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Mercedes-Benz debuts the new Concept CLA Class concept car with a cruising range of more than 750 kilometers

The new -Concept-CLA-Class- concept car reinterprets the brand's rich classic design

In order to realize Mercedes-Benz's future vision in the electric field, the original idea of ​​VISION EQXX was to "break the boundaries". After the successful release in 2022, engineers have absorbed many important functions with great development value from VISION EQXX, such as MBUX Superscreen, excellent electric energy conversion efficiency, bionic lightweight design, sustainable material application, etc., and create a new generation of electric vehicles The new Concept CLA Class concept car of the family, and exhibited at this year's IAA Mobility Exhibition in MunichNote1debut. As the first leading concept car to appear, it redefines Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level car series again. In the era of electric mobility and digitalization, this concept car shows Mercedes-Benz’s new vision in the entry-level segment, including: Extraordinary Aesthetic design, long-term performance optimization, advanced technology research and development, use of sustainable materials, and a comprehensive upgrade of the MB.OS operating system.

"Concept CLA Class is the pure electric pioneer of Mercedes-Benz's entry-level range. The pre-production version will include four new models. The design inspiration of the new car family has Mercedes-Benz's unique texture, function, comfort and safety. and the most advanced technology; in addition, it also pursues product sustainability, and this model has a mileage of more than 750Note 2km (466 miles) and consumes only 12 kWh per 100 kilometers, it is undoubtedly the "One-Litre Car super-efficient car"Note 3". said Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Defining Class #1: Brand new pure electric modular platform MMA

The first new Concept CLA Class concept car adopts the new MMA pure electric modular platform (Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture). Using new materials and high energy density batteries, the battery volume is greatly reduced, and the overall structure is lighter and stronger than traditional batteries. Safety, the 800 V voltage system improves durability, and at the same time has low cooling requirements, and supports up to 250kW DC fast charging, which can provide up to 400 kilometers of cruising range in just 15 minutes of charging.

The all-new -Concept-CLA-Class-concept car is the pure electric forerunner of the -Mercedes-Benz- entry-level range

With Mercedes-Benz Electric-Drive Unit electronic drive unit (MB.EDU), it can create more than 750Note 2 kilometers of cruising range. This self-developed power system consists of a 175kW permanent magnet synchronous electric motor, a two-speed transmission and drive components, which reduce weight, increase power and reduce volume. The overall weight will be controlled below 110 kg, and the energy conversion rate can reach 93% during long-distance driving. The new Concept CLA Class concept car adopts a sporty rear-wheel drive setting, and the modular design means that it can also be applied to four-wheel drive models.

Defining Class #2: The cornerstone of future digital development MB.OS

The brand's vision for the future is constantly redefining the car beyond its role as a vehicle, assistant or companion. It will become an entertainment or game center, or a work space, a private space for relaxation, or even a part of the server center and energy network, becoming an indispensable existence in life. To realize this vision, Mercedes-Benz has developed its own new MB.OS operating system, making full use of current technological potential and future software innovations. This dedicated chip-to-cloud architecture (chip-to-cloud) will be the new direction for the company, implicitly providing a lot of potential for future vehicles to be developed behind the scenes. The core of MB.OS is the decoupling of software and hardware, making software development faster and more adaptable. This helps vehicles continue to innovate and provide customers with better products. In close cooperation with strong partners, proprietary systems developed in-house provide the company with freedom and flexibility to innovate, as well as the ability to act quickly and efficiently. For example, high-performance water-cooled chips from strategic partner NVIDIA, a powerful partnership that will help every vehicle built on the MMA platform be equipped with a supercomputer. MB.OS uses the latest generation of chips and system-on-chips (SoCs), and provides artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (machine learning) functions through the support of highly advanced sensing devices and Mercedes-Benz smart cloud.

Mercedes-Benz-self-developed-MB.OS-operating system

Another benefit under the MB.OS architecture is that it facilitates a highly dense network of vehicle systems, sensors and drives, which enables Mercedes-Benz to easily develop and implement highly complex safety functions. For example, the new advanced child detection system (CPD) aims to reduce the risk of children being accidentally left in the car in hot weather and reduce the occurrence of tragedies. This detection system is based on a network of more than 20 system interfaces, Through the child's unique breathing pattern, it will automatically activate when it detects that there is a child in the car, and the sensors are so sensitive that it can even detect the weak breathing of a newborn baby while sleeping.

Defining Class #3optimization Level 2driver assistance technology — LiDAR technical support

The automatic driving system based on the MMA platform will provide the best driving assistance functions. The MMA platform introduces a detection system with a large number of sensors. In addition to the surround view image composed of multiple lenses, wide-angle and long-range perspective, the basic configuration includes all band radar and ultrasonic sensors. In order to meet the high complexity and safety requirements of urban traffic, the future Level 2 driver assistance will be ready to use LiDAR, a sensing technology. These advanced sensing systems allow drivers to have more practical Level 2 driving assistance functions, and can subsequently update the system through OTA online to optimize the driving assistance system. This also means: Mercedes-Benz can continuously improve existing systems and provide customers with vehicles with the most advanced technological applications in compliance with local market regulations. As a whole, the MB.OS system and its computing power are ready for the upgrade of Level 3 driver assistance functions, and are suitable for vehicles equipped with a complete integrated sensing system (including LiDAR) and redundant systems that are extremely important to the vehicle.

The all-new -Concept-CLA-Class-concept car debuted at this year's IAA-Mobility in Munich

Defining Class #4: Innovative energy use Two-way charging technology

The new Concept CLA Class concept car realizes two-way charging with the cooperation of software and hardware, and can be transformed into a home energy storage device. The first-class technology leadership opens up new application potentials for consumers and energy companies, and demonstrates the future of the combination of electric vehicles and energy networks. When connected to a compatible bi-directional DC charging station, the vehicle becomes an energy storage device, for example storing solar energy for later use. Most importantly, it can also be used as a power supply for "Vehicle-to-Home" (V2H) or "Vehicle-to-Grid" (V2G). But the use of bi-directional charging today may be limited by regulations and market-specific conditions set by energy suppliers. For example, if conditions are met, vehicle-to-home (V2H) can provide backup power during power outages, and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) can help balance the peak and low peak electricity demand in the grid, and even trade green energy in the open market. electrical energy. In any case, the intelligent two-way charging system can ensure that the vehicle has enough power to meet the user's needs at the specified departure time; with the home two-way charging option, Mercedes-Benz can meet many customers' personal mobility and sustainable life. The desire to combine ideas.

Defining Class #5: Subversion of classic elements - a new interpretation of "Desire"

"The new Concept CLA Class represents the beginning of a new generation, reinterpreting the brand's rich design heritage and shaping a new Mercedes-Benz look. The unique shark-nose design of the 50s and 60s and the electric generation The symbolic design of the A-type complements each other, and through the starburst element, the so-called "light eyebrow" shape of the daytime running lights is emphasized; and the starburst design also appears repeatedly in the form of dynamic light bars in the A-type water tank shield design. These will be Mercedes -The appearance elements of Benz's future car series. says Gorden Wagener, chief designer at Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

MBUX-Superscreen-uses high-efficiency-mini-LED-technology and immersive-3D-graphics presentation

In terms of interior decoration, with a spacious and transparent space, combined with advanced technology, the car design is gradually brought into the digital future, setting the tone for the next generation of design vocabulary. The futuristic cockpit technology adopts high-efficiency mini-LED technology and MBUX Superscreen with immersive 3D graphics, and its slender and smooth lines extend to the entire cockpit. The light band surrounding the cabin symbolizes nerve transmission signals, and the overall cabin design structure interprets the concept of data flow, dynamically presenting the interaction between the vehicle and users. In order to emphasize the design of the new center console, the interior of the front doors adopts a special concave curve, making the center console seem to be suspended at the front of the door, as if elegant sails flutter around the geometrically designed door handles, harmoniously interweaving into the door armrest . The door control panel and the interior around the handle are covered with the same crystal white Nappa leather as the seat, which highlights the light appearance and touch; and is also inlaid with Mercedes-Benz's classic laurel ring style. Through exquisite craftsmanship, the brand Unique classic elements and future luxury technology have established a strong visual connection. In the details of the bottom of the car door, the edge of the storage bag is made of high-strength, certified pure plant-based silk fabric from the creator of bio-weaving technology, taking into account comfort and durability.

Defining Class #6: towards Ambition 2039 Visionsustainable and circular economy

The new Concept CLA Class concept car symbolizes the practice of reducing carbon in the supply chain. Improve the sustainability of the electric drive system and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of steel in the stamped parts of entry-level models by 50%. This will reduce CO2 emissions by around 100kg per vehicle. In addition to the production of recycled steel using electric arc boilers powered by renewable energies, steel produced by reduction of green hydrogen will be used, phased in over the vehicle lifecycle according to availability.

The MMA platform even accelerated Mercedes-Benz's major development in the use of carbon-reduced aluminum. In Europe, at least one-third of the aluminum in the upcoming generation of electric vehicles will be produced using renewable energy, in applications ranging from wheels to aluminum components such as battery housings. This would reduce the carbon footprint of aluminum by 40 percent compared to aluminum used in Europe, which equates to a reduction of around 300 kilograms of carbon emissions per vehicle. On the road to a fully responsible aluminum supply chain, Mercedes-Benz will substantially increase the use of aluminum certified by the "Aluminum Stewardship Initiative" (ASI) standard in the future. Currently, the aluminum sheets used for the internal stampings are sourced from ASI certified suppliers.

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