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Mazda RX-VISION launched a commercial car?A collection of supercar RX-9 related information

Mazda's concept car "RX-VISION" released in 2015 is a supercar that embodies the beautiful FR Sport design that Mazda had in mind. It adopts a long nose & short deck body design, and is equipped with the next-generation rotary engine "SKYACTIV-R", which was unveiled as a high-sport performance supercar.

The following is a compilation of information about the RX-VISION commercial model "RX-9" so far.

table of contents
●Apply for a patent similar to the RX-VISION body structure
●At the same time, there is also a body structure in front of the application vehicle
●Fuel consumption performance is a problem... "If the performance is equivalent to RX-8, it means too bad", improve fuel consumption performance
●There is also a Targa convertible model?
●The development of Mazda RX-9 is considered to be a fool's errand... Can it be achieved with Toyota as a backer?
●Announced more than 50 new inventions.There are many parts suspected to be related to RX-9

Apply for a patent similar to the RX-VISION body structure

Rear body structure source:

On August 5, 2021, Mazda announced the rear body structure for which a patent application was filed.

From the published patent drawings and descriptions, it is obvious that it is a two-door sports coupe, which is very similar to the FR Sport concept car "RX-VISION" launched in 2015.

At the same time, there is also a body structure in front of the application vehicle.

The source of the body structure in front of the vehicle:

According to information provided by Mazda related personnel in September 2021, the development of the RX-9 has entered the final stage, and it will adopt an original chassis platform outside the framework of Mazda's large car product group and small car product group.

In addition, part of the body of the RX-9 uses carbon fiber parts, not the Monocoque (monocoque) structure like the Lexus LFA supercar, but only part of it.

Fuel consumption performance is a problem. "If the performance is equivalent to RX-8, it means too bad", improve fuel consumption performance


After that, the RX-9 was developed with the goal of being launched in 2023. It is said that the fuel consumption performance of the rotary engine with more than 550 horsepower is being improved.

Although there are currently problems with fuel consumption and abnormal noise, and are trying to solve them, the fuel consumption of the rotary engine of the trial work is about 8km/L, which is not too bad to be honest.
However, the development team set the goal of better fuel consumption performance than the RX-8, and defined the current value in the category of "poor fuel consumption performance" and adjusted it as an improvement point.

There's also a Targa convertible?


Although it is still in the negotiation stage, it is heard that Mazda intends to launch a convertible model.

Since the second-generation RX-7 (FC3S) has launched a convertible model, it is speculated that the RX-9 may be a Targa semi-convertible model.

The development of the Mazda RX-9 was considered a no-brainer... can it be achieved with Toyota as a backer?

GR GT3 Concept

Some people in overseas forums speculate that the "GR GT3 Concept" displayed by Toyota at the modified auto show is related to the RX-VISION.

Although it is difficult to find out what they have in common in terms of appearance alone, judging from the fact that Toyota has cooperated with other automakers to manufacture sports cars such as the GR Supra and GR86, it is not impossible for Toyota to cooperate with Mazda to produce sports cars.

Regarding the question of whether the RX-9 will be launched on the market, some people say that "Mazda should not have the cost budget to develop the RX-9", but if it is to cooperate with Toyota, it should be a big boost for Mazda.

Published more than 50 new inventions.There are many parts suspected to be related to RX-9

The source of the balance weight of the drive unit for driving the vehicle:

On January 17, 2022 Mazda published more than 50 patented inventions.
In addition to the balanced counterweight configuration that suppresses vibration during driving, there are also related inventions such as an on-board inverter and a condenser that ensures motor cooling performance.
The common goals of these inventions are the miniaturization of the powertrain and the optimization of the weight balance.
While changing the RX-9 to a gasoline-electric hybrid and improving the fuel consumption performance, it also improves the sports performance by implementing the optimal balance weight.

Original source:Is Mazda RX-VISION commercialized?Summary of information about Supersport RX-9
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