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Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate Exclusive KW Clubsport 2-Way Competition Shock

Cooperation / KW Taiwan Branch - Dekai Motors (04) 2473-2575
Vehicle / European and American tires (04) 2252-0381

If you own a sports car with excellent power performance and love to drive intensely, perhaps a set of shock absorbers developed for competition can make you happier on the track, and this is why this The owner of the Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate, the reason why he wanted to ask KW Taiwan Branch to order a set of KW Clubsport 2-Way competitive shock absorbers specially for him.

Pure track technology blessing

Can be used in road races

The owner of this Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate, according to the European and American tires that strengthen the limit of the chassis, said that he is a person who likes to go to the racing circuit to relieve pressure, so for him, the original shock absorbers are not enough, so Under the suggestion of European and American tires, I chose this KW Clubsport 2-Way competitive shock absorber. The subsequent performance is indeed quite satisfactory to the car owner, and it is planned to strengthen the power part to make the car more fun to drive.

In fact, this is also the idea of ​​many car owners who have replaced the shock absorbers, because they all hope that the control response and limit of the car can be much better than the original factory, and even have the opportunity to go to the racing field to drive to their heart's content, but change After the shock absorbers that are too tight, I am worried that the road environment in Taiwan will affect the comfort too much, but this problem does not exist for the KW Clubsport shock absorbers, because It is a modified shock absorber designed for weekday work and holiday racing.

When installing, the lower foot of the original front shock absorber must be installed on the KW Clubsport shock absorber, so that it can completely correspond to the fixing method of the original suspension system.

The KW Clubsport competitive shock absorber was developed through the actual road test of the Nurburgring North Ring Circuit, combined with the 7-column damping test machine in the KW headquarters, and a product that has simulated various road conditions countless times. The car owner can adjust the load distribution ratio of the four tires through the spring-loaded tray on the bucket body, so that the front and rear center of gravity of the car body is more evenly configured, and the welding strength on the product has also been reinforced, which can withstand the continuous impact of the road surface of the fierce competition and still be safe and sound .

In fact, KW Clubsport shock absorbers can be divided into 2-Way and higher-order 3-Way according to the soft and hard adjustment of damping. 2-Way has 12 adjustable compression damping and 16 adjustable rebound damping. To adjust the function, the position of the adjustment knob is on the top and bottom of the shock absorber.

Since the Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate is a touring car set with both comfort and performance, the shock absorber has a relatively long stroke, so on the dedicated KW Clubsport shock absorber, you can see the setting of the auxiliary short spring, which helps The main spring does not wobble when the shock travel is extended.
The front shock absorber body is made of stainless steel to strengthen the support rigidity, while the rear shock absorber body is made of aluminum alloy material with light weight and fast heat dissipation because of the relatively small force.

3-Way products are equipped with TVCLH-A dual-valve compression damping adjustment technology, which allows individual softness and hardness adjustment for high/low speed compression damping coefficient, and rebound damping, and the adjustment knob is set on the external oil and gas cylinder. . The low-speed compression damping adjustment has 6 stages, and the owner can make +/- settings through the purple knob on the oil and gas cylinder. The high-speed compression damping adjustment stage has 14 stages. The adjustment knob is also set on the oil and gas cylinder, with a golden appearance. Car owners can use this to change the damping response that has been set at the factory to adapt to different track conditions. In addition, there are 16-stage rebound damping adjustment knobs at the top of the shock absorber, which allows the car owner to adjust the riding experience they need, especially on uneven roads or tracks, to get a more comfortable and obedient driving experience. As long as you moderately reduce the number of segments of rebound damping, you can have it.

Through the KW Clubsport shock absorber, even a normal street car, if you want to drive at high speed on the track, is competent enough. The KW Clubsport is also equipped with a fish-eye upper seat that can adjust the angle of the tire Camber positioning, so that the owner can further set the four-wheel positioning angle.

The original Mercedes-AMG C43 Estate is equipped with an electronic damping system, so when modifying the shock absorber, it is necessary to install a black cylindrical electronic releaser to prevent the instrument light from turning on.


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