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Michelin Taiwan won the "Excellent Foreign Business" award at the Golden Business Award and continues to implement the SDGs with the goal of promoting sustainable social development.

The Golden Business Award is one of Taiwan's leading enterprise selection awards, aiming to recognize operators, foreign businessmen and business units in Taiwan who have made the greatest contributions to Taiwan's industrial and commercial prosperity.

Known as the "Oscars of the corporate world", the Businessman's Day and "Golden Business Awards" held an award ceremony yesterday (1st). The award is one of the awards selected by Taiwan's leading enterprises and aims to commend Taiwan's industrial and commercial prosperity. Operators, foreign businessmen and business units in Taiwan have made the greatest contributions. Michelin Taiwan has been deeply involved in the Taiwan market with the concept of corporate sustainability, and this year it won the "Excellent Foreign Business" award at the Golden Business Award.

Michelin Group officially entered Taiwan in 1972.With the goal of "making everything sustainable" and pursuing the best balance between "people, profit and environment",Creating many milestones in Taiwan's transportation development, from the 1970s when mobile life became popular to today's stable development of the transportation industry, Michelin Taiwan continues to optimize high-quality services and product performance, introduce world trends, develop patented technologies, and lead Taiwan's transportation industry Progress and growth, the Michelin Guide was introduced in 2018, successfully integrating Taiwan’s food and tourism with the international market. Mao Xingjian, Chairman of Michelin Tire Taiwan, said: "This honor of the "Golden Business Award" for Outstanding Foreign Business Award is very precious to us. Michelin Taiwan has been deeply involved in the market for more than 50 years, with the mission of promoting mobile experience and sustainable development of society. , and we hope to continue to work with the government to promote industrial progress and innovation in the next fifty years.”

Optimize mobile experience life with high-quality products and services

Michelin Taiwan adheres to the brand concept of "excellent performance until the last mile" and continues to lead Taiwan's transportation industry forward.In addition to introducing steel wire radial layer long-distance high-speed tires for passenger transportation in the 1970s in response to Taiwan's road development, and being selected as the first generation of Guoguang tires by the Highway Bureau, in 1995, we launched the first cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region to fully optimize the management of MRT tires. model to effectively improve the driving safety of Taipei MRT and implement it thoroughlySDG Sustainable Development Goal No. 9 "Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure"with high-quality products and services, continue to promote the sustainable development of Taiwan's transportation, optimize the transportation system, improve and enhance road safety; in addition, it has successively introduced multiple tire models, such as the newly launched PILOT SPORT EV and PRIMACY 4 in 2023 + etc., with its excellent performance, it fully meets the needs of car owners and provides a secure driving experience and high-quality mobile life.

Fulfill corporate responsibility to provide diverse educational resources and social welfare

Michelin Taiwan also continues to penetrate into the corners of society to implement SDG Goal 4 "Quality Education". In addition to using safe and durable Michelin tires, it has built Taiwan's first 3D mobile cinema, which has traveled 250,000 kilometers around Taiwan to benefit rural areas. The tour plan goes deep into villages and towns to use images to open up the horizons of school children. It also collaborates with non-profit organizations to hold "traffic safety" education lectures to ensure that all children can receive excellent and fair education and learning opportunities. In 2010, Michelin Taiwan also joined hands with Hongdao The Elderly Welfare Foundation realizes the dreams of the elderly, establishes ageless baseball clubs, organizes mini baseball games, implements SDG goal 3 "Good Health And Well-Being", creates an age-friendly society, and helps the elderly find their way back to life. Return social values ​​and fulfill life dreams.

Sustainable management creates "sustainable" corporate value

As a leading brand in the global tire industry, Michelin Group has always focused on sustainable development. In the workplace, Michelin Taiwan is committed to providing a friendly and inclusive working environment, continuously updating hardware and software equipment, hoping to use an excellent working environment to enhance employees' work flexibility and concentration, and also invests in diversified learning resources to cultivate and expand talents. Colleagues’ career potential, enhanced soft power, and sustainable development of talents. As for products, it announced the promotion of the tire "4R strategy" in 2016 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renewable. On the premise of taking into account "maximizing tire performance and safety", it is expected to be able to Achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and use 100% sustainable materials to produce tires to promote environmental sustainability. In recent years, through the implementation of multiple SDGs sustainable development goals, we have led Taiwan's sustainable life and become a model for the tire industry. .

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