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MINI CARE summer health clinic activities eight free checkupsTogether open up a new style of ideal summer!

Special privileges for selected MINI accessories during the event.

MINI is your most solid and reliable partner on every journey. After countless unique trips, MINI continues to explore unknown territories with you and create unforgettable memories. Fande, the general agent of MINI, will hold the "MINI Care Summer Health Examination Activity", so that you can ensure that your car is in the best condition every time you press the Start lever or step on the accelerator, giving you a carefree driving experience and enjoying MINI Flexible and passionate driving fun, accompany you to explore the ideal new style of summer!

From 2023/06/01 to 2023/06/30, MINI General Agent Fande held the "MINI Care Summer Health Clinic" at the MINI Taiwan Service Center, using vehicle maintenance equipment that meets the German original factory certification standards and is consistent with the original factory The vehicle inspection process is strictly controlled in every detail, caring for the car with the owner, and protecting the safety of the owner and passengers wholeheartedly. During the event, MINI car owners can enjoy eight free vehicle inspection services including air-conditioning system, cooling system, chassis system and battery after making an appointment to return to the factory; purchase original air-conditioning, cooling, chassis system and wiper blade assembly parts to enjoy a 25% discount. In addition, when planning every adventure journey, don’t forget to choose exclusive accessories for your car, and carefully match MINI classic design summer accessories for yourself, so that you can confidently show your unique personality proposition together with MINI!

MINI-CARE summer health clinic activity, 8 major free vehicle inspection services, let you confidently show your unique personality with MINI!

Fande, the general agent of MINI, will work with you to take care of your car, and will protect every journey for you from the beginning to the end. The MINI Extended Warranty Service MINI Repair Inclusive is specially launched, so that you don’t have to worry about future maintenance problems, and tailor-made an exclusive MINI extended warranty plan , Enjoy every moment with MINI with peace of mind!

MINI car owners are welcome to use the MINI online maintenance appointment system, or call the MINI service center in Taiwan to make an appointment to return to the factory for a health check-up in advance, saving your precious time and doing a thorough inspection for your car to ensure the best driving condition. "MINI Care Summer Health Examination Activity" not only protects your car, but also protects the beautiful summer time on the car!

During the activity period, if you spend NTD3000 on all MINI series of lifestyle products, you will get a MINI re-engraved key ring.

MINI summerhealth checkup activities

25% discount on air conditioning, cooling, chassis and brake systems during the event.
  1. Make an appointment for free eight vehicle safety inspections

Air conditioning system, cooling system, cooling fan, chassis system, braking system, wiper system, battery and generator performance, tire tread/tire pressure (including spare tire)/tread depth detection

Book a free vehicle inspection during the event, and you can enjoy 25% off on air-conditioning, cooling, brakes, chassis systems and wiper blade components (excluding special items & salary extra)

  • Special privileges for selected lifestyle products and accessories
  • Preferential privileges for selected MINI accessories
  • Selected summer lifestyle boutique deals
  • A full range of MINI lifestyle boutiques, plus a MINI replica key ring upon purchase of NTD3,000 (limited quantity, while stocks last)
  • MINI Extended Warranty Service MINI Repair Inclusive
  • Provide flexible plans of 200,000 kilometers in 4 years and 200,000 kilometers in 5 years
  • The extended warranty is equivalent to the scope of the new car warranty
  • The fee includes MINI original parts and professional maintenance wages
  • Applicable to MINI Authorized Service Centers in Taiwan
  • Fully transferable to new owner upon sale

The above plan can be purchased within 21 months from the license date. For detailed plan information, please contact the dealer service center in Taiwan.

Make an online appointment for MINI health consultation service now:

For details of the event, please call the MINI owner service hotline at 0800-801-101.


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