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McLaren Taipei general agent Yongsan Automobile celebrates the 10-year milestone and 60 McLaren models are lined up to pay tribute to the brand's 60th anniversary.

  • McLaren's general agent in Taiwan, Yongsan Automobile, celebrates the tenth anniversary of the brand's operation and has chosen to simultaneously celebrate the 60th anniversary of the McLaren brand in November 2023.
  • AtTaipei brings together 60 McLaren models, inviting top car owners to witness The GrandCelebration with the brand.
  • TThe vision of the Grand Celebration event is to convey the core concepts of brand founder Bruce McLaren, including the brand's long racing history, excellent car manufacturing technology and dedication to providing pure driving pleasure where man and car are integrated. Showcasing McLaren's complete car series, spanning GT, Supercars and Ultimate Series, special thanks to McLaren's Taiwanese car owners for their strong support to achieve a strong lineup of the entire car series.
  • McLaren Automotive has specially shipped the 2023 McLaren F1 racing MCL60 show car to Taiwan, where it will be unveiled together with Taiwan's first 750S Spider, demonstrating the integration of racing culture and forward-looking thinking, and perfectly embodying McLaren's commitment to leading technology and technology in the racing and automotive fields. The unremitting pursuit of car-making craftsmanship.
  • McLaren has formed a global co-branding partnership with brands that also insist on top performance to jointly launch exclusive products, including TUMI, a bag brand dedicated to creating world-class business and travel supplies, and Bowers & Wilkins, a top audio brand, with the Triple Crown theme. The McLaren GT is painted on the body to explore McLaren's unique lifestyle during the anniversary celebration.

The Grand Celebration

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the brand and the glorious milestone of McLaren Taiwan's general agent Yongsan Automobile's 10th anniversary in Taiwan, and also celebrating McLaren Taiwan's winning of the 2022 McLaren World's Best Dealership, a grand celebration was held in Taipei for the first time, gathering 60 McLaren models , spanning the brand's complete car series, including Ultimate Series, Supercars and Grand Tourer, paying tribute to the brand's 60th anniversary milestone and McLaren Taiwan's 10th anniversary in Taiwan.

Founder Bruce McLaren started out in racing, and his core purpose of breaking through and daring to innovate has deeply influenced the automotive and racing industries. He extends the technical concept of loving driving and continuously reinventing infinite possibilities to every aspect of the brand. Recalling McLaren's original intention of starting from racing, McLaren's original factory specially shipped the 2023 McLaren Formula 1 racing car MCL60 replica to Taiwan. As the symbol of this year's McLaren F1 racing car, MCL60 was unveiled together with this year's newly released performance class king 750S Spider to express its support. The ultimate fusion of tribute to racing culture and forward-looking thinking with the brand's continuous breakthrough growth reflects McLaren's pioneering position in the racing and automotive fields.


The models displayed at The GrandCelebration this time are themed on Ultimate, MSO, Longtail and production models; the Ultimate area includes the brand's top limited edition models, which are the pinnacle of McLaren's car-making technology and performance. The exhibition includes global limited editions. The classic McLaren P1TM in the car world, the McLaren Senna that inherits the name of the legendary champion driver, the McLaren Elva that inherits the glorious history, and the Hyper-GT ultimate sports car Speedtail launched with leading design and technological concepts, embodying the pioneering spirit of leading generations; MSO The exhibition area showcases the brand's highly customized car manufacturing process, from the exterior of the car body to the interior details, achieving personalized styles including classic racing theme painting, and highly customized gradient paint with different materials; the Longtail area is for the brand family It is a special high-performance competitive model, launched around the ultimate driving pleasure and excellent track performance. The members are lined up in 675LT, 600LT and 765LT. The pure track genes are self-evident; the classic production model is built for McLaren The most popular works since the supercar era, including the brand's first mass-produced supercar, the 12C, and the latest and first gasoline-electric hybrid model, the Artura, continue to surpass themselves with the evolution of generations. Each launch is the best in the car industry at all levels. do. George Biggs, chief sales and marketing director of McLaren Automotive, said: "It is a pleasure to be here in Taipei to celebrate this grand milestone. To quote Bruce McLaren: "Life is measured by achievements, not the passage of years. "McLaren Taipei won the honor of Global Dealer of the Year twice in 2019 and 2022, which is proof of the extraordinary journey of McLaren Taipei and Taiwan general agent Yongsan Automobile, setting a new benchmark for global dealers and maintaining sales performance and business operations. The gold standard."

Reviewing Honor and continuing to write a new chapter

McLaren carefully builds a brand history tunnel to showcase the 60-year journey since Bruce McLaren founded the racing brand in 1963. It continues Bruce McLaren's core philosophy, inherits fine traditions and continues to break through boundaries, extending the brand's profound racing genes to the supercar field. The other end of the tunnel integrates McLaren Taiwan's major milestones in the past ten years, since the brand launched operations in Taiwan in 2013, the completion of Taipei and Kaohsiung exhibition centers, exclusive car owner driving activities, track day experiences and new car launches, etc., symbolizing The Taiwan market and brands have grown together, looking back on the good times of the past ten years and looking forward to the future.

McLarenGT pays tribute to the glory of the Triple Crown and creates a stylish life across borders

McLaren Taiwan specially designed the Triple Crown exterior paint for the McLaren GT, using the brand's iconic McLaren Orange design to cover the body and the exclusive Triple Crown logo. The Triple Crown's exciting results include the famous Indy500 and the heart-pounding Monaco Formula 1 The event and the Le Mans 24 Hours Endurance Race are not only a tribute to the glorious achievements of the only brand in the history of racing to win the Triple Crown, but also a symbol of the combination of automobile and racing history. Echoing the fact that McLaren GT is the first choice for running and traveling and synonymous with high-quality life, McLaren specially invites global cross-border brand partners to jointly create a unique Lifestyle Corner lifestyle area. By conveying the same vision and the belief of continuous pursuit of excellence, it is applied to the co-branded products. Detailed design and texture selection. McLaren | TUMI celebrates its 60th anniversary with a new limited series that combines fashionable and bold supercars and racing classic elements. The exterior uses McLaren's classic car color paint Papaya Spark, carbon fiber materials and TUMI's famous functional design to create a variety of luggage and travel Bag style; British high-end audio brand Bowers & Wilkins has been a long-term partner of McLaren Automotive since 2015. To celebrate its 60th anniversary, it launched the McLaren Edition 60th anniversary special limited edition based on the award-winning wireless speaker Zeppelin, echoing the racing livery. The orange finish and iconic Speedy Kiwi pay tribute to the founder and his pioneering spirit.


Adhere to the original intention and continue to write unlimited possibilities

Lin Genghong, General Manager of McLaren Taiwan Brand, said: "McLaren General Distributor has been adhering to the same original intention since its establishment in 2013, providing the Taiwanese market with the best high-performance cars and the driving pleasure that McLaren is proud of. We will continue to improve ourselves in Customer service has been refined and made better, car owners, distinguished guests and all supporters who love McLaren have created a wonderful decade together." McLaren Taiwan general agent Yongsan Automobile sincerely thanks all the brand owners for their long-term support and love. We uphold " With the concept of "customer first" and the purpose of being a car steward, we are committed to providing the most professional and high-quality services to McLaren owners. Since 2014, we have continued to receive recognition from the original McLaren factory and have won the title of Best Dealer in the Asia-Pacific Region for many times. As McLaren's best dealer in the world for the second time in a row, we will continue to bring unlimited power to the top market, present McLaren's proud leading technology and mission to push limits, and continue to write a new chapter.

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