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Mitsubishi announces new EV "eK X EV"! Price starts from 1.85 million yen, and it will go on sale this summer

table of contents
●New "eK X EV" unveiled for the first time in the world
●BEV model based on eK X
●Adopt many advanced functions
●eK X EV Specification List
●Vehicle prices start from 1.85 million yen
●It is expected to go on sale this summer, and there are reservation bonuses

The new "eK X EV" unveiled for the first time in the world

On May 20, 2022, Mitsubishi announced the "eK X EV", a new battery electric vehicle with light vehicle specifications.

The eK X EV is planned and developed by NMKV, a joint venture between Mitsubishi and Nissan, and Nissan also released its brother model "Sakura".

BEV model based on eK X

The eK X EV is one of the eK X series, which is not much different from the gasoline car in appearance. The black chrome plated water tank guard and LED fog lights are all characteristic of electric vehicles.

The eK X's refueling hole is set on the left side of the car, and the eK X EV is equipped with a charging hole on the right side of the car.

A total of 10 body colors

There are 10 body colors in total, two-color and five-color each.

The two-tone new Copper metallic roof color inspired by electrical wires emphasizes the EV feel.

The interior of the eK X EV (G: above, P: below)
The interior of the eK X EV (G: above, P: below)

The interior features an intuitively operated electronically controlled shift lever and a 7-inch color LCD screen. Top-of-the-line advanced design for light vehicles characterizes this vehicle. Information such as battery status, power consumption, navigation, etc. is condensed and displayed on the 7-inch LCD screen.

In addition, the P-class model is equipped with a 9-inch navigation system that connects to a smartphone, and you can use Android Auto or Apple Car Play when you connect your smartphone.

The interior functions are also quite particular, with storage spaces and USB charging holes all over the place.

The original optional Premium Interior Package is based on light gray, combined with synthetic leather and fabric design with three-dimensional diamond embossing.

with many advanced features

The eK X EV is equipped with the highway single-lane autonomous driving technology "MI-PILOT" and the first automatic parking assistance system "MI-PILOT Parking" installed on a light vehicle, which can fully control the steering wheel operation, forward stop, and gear shifting when parking. , handbrake, etc.

MI-PILOT is optional for all grades, and MI-PILOT Parking is only optional for P grade.

In order to cope with various weather and road conditions, the eK X EV comes standard with Grip control. When the unilateral tire is idling, the brake can be used to control the slipping wheel to improve the handling of the vehicle. The car also has driving modes for different driving scenarios. There are three modes of "Eco", "Standard" and "Sport" to choose from.

There is also a car service

The car connection service system "MITSUBISHI CONNECT (P grade is standard, G grade is optional)" has emergency SOS call for help, "My car status check" to confirm the remaining amount of drive battery and door switch status, etc., remote start of air-conditioning, Charging management function, "Car finder" to confirm the parking location and other functions.

eK X EV Specs at a Glance

Body size

vehicle weight1,060 ~ 1,080kg
number of rides4

Because the battery is arranged in the middle channel of the vehicle bottom, it will not affect the interior space of the vehicle. Equipped with the same battery as the Nissan Leaf e+, the eK X EV is state-of-the-art.

power system

Battery typelithium battery
Total battery power20kWh
Highest export47kW
maximum torque195N・m
maximum speed130km/h
cruising distanceMaximum 180km
charging timeNormal charge: 8 hours
Battery remaining warning light position ~100%

Rapid charging: about 40 minutes
Battery remaining warning light position ~80%

The maximum output is 47kW (equivalent to about 64PS), the same as that of a light vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, and the maximum torque is 195N・m. This is about twice the acceleration force of a light turbo car, and realizes a comfortable driving experience that cannot be experienced in conventional light cars.

The cruising distance will vary according to different environments, and the number announced by the original factory is 180km. If you drive about 30km a day, you don't need to go to the gas station to refuel at home once every 5 days. Generally, it can be fully charged during sleep as long as it is connected to the power supply before going to bed.

Vehicle price starts from 1.85 million yen

The Japanese green energy vehicle subsidy can subsidize 550,000 yen, so it can be purchased at the actual car price of 1.848 million yen. The real price of its sibling, the Nissan Sakura, starts at 1.78 million yen.

It is expected to go on sale this summer, with pre-order bonuses

The eK X EV is expected to be available around summer 2022.

Those who pre-order before the sale can get 4 kinds of "matching gifts" bonus.

Original source:Mitsubishi's new light EV "eK Cross EV" announced!Released this summer with a real price of 1.85 million yen
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