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Michelin Taiwan shares its 2024 outlook, focusing on sustainability through “innovation” from technology to services

The astonishing achievement of Michelin's debut in the 100th anniversary of the "Le Mans 24 Hours" - 63 sustainable material tires, perfectly reflects Michelin Tire's efforts in innovative technology and sustainable development.

The year is approaching, and Michelin Taiwan held a year-end sharing session today (22nd) to announce its outlook and goals for 2024. Looking back on 2023, Michelin Taiwan has achieved a number of outstanding achievements. In addition to responding to market demand and the global net-zero trend, Michelin has introduced Michelin high-quality In addition to PILOT SPORT EV and PRIMACY 4+ performance electric tires, its subsidiary BFGoodrich Tires has also released TRAIL-TERRAIN T/A® with On/Off Road control performance to address the pain points of off-road vehicle owners; in addition, Michelin Taiwan has released Implementing the brand's brand vision of "Everything is Sustainable", Michelin won the "Best Corporate Employer Award in Asia" and was recognized by the "Golden Business Award" for the second time, demonstrating Michelin's best balance between "people, profit and environment".

Michelin Taiwan relies on "innovation" to practice "sustainability" and continues to deepen its corporate vision. It not only enhances the experience of human mobile life through smart technology, but will also extend its reach in the future to integrate novel technologies into consumers' lives, such as hydrogen energy. Travel, research and development of flexible materials, optimization of medical supplies, etc., to use innovative technologies to demonstrate sustainable power.

Mobile life leader Michelin Taiwan "changes" with "new" system

In response to the rapidly changing market environment, Michelin Tire has implemented new manufacturing methods, improved performance and sustainable practices to implement the corporate goal of "everything is sustainable". Adhering to the mission of sustainability, Michelin Tire hopes to minimize the impact of its products on earth resources, biodiversity, and carbon emissions. By 2030, the average proportion of sustainable materials in tires across all product lines will reach 40% by 2050. Be carbon neutral and produce tires using 100% sustainable materials. For a long time, Michelin Tire has been actively developing innovative technologies and is committed to improving tire performance and sustainable development. From the VISION concept tire, the best example of Michelin Tire's sustainable development model, to the original UPTIS passenger car anti-puncture tire system, by June 2023 The astonishing achievement of 63% sustainable material tires, which debuted on the 100th anniversary of the "Le Mans 24 Hours" in October, reflects Michelin Tire's efforts in innovative technology and sustainable development.

For a long time, Michelin Tire has been actively developing innovative technologies and is committed to improving tire performance and sustainable development, including the original UPTIS puncture-resistant tire system for passenger cars, VISION concept tires, etc.

In addition, "Tire & road wear particles (TRWP)", which has recently attracted global attention, is an environmental issue that the Michelin Group attaches great importance to; Tire & road wear particles (TRWP), a During friction, the tire particles produced are mixed with rubber and road debris. In addition to falling into the soil and ocean, these particles are more likely to become air pollution suspended matter. Due to the weight of electric vehicles,

The proportion of TRWP emissions is even higher than that of fuel vehicles; in this regard, Michelin's high-quality tires demonstrate the brand's corporate spirit of focusing on product performance and environmental sustainability. An independent tire study by Germany's ADAC, Europe's largest automobile association, in 2022 shows , Michelin tires only produce very low TRWP during driving. Compared with other competing tire models, they produce 29% less tire particles. Despite this, Michelin tires still have excellent safety performance and are environmentally friendly. Friendly and ultimate control performance, it implements the brand concept of "excellent performance until the last mile".

New trend in smart tires, innovative technology until the last mile

With the booming development of the Internet of Things era, "smart tires" have also become a focus of mobile life. As an industry pioneer, Michelin Tire will also use refreshing innovative technology to welcome the arrival of a new generation; in addition to integrating tire interconnected sensors ( Tire Mounted Sensor) is installed on the tire sealant layer and transmits data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to obtain safety information such as tire pressure and tire temperature; it can also obtain tire wear status, load weight, and mileage and sensing parameters such as road conditions, and further participates in the optimization of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to ensure car owners’ driving safety and reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Service starts from the "heart"

Michelin Taiwan not only provides customers with tire products with excellent performance, but its TYREPLUS Auto Service Center, which is tailor-made by the French Michelin Group for the Asia-Pacific region and major emerging markets around the world, is also an important step for Michelin to create the most considerate consumer experience. The key point is that Chijia first entered Taiwan in 2009 and has now entered its 15th year. It has 100 stores across Taiwan and has served more than one million car owners. Its after-sales satisfaction and recommendation index reached 94%; whether it is standardized customer service Process, friendly and considerate personalized care, one-stop quick repair and warranty service, or reasonable and transparent charges are all the precious values ​​of Taiwan Michelin's "heart" service.

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