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Mitsbuishi Vision Ralliart Concept makes its world debut and its presence suppresses the audience

Vision Ralliart Concept

At the 2022 Tokyo Tuning Auto Show, which will be held on January 14, 2022, Mitsubishi Motors exhibited the concept car "Vision Ralliart Concept" for the first time.

table of contents
●The heavyweight shape is full of aura
●The prototype is the new Outlander?
●The Ralliart version of Outlander was also exhibited

Heavyweight styling is full of aura

Seeing the appearance of this concept car, what cannot be ignored are the weighty front and rear bumpers and the exaggerated front and rear blasting turtles. The front grille with radiator guard and the large rear diffuser are responsible for creating a full of sports. feel.

The body painting has been specially treated, and it looks matt black at first glance, but it will appear blue light due to the illumination of the light source.

The rim adopts an advanced design in line with the identity of the concept car, and the Ralliart logo is also engraved in the center.

Considering the size, painting and other elements of the car, the presence of the car should not be underestimated, and there is even a little hope that it is not just a concept car, but can actually be sold.

The prototype is the new Outlander?

The prototype of the Vision Ralliart Concept, which appears to be the new Outlander.

Also on display was the Ralliart version of the Outlander

Outlander Ralliart Style

At the same booth, there are also the Ralliart version Outlander "Ralliart Style" and a light electric concept car on display. This vehicle equipped with Ralliart special kits is different from the Vision Ralliart Concept. Maybe you can look forward to it. After all, Triton And Pajero Sport have launched the Ralliart special car, it is not impossible.

Original text: Mitsubishi "Vision Ralliart Concept" world premiere, with a strong presence at the booth[Tokyo Auto Salon 2022]
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