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Mazda releases 15 videos made for children in one go! Online tour of "Car Manufacturing Process"

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● Mazda opened "Mazda kids channel"
●The "automobile manufacturing process" that adults and children can enjoy together
●There is also a Mazda-specific rotary engine operation

Mazda opened "Mazda kids channel"

On April 21, 2022, while Mazda announced the renovation of the "Mazda Museum", it also opened the "Online Mazda Museum" on Mazda's official website.
The YouTube channel "Mazda Kids Channel" has a total of 15 videos that introduce the automobile industry and automobile manufacturing to children.

"Car manufacturing process" that adults and children can enjoy together

Mazda Kids Channel introduces stories about the car manufacturing process and quizzes related to traffic safety through videos and animations.
The video on YouTube takes Mazda3 as an example, and briefly explains all the processes of "car to completion" such as planning/design, body press forming, painting process, assembly, and shipment.

In the video, you can see the appearance of the large SUV "CX-9" that has not been introduced in Japan loaded into the ship.
The time required to export to each region is shown in the figure. The time required for neighboring countries is 3 days in total, and it takes 1 month to 1.5 months for South America and other places.

In addition to the manufacturing engineering, there is also a video of interviews with the Mazda3 design director and others.

There is also a Mazda-specific rotary engine operation

Mazda Kids Channel also has videos explaining engine operation mode, environmental issues, safety performance with animation, and in the engine operation content, the piston engine category introduces the rotary engine.

Although Mazda does not currently sell a model equipped with a rotary engine, it plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid model equipped with a rotary engine into the MX-30 and sell it as "MX-30 R-EV".

Original source:Mazda releases 15 videos for kids at once! Visit "until the car is built" online
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