wind resistance of 0.26Cd.

The new car has a total of 12 ultrasonic sensors and 4 surround-view cameras for driving assistance systems. It also provides Level 2 automatic driving assistance in the Driving Assistant Professional option package. The system can detect the space required to change lanes at the exit and enable the vehicle to reach the optimal speed to assist in lane changes. It also provides the first time for the driver to temporarily use both hands when driving above 60km/h on specific road conditions such as highways. Without the function of the steering wheel, the driver must still actively observe traffic changes to ensure timely intervention.

Unique color matching and performance atmosphere

The unique sports performance flavor of JCW can be shown from the original red and black two-color paint. Among them, the C-pillar exclusive trim panel and model nameplate have also become a major feature of this car. In addition, the daytime running lights and in-line air intakes on the front of the car also have exclusive design configurations, which will make this car highly recognizable in the first place. It is more recognizable in the Mini family.

Enhanced by JCW's exclusive color matching, the car's sports performance momentum is greatly enhanced, and it has a more distinctive model logo.
The all-black factory emblem coupled with the air intake dam and checkered flag trim on the front of the car are very visual, and the groove shape similar to the air intake of a racing car is also unique.
There will be two options for the bead, and the inner braking system will also be fully upgraded and painted in red.
The taillight set and JCW nameplate have also become important symbols of this car.

The interior roughly continues the structure of the standard model, but is fully replaced with JCW's own color matching and detail decoration, such as red and black color matching and checkered flag emblems on the instrument, sports car seats and door panels. Others such as vehicle mode switching are also available. It will showcase Mini’s existing different driving atmosphere creations, allowing drivers to have a more empathetic atmosphere experience when using the vehicle. Of course, the most important thing is the driving response in kart mode and the presentation of the cabin atmosphere, including a 9.4-inch screen As well as the display screen of the rear HUD projection system, there will be various exclusive and different color matching and information presentation.

The cabin space is different from the mature and stable standard model, and it has a bad boy sporty feel. The large picture on the center screen is also very exciting.
The shift paddles are added to the decorative panel to add sophistication, and it can also be seen that this car has a Boost function.
The cockpit is also mainly red and black, and is matched with fabric and leather.

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