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Mercedes-AMG ONE starts production! The first car owner will deliver the car at the fastest 2022 Q3

In the beginning, the exterior body parts are assembled for the purpose of careful measurement and clearance adjustment of the assembly.

●Total production of 275 vehicles

●The first vehicle will be delivered in the second half of 2022

1.6-liter V6 Turbo Hybrid engine paired with four electric motors

●Each car goes offline after 16 workstations and more than 50 professional technicians

The mass-produced Mercedes-AMG ONE, which fully transplants the racing technology of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 factory team, has officially entered the production stage. A total of 275 Mercedes-AMG ONEs will be produced. The first car numbered "job #1" is expected to be available at the end of 2022. before delivery to the owner.

As the three-pointed star Hypercar, the Mercedes-AMG ONE is equipped with a 1.6-liter V6 eTurboHybrid engine from an F1 car and a power system with four electric motors. This system is located in Brixworth, England, and specializes in the production of AMG power components. Mercedes-AMG The High Performance Powertrains factory is responsible for manufacturing; and in response to the production of Mercedes-AMG ONE, AMG also recruited its professional production equipment partner Multimatic, who has cooperated for many years, to develop a dedicated small-scale production line in Coventry, UK. The entire production process includes 16 assembly and testing workstations .

Unlike the mass-produced passenger car production line, the production process of Mercedes-AMG ONE is more like the production of high-end luxury mechanical watches. Many of the various system assemblies on the car will be pre-installed on the car and functionally tested. Then disassemble it, and finally wait until the standard assembly process to reassemble the car in sequence, such as carbon fiber monocoque, disassembled body components, etc. Especially for the exterior body parts that are assembled first, they will be carefully measured and adjusted to make the gaps not only perfect, but also to ensure the precise thickness of the carbon fiber components after they are painted, so as to avoid The gap difference affects the final assembly quality. And when the exterior components such as doors, hood, etc. are pre-installed and confirmed to be correct, they are then disassembled and sprayed and painted in groups of bicycles.

Then comes the integration of the powertrain and the original body, including the 1.6-liter V6 Turbo engine, high-voltage battery pack, and a complete set of four electric motors and peripheral components, all heated by the Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains factory in Brixworth. After the test is correct, it will be delivered to the assembly line. In the entire production process, 75% of the components of the Mercedes-AMG ONE are installed before the high-voltage electrical components are installed on the vehicle. From the table below, we can see which work items the 16 workstations are responsible for.

The technician is testing the cylinder block of the 1.6-liter V6 engine, and it can be seen that the engine itself is actually quite powerful.
The high-voltage battery pack used in Mercedes-AMG ONE, the entire battery pack also has a special appearance according to the installation position, rather than the general square appearance.

Workstation work items

workstation work item
Workstations 1 to 4 Assembly of mechanical structural components, installation of low-voltage components, assembly of key power system components and vehicle electrical components.
Workstations 5 to 6 The high-voltage battery and the surrounding high-voltage connection electrical system are assembled, the internal combustion engine and the electric motor are tested, and the vehicle is tested.
Workstation 7 Installation of vehicle interior components.
Workstation 8 Body exterior parts are assembled, and the prefabricated body parts are sent from the production line in the prefab area to the main assembly line, including the front tonneau cover, the tonneau cover, the doors, and the body panels; various customized processing.
Workstation 9 Body exterior parts assembly, front tonneau cover, tonneau cover.
Workstation 10 The exterior of the car body is finally finished.
Workstation 11 Wheel installation, car floor mat installation.
Workstation 12 Wheel adjustment, headlight adjustment.
Workstation 13 Drive Mode Test (Roller Horsepower Tester).
Workstation 14 Four-column NVH (noise/vibration/harshness) testing and fine-tuning.
Workstation 15 Monsoon rain test.
Workstation 16 Appearance, paint inspection area, function inspection of all vehicle components.
Workstations 5 to 6 include high-voltage battery and surrounding high-voltage connection electrical system assembly, internal combustion engine and electric motor test, vehicle operation test and other items.
This stage is to combine the power module with the carbon fiber monocoque, as well as the electric motor at the front and the front axle module.
Two-thirds of the way into the production process, most of the interior of the cabin is completed by a single workstation.

In the production process of each single Mercedes-AMG ONE, a total of more than 50 professional and technical personnel are involved, strictly following the precise production process rules and strict quality control, and then entering the industry 4.0 era. The intelligent manufacturing process ensures that every Mercedes-AMG ONE achieves the precise and perfect performance just like the F1 car in the race.

When the production process reaches the final stage before rolling off the production line, each Mercedes-AMG ONE must be delivered to the adjacent test site, where it will be tested by factory test drivers. Once it is confirmed that the car is in normal condition, it will enter the final delivery stage. Each car will be fully protected and then transported by an exclusive enclosed van to the Mercedes-AMG headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany, where every owner of a 1/275 Mercedes-AMG ONE will receive a Mercedes-AMG The product technical description of AMG ONE and the honorable delivery ceremony have officially become the enviable Mercedes-AMG ONE Owner!


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