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Mercedes-Benz Travel Family Adds New Army C300 Estate Sports Edition

The C 300 Estate sports station wagon debuts with more horsepower, making the journey fun to drive, with a suggested price starting from 2.97 million yuan
  • To meet the expectations of consumers for the new C-Class, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan officially launched the new-powered C 300 Estate sports version today. The new C 300 Estate sports version, using an inline four-cylinder engine, combined with a 48 V high-efficiency light oil-electric system, the maximum horsepower is increased to 258 (+20) hp, with more horsepower to increase the driving pleasure, whether it is mountain or seaside, the driver You can drive to your destination without any hassle, extending the free spirit of the Estate station wagon.

Travel, pay attention to the motivation to walk away

Since its launch, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class series has continued to maintain its leading position in the sales ranking of imported luxury mid-size sedans, and the Estate station wagon models in the entire series have a moderately sized body size, and have ample space for a family to carry. The cabin space for traveling together and the flexible size of the rear compartment make the C-Class Estate stand out from many top models. Whether traveling alone or with a family, the C-Class Estate becomes the best traveler. partner. Continuing the trend of C-Class Estate, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan also launched the C 300 Estate sports version, which is equipped with a 48 V high-efficiency light oil-electric system. The maximum horsepower of the vehicle is increased to 258+20 hp/5,800 in one fell swoop, and the maximum torque reaches 400 Nm, which effectively reduces the start-up stutter. And the sense of hysteresis, you can start a relaxing journey at any time. At the same time, the new C 300 Estate sports version is equipped with a sports car-like suspension system with high handling sensitivity, which makes the overall driving more fun.

The front of the C 300 Estate sports version uses a fog silver star-shaped water tank guard, and the hood design is also full of sports ingenuity, showing its unique charm

Travel, the first style is unique

Every trip is a dialogue with myself and my travel companions, whether it is the items on my body, the travel bag in hand, or the travel arrangements, I show my self-taste everywhere. The C 300 Estate sports version, which is the best single product in the travel, has a unique style and excellent taste in appearance design, from the front details to the rear. The front of the C 300 Estate Sports Edition is equipped with a fog silver star-shaped water tank guard, combined with a slightly raised sports hood design, the uniqueness of the C 300 Estate can be seen at a glance from the front of the car. Not only that, the rear design is integrated into the double-sided chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes of the rear bumper, and the AMG LINE kit with dynamic charm is adopted in many parts of the whole body. When starting, you can also hear the sound of the sports engine. The various sensory design details of the C-Class are cleverly stacked to create the exclusive style of the C-Class, allowing consumers to enjoy a multi-sensory feast during the journey.

The rear of the car that is dyed with blood for travel is matched with the double-sided chrome-plated exhaust tailpipes integrated into the rear bumper, as well as the sporty engine sound when starting.

Take a trip that stays in your comfort zone

Some people say that travel is a way to get out of your comfort zone and experience a different daily lifestyle. However, sitting in the comfort interior of the C 300 Estate Sport expands the comfort zone to ubiquitous, and the C 300 Estate Sport is like a mobile comfort zone. Inside the C 300 Estate Sport is an immersive cockpit featuring a 12.3-inch widescreen digital instrumentation, an easy-to-see 11.9-inch vertical center touchscreen, a Nappa sports steering wheel and a sporty Seats, a more intuitive and dynamic C-Class driving experience, make driving the C 300 Estate Sport one of the most anticipated moments of the journey. This time, advanced surround-view interior lighting is also standard, with built-in 64-color ambient lights. Whether it is the periwinkle blue that symbolizes freedom or the vibrant tide green, car owners can freely choose the lighting effects that meet their needs, and all-round design Exclusive riding atmosphere; double-sided Mercedes Logo projection lights, so that all passengers in the car can not only immerse in the comfortable atmosphere of the exclusive comfort zone, but also enjoy the unique luxury feeling of Mercedes owners, making a car full of sports both inside and out An airy, comfortable station wagon.

12.3-inch wide-screen digital instrumentation, 11.9-inch vertical central touch screen, all vehicle status information at a glance, and standard Nappa sports steering wheel and sports seats, you can enjoy the pleasure of driving calmly

Mercedes-Benz takes it as its standard to perfectly meet the daily needs of the car owner. In order to meet the driver's expectation for the privacy and safety of the vehicle and easy driving, the new C 300 Estate sports version comes standard with a fingerprint recognition sensor and MBUX augmented reality navigation function. You can directly start driving in personal mode without any effort. Even if you are traveling in different places, you can get road information from all directions through the central screen. You don’t have to be nervous to look left and right to confirm the road conditions. Accompanied by the road guardian C 300 Estate Sports Edition with all-round safety technology, create your own mobile comfort zone and explore the world in the most comfortable state.

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